Stephy Tang Celebrates Birthday with Alex Fong

October 15th was Stephy Tang Lai Yan’s twenty-seventh birthday. Stephy is currently filming period drama,Stormy Peach Blossom Village <風雨桃花鎮> in Kunming with boyfriend, Alex Fong Lik Sun.

On the day of Stephy’s birthday, Alex was filming in the countryside with his clothes slathered in mud.Fortunately, the Producer presented Stephy with a seven-pound cake to celebrate her birthday. Along with the cast and crew, Alex sang the birthday song and Stephy was overjoyed. Although the weather has dropped to 12 degrees Celsius in Kunming , Stephy was warmed in her heart.


Jayne: Stephy Tang and Alex Fong make a beautiful couple. Their relationship seems to be very steady. I think they’ll probably get married in 3 years, as I don’t see the pair acting in the long haul. They come across as more idol material.

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  1. stephy and alex are a real couple? since when? I always thought it was just rumoured..

  2. I always thought they were together but I thought they broke up like a long time ago. They’ve been dating for 7 years?! Are they still together right now? It’s been less than 3 months. I hope they are! They are absolutely adorable together!

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