Song Joong Ki Upset Over Rumors About His Wife

A beloved actor who has achieved international fame, Song Joong Ki’s new marriage with former actress Katy Sanders has become one of the main focuses of media attention. With everyone curious about her background, some overblown rumors angered Song Joong Ki.

After the couple announced they were married in January, the paparazzi revealed that Katy graduated from Bocconi University in Italy, was a divorcee and has a 10-year-old daughter, and that she was raised by gay parents.

Responding to the rumors for the first time, Song Joong Ki expressed, “At first, I didn’t think [the rumors] mattered…. as they will not change our love. Over time, however there were more and more outrageous rumors spreading. Some of the reports and false stories made me angry. None of what has been reported is true, other than the name of the university she attended.”

Although upset about the incessant rumors, it was Katy who actually comforted Song Joong Ki. “She told me, ‘There’s no need to be angry with these people.’ This is the kind of person she is. She takes me in a positive direction and helps me achieve balance.” Praising Katy for being a good person, Song Joong Ki added, “There’s not enough time to fully talk about all her positives. All I can say is, she is a good, well-rounded person, and a partner who has affirmed the ideas, philosophies, and values I always had.”

The couple is expecting their first child this year. Hoping to spend as much quality time together as possible before the baby’s arrival, Katy is accompanying Song Joong Ki to Hungary for his latest work project.

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  1. One day the media will be bored and move to their next target….that is how ugly being in public eye can be. And it is not just Katy, Song Hye-kyo had bad rumours spread about her to after their marriage broke down. She just focus on her job and not let it bother her too much.

    1. I wouldn’t be worried about his ex-wife. She is truly good actress has a global hit at the moment, and is longer super star than him. SHK finally moved to another level as actress, away from romcoms and banking on her good looks. He is still to step up in that sense.

    2. btw I feel that ‘like’ button is missing on Jayne site. I felt like ‘liking’ your comment. Power of social media lol

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