Song Joong Ki’s Pregnant Wife Accompanies Him on Work Trip

Since Song Joong Ki got divorced from Song Hye Kyo in 2019, the actor has largely focused on work. Although it took time for him to settle into another serious relationship, the 37-year-old surprised many with his marriage announcement to former actress Katy Saunders. Expecting their first child this year, the couple is trying to maximize their time together.

Song Joong Ki was introduced to Katy by a friend in 2020. The couple began dating in 2021 and officially tied the knot in early 2023.

Recently, the couple was spotted at the airport. Preparing to fly to Hungary for work, Song Joong Ki was accompanied by his wife. The airport was flocked with fans and media, who snapped photos of the happy couple. Due to the crowd, Song Joong Ki protectively shielded his pregnant wife from the camera flashes. Although it is unknown how far along Katy was in her pregnancy, she donned a black sweater and long skirt, which effectively concealed her baby bump.

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  1. K. Whatever. Reports I’ve read (translated from korean podcasts) claimed that he got together with his current wife 3 mere months after his divorce from SHK. And yet he rode on the waves of sympathies from fans for 3 whole years. I’m so sick of seeing news of him. All his dramas are overrated. Yes, including the one with his ex-wife.

    1. Wow, why so much negativity towards him and his new wife? First of all, who knows the truth? Second of all, if he had divorced, then why can’t he find a new girlfriend or wife? It is not like he cheated on his ex wife. Who said he was getting sympathy? Many are criticizing him instead. When did he get sympathy?

      1. Where in my previous comment did I say he’s receiving sympathies NOW? “He rode on the waves of sympathies for 3 whole years” – which part of this statement is not clear? For 3 years following his divorce, netizens had frequently attacked his ex-wife each time their divorce was mentioned, sympathising his pain more than hers. Are you not aware that that had happened? ALSO, I didn’t attack his current wife. FGS read carefully before accusing me of sh*ts.

      2. You were the one who came in attacking me for things I didn’t even say, and when I lashed back with a clarification that shouldn’t even be needed in the first place because it was super clear in the first comment, your response is to gaslight me and say, “there’s no need to be crazy geez”?! Whatever.

      3. “don’t take things so seriously” i didn’t? lmao. i simply gave a negative comment, which were my own thoughts about him. and you replied with, “why so much negativity towards him and HIS NEW WIFE” whom i didn’t attack. for the last time, you really need to up your comprehension skills. don’t go around acting sanctimonious by saying something like, “don’t take things so seriously” when you too, comment on these articles.

    1. Time will tell but let’s just wish them well instead on wondering how long it will last. Barbie Hsu’s lasted longer than I thought which is still shocking to me.

  2. I believe many of. his SK netizen feels upset he did not marry a local.. Of course, that is none. of their business who he dates and marries. I do hope they will be happily married.

    1. @Hohliu
      I too am glad that he found happiness. We all know what you call such behavior when his fans are miffed that he did not
      marry a local. Such behavior needs to be addressed. We are living in 2023 for God’s sake
      Such idiocy will not be addressed in Asia.
      I reme ber when some rumors were being printed and said about the ‘god’ of god’s. His response was ” what will they say next, that J am dating a black woman?”. His fans thought that was cool and funny. I thought it was racist to the core. He was never called out for it That js one of the many reasons I could never support this man. Fa s like Song Joong Ki’s need an education in not being racially ignorant, just like the emperor.

    2. I think the SK netizens who are critical of this relationship are more upset over the double standards than they are over his girlfriend being a foreigner. I’ve seen comments saying things like: If Song Hye-kyo (this man’s ex-wife) appeared with a foreign retired actor as her boyfriend and was pregnant before getting married, she would be torn to shreds by the media, but because he’s a man, most people are actually congratulating him.

  3. Congratulations to Song Joong Ki! Glad to hear he moved on and found his own happiness! If something doesn’t work out, it means there’s always something better.

    1. @BunnyB
      Yes, congrats are in order, and well said. So happy for him, and I agree he found his happiness and he should ignore what the fans have to say. His life to live and enjoy, not the fans’.

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