Song Joong Ki’s Former Home Still Has Song Hye Kyo’s Photo

Song Joon Ki’s No. 1 Fan is actually his father, who converted his former home into a “museum” with hundreds of the actor’s drama and film memorabilia!

The public is normally not allowed to enter, but can look from a distance. However, some lucky fans went on a day when Song Joong Ki’s father was home and he warmly invited them to come in for photos.

A fan of recently shared the experience visiting their idol’s childhood home. Surprisingly, there was a photo of Song Joong Ki and his ex-wife Song Hye Kyo in Descendants of the Sun. The pair had met onset in 2016 and got married in July of 2017 in a fairytale turn of events. They divorced in June 2019 after only a year and eight months of marriage, citing personality differences.

It is unclear why the former couple’s photo is still there given that they have now divorced, and likely to trigger bittersweet memories for family.

Source: Yahoo

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  1. This is one divorce that puzzles me… It never understood why Song Joongki would initiate a divorce so suddenly… I still feel it is a shame…

    I noticed a friendship has broken up in the progress too…Park Bo Gum and Song Joong Ki still to have stopped talking…another shame.

    Regardless, it is their problems. Not my to bother about. However, Song Joong Ki’s dad obsession with him is definitely a over kill for me…. Goodness, it is feel very unhealthy to be so obsessive over his son…The son is really treated as a Super idol.

    Anyway, I do still hope the Song Joong KI and Song Hye Kyo finds their own happiness…

    1. I agree, very sudden move and deep cut, puzzles me as well. But I think that PBG and SJK were seen together after divorce, it is only that PBG went into army and is back just last week. I don’t think their friendship is broken at all.

      But you are spot on with obsession level of Super Idol, it does feel weird. I am shocked that is actually house his father live in with all the photos and memorabilia. Feels unhealthy.

      And re the photo it seems to be just a testimony of the drama not their real life love.

    2. There was a rumor that she cheated on him with PBG, so if SJk actually stops being friend with PBG then it might be true lol

      1. @Aktf I have heard that but I personally highly doubt so… I am more inclined to believe there is a huge misunderstanding there… But I could be very wrong.

  2. I never watched Descendants Of The Sun. So I did not follow the craze when they did get married. But the sudden divorce initiated by SJK was a shock to me and everyoneelse (understandably). He appeared completely besotted by her, I’m guessing she crossed his line and did something completely unforgivable in his eyes. Kudos to him for not kissing and telling and not slaying it out in Court. Ever since their divorce, I have lost all interest in her dramas. For him to react the way he did, she must have deeply hurt him.

    And his dad’s obsession? Strange? Possibly. But what it says to me is how proud he is of his son and how much he loves him. Who am I to judge a dad’s love for his child if SJK is not bothered by it.

    1. I actually knew that would get a divorce within 2 years. I had a bet with a friend too LOL. They were never really compatible in the first place lol it was weird hearing them getting married.

  3. My speculation was that they rushed the marriage because she was pregnant, there were pictures of their wedding and trips that look like it. However, she probably had a miscarriage hence no longer something to bound them together. Anyway just my speculations please read this with a grain of salt.

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