Song Joong Ki Announces Marriage to Katy Louise Saunders

Divorcing with Song Hye Kyo four years ago, Song Joong Ki (宋仲基) confirmed he is in a new relationship last month with former British actress Katy Louise Saunders. After the couple was spotted shopping for baby clothes, Song Joong Ki announced today that he and Katy got married and are expecting a baby soon. Katy reportedly moved into the actor’s home in Seoul and will be residing there for the remainder of her pregnancy.

After a series of shocking announcements, Song Joong Ki openly praised his wife and voiced his excitement on becoming a father soon. Praising Katy for being smart and kind-hearted, he is eager to start a family with her and is excited to welcome their baby into the world.

The couple met last year in Italy when Song Joong Ki was filming Vincenzo, and Katy was his Italian language tutor. Not caring about being caught on camera, the two frequently went on dates, made grocery trips, and travelled together. Making a big effort to help Katy adapt to life in Seoul faster, Song Joong Ki hired a personal English translator. After Katy got pregnant, he flew Katy’s parents to South Korea. Katy and her mother were seen out shopping for baby dresses, hinting that she is most likely having a baby girl.

Still planning to hold a wedding, Song Joong Ki will most likely wait until Katy gives birth. The couple may split their time living between South Korea and England post marriage.

When the media asked Song Joong Ki’s parents about his new marriage, they said they do not have an opinion and will not give their son any pressure.

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  1. They did not meet at Vicenzo set, they already dated than. Congratulations and good luck to all three of them.

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