“Arthdal Chronicles 2: The Sword of Aramoon” Drops New Stills

Billed as the Korean version of Kingdom of Thrones, raved historical fantasy drama Arthdal Chronicles 2: The Sword of Aramoon is set to debut this September, with a refreshed cast lineup including Lee Jun Gi, Jang Dong Gun, Shin Se-kyung and Kim Ok-bin! With the plot unfolding in the fictional Arthdal Kingdom 8 years after Ta Gon’s ascension to king, the new season promises to deliver an enthralling turn of events and an epic showdown, as the hero of a new legend emerges.

Lead Actors Share Their Challenges


Set in the bronze age, Arthdal captures themes of love, conquest and heroism played out by warring clans and ancient tribes.

Taking over from Song Joong Gi, Lee Jun Gi, who plays the adult version of Eun Seom, the ruler of the East and also his twin and military commander Saya, said, “I’m very curious about portraying the different inner world and appearance of Eun Seom versus Saya, they are brothers, though forced to lead entirely different lives. I can’t help but started worrying, but am also strongly motivated to take on this long-awaited challenge for myself.”  Sharing about the preparation he made for his role, the talented actor said, “Because 8 years has already lapsed, I (had to) conjecture and reimagine how they had lived, to bridge this gap is the most important thing,”

Taking on the role of high priestess Tan Ya from original actress Kim Ji Won is Shin Se-kyung, whose onscreen character is expected to be tasked with extraordinary mission in the face of an epic battle. She said, “Tan Ya has perfectly understood what she should do in an age of raging violence, showing poise and maturity,”

Director Kim Kwang Shik takes over the helm this season along with returning screenwriters Kim Young Hyun and Park Sang Yeon who crafted the fictitious world from the imaginations. Prepare to be captivated come September 9!



























Source: Korea Star Daily

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