Yang Mi Only Spent 37 Days with Daughter in 3 Years?

Despite the public often speculated that the Yang Mi (楊冪) and Hawick Lau’s (劉愷威) marriage was falling apart, their divorce announcement still caught many by surprise. In trying to digest the news, many looked at Yang Mi’s recent interview which seems to indicate that she enjoys being single again.

Five days before the couple announced their divorce, Yang Mi’s interview was released and her responses show the problems in her marriage. When asked if Yang Mi would go back to the past, Yang Mi responded that the past is the past and she would not think too much of it, “Looking back is meaningless and a waste of time. Regardless if the events in the past are good or bad, they are all in the past.” Yang Mi also added that she enjoyed living in the present.

Yang Mi also showed herself as very independent and thought that it would be hard to change others. She said, “Everyone is an independent individual. There is no need to change others. Everyone has their flaws, temper and emotions and shortcomings. This is what makes them individuals, so why try to change it?”

In the interview, Yang Mi, who often avoided talking about her four-year old daughter “Little Sticky Rice”, was very talkative about their lives together. Yang Mi said the ‘Little Sticky Rice’ is very outgoing and has a lot of questions. With childlike innocence and curiosity, Yang Mi felt that her daughter’s personality is very different from herself when she was a child. Yang Mi felt that everyone has a way of being themselves.

Spent Few Days with Daughter

Many netizens speculated that Yang Mi’s demanding career gave her little family time with Hawick and their daughter, which ultimately led to the couple drifting apart and their divorce. Since “Little Sticky Rice” is raised by Hawick’s parents in Hong Kong, Yang Mi can only see her on her days off.

According to one netizen’s calculation based on Yang Mi’s flight schedule, the 32-year-old apparently spent 23 days in Hong Kong with “Little Sticky Rice” in 2016; 8 days in 2017; and 5 days in 2018. In three years, Yang Mi allegedly only spent 37 days with her daughter.

Sources: HK01, On.cc

This article is written by Sammi for JayneStars.com.

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  1. it’s a pity that she doesn’t get to spend time w/ her child to be able to watch her grow and mold the child w/ her own heart and hands. but then i guess it’s the ultimate sacrifice between what you want for yourself and your life vs being a parent.

    1. @m0m0 if she can get married because of her pregnancy, why can’t she sacrifice for her child? it’s very sad her daughter grew up not seeing much of her.

      1. @janet72
        Marrying when pregnant isn’t a sacrifice. It is a tactical decision for celebrity/celebrity couple to save their status. I guess she must have been in love or wanted a child otherwise there must have been plenty of opportunities to rid the child whilst pregnant.

  2. If it was true that YM spent so little time with her daughter for the last three years then I think she got married because she got pregnant. She wasn’t ready to be a wife & mom @ that time. Also she is a very career mind & ambitious woman. We all need to balance our lives between family & career. With all the fame & money she currently has – I hope she won’t regret it when she gets older. The next time she gets married she should make sure she is ready for it. Children grow up so fast – just think how much she was missing out with her daughter already.

    I always believe that you gain some & lose some in life. She gains so much in her career, but she is losing it in her family dept. 🙁

    By the way, I love that picture that he was wiping her tears – so sweet.

    1. @dramas4me
      If Yang Mi does not have the patience nor enjoy spending time with the child then it would be better to stay away anyway. It is impossible to perform motherly household tasks when one does not enjoy it. Obviously the male side can’t be too impressed with this. I am giving her the benefit of the doubt though since we do not know the full details…

      1. @dramas4me The child may not be close to YM or may not be familiar with her if she continues to spend only 5 days in a year with the child. Her time spent with the kid reduce from 2016 to 2018.

      2. @jimmyszeto lau dan and his wife have to do more than being grandparents. Hawick has to work while his wife is always MIA. it’s very pitiful for the child to grow up this way…all because Yang Mi is not willing to sacrifice her ambitious nature for her daughter.

    2. @dramas4me based on her interview, I doubt she will have regret 🙁 if she determined, and that’s how she combats with all the negativity throwing at her, she will just automatically do just that. One can think she throws herself to work to ignore the buzzing of the world.

      Anyway, I’m not too worried about the number of days she has/might have with the kid. It would be nice to see her take day 2 week to 1 month off in a year, and go on holidays with her daughter. She doesn’t need to disclose where she will be going, just a post on weibo says off to spend some great time with my daughter. This is the best time for her to do so as her daughter do not need to worry about schooling. And she can pick places with a lot of activities for kid and doesn’t need to be that much of a hand on parents. She also gets to wind down and relax. And no one would criticise her any more.

      Also you can talk about your kid in a way that is not invading to her privacy, and show she loves her daughter just as much as any other mother. While I understand why she’s being tight lips about her kid, her kid might not, if she’s lucky, her kid might, but it will take some times for the kid to get it. In the mean time, the kid could be thinking whether her mother not like her so much or feel a bit ashame about her. Obviously if YM handles it correctly, then her daughter would be fine, anyway, a balance is needed here. And it would be a pity if they couldn’t have that nice bonding between mother and daughter.

  3. They just grew apart. Their careers took off differently. Yang Mi is highly successful in China now. And for a busy person whose family is based in Hong Kong while she spends most of her time in China, it does not help the relationship. This can happen in any relationships where partners grew at different rates hence creating more differences (financially and needs) than similarities. They just need to move on and remain cordial for sake of the child.

    Some people really have all the time in the world to scrutinise her flight schedules. LOL.

  4. Dang how come nobody does the scrutinizing with Jackie Chan, Vincent Wong, Jimmy Lin, Aaron Kwok, Eric Tsang, Jay Chou, etc? Not saying they’re bad fathers (well, except for one bona fide bad father), but they surely have very busy schedules as well.

    China’s mad misogynistic, man.

    1. @coralie I’m not sure about Vincent, or Eric but Aaron, jimmy and jay chou seems to not be able to stop talking about their kids? And despite their busy schedule, tend to go on holidays with their kids? Just a little bit here and there will be enough to shut up the press? Sure they have busy schedule, but hey, they spend some quality time with their kids? Or at least showing a bit of understanding/knowledge of what your kid like and don’t like, what they do to amuse them, show that despite their busy schedule, they manage some quality time with the kids? I think YM would have a much easier time with the press if she lets loose a bit. Currently, the way she handle the press is create unnecessary pressure on her, and then complain how the press/netizens treat her.

      1. @littlefish yea but yangmi made it a point not to discuss her daughter. maybe she wants to make sure her daughter’s kept from the spotlight so she can live a normal childhood. I mean, all speculations on my part. I don’t know any better. But Yang Mi’s been this way forever

      2. @coralie she can still keep her daughter out of the spotlight, saying things like she loves train, or how she learn to say certain words/things always put her in awe will surely not put the child in that much of a spotlight (pretty much every child would have the same developmental stuffs going on, so it’s pretty standard lol).

        Anyway, she can always change and let loose a little. I like her enough, and I just think it’s silly to bottle up, being misunderstood for no real good reason, when she only needs to change a thing or two, very small one at that, and tons of negativity will drop off her back. But that could just be my simple thinking

      3. @coralie her daughter cannot lead normal life when a mother hardly spends time with the child. A kid needs motherly love which seems very limited with her v v busy schedule. Feel sorry for the innocent child who is deprived of mummy’s love and attention.

      4. @lovepeace123 are you saying adopted kids cannot live normal lives too without their birth parents? Because many do live very well and are well adjusted. They get surrogate care from their foster parents. Similar to ym who is sending her daughter to her grandparents to raise.

      5. @coralie Being adopted and being raised by grandparents is hardly the same in this instance when you know you have a mum kicking about but just cant make the time for you.

        Although I agree they obviously can still lead normal lives, but the experience of the child growing up will probably be lacking in other ways.

      6. @megamiaow my coworker has the same experience as ym’s daughter. She was raised primarily by her grandparents and she grew up very independent and well-adjusted. I don’t think she ever felt like she was lacking love. Her mom just can’t be bothered with childcare lol. Not only that but she kinda half-raised her siblings too. Versus her mom who raised her other younger siblings, they kinda grew up really insufficient and reliant on others. So at the end of the day, it depends on the kid’s upbringing and not who brought them up

      7. @coralie also depend on the kid 🙁 like the story about an alcoholic father/mother who has 2 kids, one grows up an alcoholic and one is not, and both would answer the same: I grow up watching my parents.

        Being raised to be independent regardless of who is raising you is the best for any kid. About the grandparents’s raising you, a well adjusted kid will realise their grandparents can’t do much for them, and therefore has to rely on themselves. At the same time, if the grandparents are old, they simply don’t have the energy to do everything for the kids, plus they were from a different time were they were treated tougher and some of them will go to the kid. However, I also know cases where the parents think the grandparents spoiled the kid too much, and hinder their development, because instead of taking them to childcare, they want to keep the kids home, so they are socially shy and don’t know how to deal with people. My point is there is good and bad in everything 🙂 it’s realy depend on the kid, the person who raise her. YM’s daughter is lucky to have Lau Dan and his wife as her grandparents, because say what you will about hawick, but he’s a decent human being. Whether he’s cheating or not, does not deny the fact that he grew up to be a rounded young man. So YM’s daughter is indeed in a good hand, however, her relationship with her mother might not be good if they don’t spend time together

      8. @littlefish in your example, it’s also dependent on the kid’s genes too. alcoholism runs in the family. and if the kid’s environment is conducive to that kind of addictive trait, or if the kid is very unhappy, it could lead to a repeat of their parent’s addiction.

        i still firmly believe it’s not who raises the child up that’s concerning, but how. Hawick’s parents raised him up okay, and HK has a supposedly better education system than Mainland China so YM wants to leave her daughter to Lau Dan, which is understandable. those who point fingers at her upsets me because it’s not as if hawick is a model father, either. nor are most popular celebrity fathers. they don’t get the kind of bashing that ym gets and for the life of me, i don’t understand why.

        and if ym and her daughter have a distant relationship, how is it any of our business? if yang mi herself is ok with that, and her daughter has the love and concern of her paternal family, then all is well. again i don’t understand the animosity towards JUST her.

      9. @coralie lol the moral of that story is how you take in the situation. It’s not the situation that make you, it’s how you deal with what you are given 🙂 the animosity were given to her is also partly to do with how she doesn’t do PR well. Like I said change a few things here and there and I’m sure people’s hate for her will be less. ATM, people see all these fake news and most of the press about her is her failure drama (rating is good but critics review is quite bad) or how little time she spent with her daughter or how she flirt with other men. This could be also because she’s more successful than hawick, but if she doesn’t manage the press, she’s made to look bad

  5. I don’t know about this but if she’s that busy with her job why even bother to have kid if you’re not ready to be a responsible mom yet? I know it might be an accidentally that she suddenly got pregnant there is also a protection going on such as birth control? Or she can be like other couples who doesn’t want to have children at a all since she’s so busy and don’t have to be responsible for anything accept herself being an actress such as Sean and Amy? They’re still a happily married couple even though no children.

    1. @cutie777 well, when you are so in love, you possibly didn’t think about these things. You can call it stupid or naive, but it does happen. Prevention is good, but the whole wide world seems to be failing at it, so she’s pretty normal :p

      Also having children is no joke? Even if you have money, you might think you have all the helps in the world, so it would be super breezy. But if your partner has different perspective than you in term of how you should raise your children, or how you should work as a family, suddenly your easy world is not so easy? Many things could have changed in the course of their marriage. There is even an article said going to work is easier than staying home taking care of children, so possibly that’s why she picks work over her kid. Who knows, many reasons. Main thing is it happens, she didn’t abort the kid, good on her, now just spend more time with her and everyone will be happy lol?

      1. @littlefish
        Can’t really determine how much time of spent with the kid or if the time spent had been quality time. At least there are grandparents there to look after the child which isn’t always available with every family. I myself depend my parents to look after my children whilst we work. I think they must be doing at least 80% of the babysitting since I work in another city. Just because Andy Lau always shows up on his daughter first day in school in a new academic year does not mean he spending any more time with his child than a celebrity like Yang Mi. Hawick though we should be less harsh on however much time he spends with his child since he is providing his daughter the safe hands of his parents…

      2. @jimmyszeto every family is different, I myself was raised by grandparents, I lived with my parents for a total of 7yrs the most. At the very young age, I know it was because they were busy working, I never held a grudge or feel the need for them as I received plenty of love from my grandparents. Children do understand their circumstances, however said thing can’t be said for YM. She is so rich that she can literally stop working, and she won’t be poor ever if she live normally. Take Michael Mui and his wife for example, they are not as rich as YM, but both decided to quit the entertainment industry to care for their family, once their kids grew up, they both return to work. YM is a talented woman (her portfolio is no joke in term of movie/dramas, businesses she acquired), so she can totally control how much work and what kind of work she does if she wants to spend more time with her kid.

        About hawick, even under the same roof, you don’t spend 24hrs with your kid. When they sleep, you are off doing whatever you need to do. The main thing is the kid see you, however brief it is, knowing you there every day sometimes is more than enough.

  6. Those schedules are only based on when Yang Mi was randomly photographed going or coming to/from HK (The paparazzis in china are not as crazy as those in HK). She usually uses VIP services and really secretive about her trips so those schedules are merely just speculation thus they are nowhere near the truth. As far as I know airlines are not allowed to even state whether or not any particular passenger checked in nor share anyone’s flight schedules.

    oh really what interview did you watch? Have you watched all of her interviews? She has shared some cute things about her daughter during interviews.

    Why should she share anything about her time with her daughter just to shut down all those speculative rumours. It’s her private matters. She doesn’t owe any explanations about how she lives her life.

    I just don’t get it why people can draw a conclusion only from a speculative post from a netizen (unrelieable source).

    1. @alexa777 I’m not a fan of her to the point where I have to go and watch all her interviews. However, somehow the press very conveniently always left out her talk/font of her daughter? I Don’t hate her, but I’m not her mad fan either. So obviously my pov is limited to what the usual common press put out.

      About the schedule, saying I have a great time with my daughter after she already spent time with her daughter will not only protect her privacy but also let everyone knows she’s just as a responsible mother as every other busy celebrity dad, no one will be criticising her. If that is not a compelling enough reason to do so now and then, then she and her fans can’t expect the common viewers to think good and well of her. In a sea of bad press, she needs to balance it to make her life easier.

      There are speculation that totally not trust worthy, but times and times again, quite a few of them have proven to be true, and they only need a small percentage of it to be proven true for people to pay attention to, that’s why so many fake news create havoc atm.

      1. @littlefish who said that the press always conviently left out her talk about her daughter. In another ent site like this, it’s translated and posted.

        This is a baseless speculation based on a netizen’s post. And it’s more than likely that the netizen is yang mi’s hater. Just find the source of this news on weibo and you’ll see what I mean. It’s not even trending on weibo. If it’s convincing enough, don’t you think it would be trending and made a big noise on weibo as it’s where the news came from?

  7. Wow. That person is a creepy stalker… They mapped out YM schedule for past 3 years? Freak!

    Now I’m curious how many days or actual hours did Hawick spent with their daughter besides being the same roof bc the kid happens to be with his parents?

    1. @jjwong lol, that’s nitpicking it xD that’s like asking how much time every normal parents spend with their kid, since after all, they are just living under the same roof xD

  8. No one knows how much they interact. Maybe they talk on the phone every day or Skype 5 days a week. Also her detailed schedule is not public. She has no obligation to her fans to talk about her kids.

  9. Why are folks so bothered, that they’re digging up all this s*** on merely Yang Mi?

    The couple is divorced, their daughter defaults to the grandparents (great – bec it’s less disruptive for the child, as it has always been, no ugly custody battle that’s seldom in the best interest of the child, but power-play among adults) … life goes on for them.

    So WHY are we not letting them move on, instead of judging and judging?

    WHY do all the bzbodies NOT hold the MALE stars like Nic Tse (a prime example – has time to date too, on top of advancing career), Andy Lau, Jackie Chan etc to such high stringent scrutiny?
    So we judge them based on photo ops we see? Do we live like flies on their household walls to really know what is what?

    2018! Not the ’50s, don an apron Shake and Bake era, and always be there for your man. And YAY! for that – it’s progressive. Some kids here in Canada (and Singapore) who grew up Childcare/Daycare/grandparents since 3 … are far LESS spoilt and more adaptable/well adjusted than those who grew up with doting stay-home moms who baked and cooked homey meals, who volunteered in schools … moms who were there for them all the time (think hot-house kids)

    So it’s women have to stay and sacrifice their careers? There’re NO guarantees in any relationship. And in a Divorce, with kids in the picture … it’s a tough industry, a lot superficially based on looks. It’s always the women who lose out – whether they married well for the tai-tai lifestyle and thought they had it made for life, or they sacrificed their own hard-forged careers, at their peak of stardom. (and it’s reality – there is some invisible shelf-life for many women).

    These single moms over the yrs come to mind:
    羅霖 ( Candy Lo Lam) … 黎瑞恩 (Vivian Lai Tsui-yan) who was an indentured slave to the Gold Lion group … even what’s her name that was so popular with all the guys back then (all the army dudes had a poster of her in their locker) – 周慧敏 (Vivian Chow Wai-mun) who’s kinda married to a loser type she has to constantly defend and protect; even when he’s seen in the company of many women …

    張栢芝 Cecilia Cheung (who’s constantly judged but not so Nic Tse. I was never on either side, thinking both hedonistic immature back then. But that ugly divorce and post-divorce I started taking more notice of Cecilia. Throughout this all – she shines as a responsible hands on Mom, but sacrificing her own career) …. the list goes on and on. She used to bring the kids along to, on the rare gigs she took on – and got judged for feeding her kid canned food! And when Cecilia finally has time to date or make #3 … she’s JUDGED again as a “loose woman”. C’mon!

  10. She did work a lot, like series after series. Even an ambitious staret like Aimee Chan kinda stopped to take care of her children.

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