Song Joong Ki’s Real Estate Assets Revealed

Soong Joong Ki’s incredible star power has pushed him to be one of South Korea’s top grossing stars. According to South Korean variety show Entertainment Company Live, the star received nearly 3.5 billion South Korean won in China in the last 2 years and earned roughly 1 billion won annually just from his advertisement fee in South Korea. With his healthy income, Song Joong Ki is also building an impressive real estate portfolio valued at nearly 50 billion won.

In 2020, Song Joong Ki bought a luxury condo in Hawaii for 2.7 billion won that provides a panoramic view. The property is revealed to come with in-house security facilities and provides the perfect location to relax.

As early as 2016, Song Joong Ki invested in a single-family property in Seoul for 10 billion won. The property has proven to be a good investment and has appreciated to nearly 20 billion won.

Currently Song Joong Ki lives in Hannam-dong neighborhood of Seoul worth 9.5 million, but the actor has already found his next property.

Song Joong Ki was interested in a highly sought luxurious building in Gangnam and purchased it for 15 billion won.  It was reported that singer and actress IU also owns a unit in the same building.

Source: Korea Daily Star

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