Six-Month Pregnant Karena Lam Married in June

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Earlier, rumors circulated that Karena Lam Ka Yan was involved with commercial director, Yuen Kim Wai while he was still married. Dispelling the torrid affair claims, Mr. Yuen revealed that he and Karena have been married since June 13, 2010.  Karena is currently six months pregnant and resting in Vancouver , Canada .

In their wedding banquet photo, Karena’s mid-section was noticeably plump in her pregnant state.  According to her godmother, Poon Yau Wah, Karena was passionate about acting, but in the end chose love over her career.

Ms. Poon noted that Karena was currently in her happiest state. “I advised her to reveal her marriage publicly. Since Karena grew up overseas, she did not want her wedding to be an extravagant event. She forgot that she was a public figure. Karena led a healthy and simple lifestyle, but was troubled by the recent negative rumors. As her godmother, I will tell everyone that she is married. I do not want her to act as if she were having a [forbidden] affair. ” Ms. Poon added, “Karena is a terrible cook, but I can see her improving. Right now, she is practicing on how to be a housewife.”

Karena’s husband, Mr. Yuen clarified that he and his ex-wife were living separately in 2006. He met Karena in 2008 and fell in love after collaborating in a commercial together. Therefore, Karena was not a third party in his former marriage. After completing his work in Shanghai , Mr. Yuen will return to Vancouver to accompany Karena, while awaiting the birth of their child in November.

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Jayne: Mrs. Yuen still seems very bitter when reporters confronted her about Karena Lam. It’s a bit of a gray area as to when he technically separated versus divorced his ex-wife and when he started dating Karena. Until you meet someone new and better, sometimes people are not motivated to end the troubled relationship.

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Six-Month Pregnant Karena Lam Married in June

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  • 6 comments to Six-Month Pregnant Karena Lam Married in June

    1. pandamao says:

      Since Karena has already made her decision, all I can say is “wish her the best.”

      I despise third parties and Karena has a track record of falling in love with men that are attached. With her aesthetics, she could easily find a great guy.

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    2. Jay says:

      I agree with what Pandamao said. Yuen did a recent interview where he said that he only started dating Karena “after” he had divorced his wife. Uh-huh, I’m sure that’s been heard more than once.

      Also, as Pandamao mentioned, Karena has a bad track record with sleeping with married men. I don’t care how famous you… sleeping with married men is trashy on not only her part, but the married man’s.

      All I have to say is what comes around goes around.

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    3. Funn Lim says:

      Wait. Didn’t the article says he only started dating her after he SEPARATED from his wife, but not divorced? It is always better to put your affairs in order so to speak before embarking on a relationship. Sometimes for actresses they tend to always meet people in the industry who are mostly married. But it is just what you chose to do next that matters. I can understand the wife’s bitterness but in the end it is time to move on. And as the saying goes, if he can cheat on her, he can certainly cheat with someone else. If not, good for Karena for being his one true love. It could be you know.

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    4. HeTieShou says:

      Totally agree with Jay, what goes around comes around. If this man can cheat on his ex wife with Karena, then one day he can do it to her with someone else. But yea, Karena is known for sleeping with married men.It low of her and that married man to sleep with each other…

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    5. advo says:

      What’s the story, what other married men has she been linked to?

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    6. Ishfak ul ramzan says:

      Karena mai aap ka dewana hue i like you

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