Stephy Tang Featured As Special Guest Of Charity Singing Contest Held In Vancouver

On March 25, 2011 Stephy Tang Lai Yan was spotted at the Vancouver
International Airport. Did Stephy have rumored boyfriend, Alex Fong, as her
travel companion? Since this trip was a work trip for Stephy, Alex did not
accompany her. After a long haul flight of over 11 hours, coupled with a few
hours of delay at the airport, Stephy was tired and exhausted when
she stepped out at the arrival area greeted by her dedicated fans,
who carried catchy signs to give Stephy a very warm welcome.

Stephy was invited by Vancouver University to perform as special guest at
their 12th Annual Charity Singing Contest. During Stephy’s few days in
Vancouver, she had a  “meet and greet ” event on March 25, 2011 in downtown
Vancouver. On March 26, 2011 Stephy held an autograph session at one of the
local Chinese shopping mall. On March 27,2011 Stephy performed as a special
guest in front of hundreds of university students who adore her
as a young and beautiful idol.

Despite Stephy’s busy interview schedule with the local Chinese
television and radio stations, she was able to go sightseeing and shopping
in Vancouver. Stephy was content with the “Beaver Candy Apple” she bought
which she found out was a Canadian Specialty. Although this was a short trip
for Stephy…it was “short but sweet”! Fans were happy and excited to see
Stephy, hoping she will make more “happy returns” to Vancouver in the near



Translated by JayneStars Contributing Writer Gossip Godiva.

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  1. Heard her name a few times…but I’m genuinely curious, but is a she a good singer/actor?

    1. voice: good, singing: good, looks: average, Fame: popular cookie member

  2. By the number of comments I can deduce she isn’t very talked about.

    1. Haha, what to talk about? She does not have any interesting news later and she’s not a controversial star.

      In the Bosco article, at least, you can discuss about his red expensive car and houses. 😀

      1. @Kidd, Stephy’s past news revolved mainly around her rumors with Alex Fong. As it became clear that they were a couple (possibly even living together), there was not much else the media could write about.

        Stephy is a pretty woman, but her image is quite squeaky clean.

      2. @ Jayne

        Yes, other than her relationship with Alex and the criticism on her book (using wrong characters) and onstage performance (she sang offkey in her concert), there’s not much news. All these issues are past issues.

  3. Haha, the candy apples are pretty delicious! 🙂

    I just wanted to make a correction to the names of the universities. She was actually invited by a student association (called YOURS) that is registered at both the University of British Columbia and Simon Fraser University.

    But yea, it doesn’t seem like she has a lot of media coverage after the speculations of her relationship with Alex Fong were over. The Hong Kong media seems to be so preoccupied with news about relationships. I guess they wouldn’t have anything to write about if everybody admitted to them. Hahaha

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