Charmaine Sheh Shares Bed Scene with Him Law in New Film

Charmaine Sheh (佘詩曼), Alex Fong (方力申), Him Law (羅仲謙) and models, Kelly Fu (傅嘉莉) and Jeanaattended a promotional event for new movie, A Date After Divorce <人約離婚後>. Charmaine noted, “I need to film one more day for A Date After Divorce and my scenes will be completed. In the film, I share a relationship with Alex Fong and Him Law.” (Do you have bed scenes in the film?)  “Films contain more daring content than television series. The scenes are quite daring for my standards. I will not reveal all the details at this time.”

In A Date After Divorce, Charmaine switched her husband for another man. “Basically, Alex Fong and I got divorced. He was a player and went to many wild parties. In one of the [swing] parties, he exchanged me with another person, thus I had a physical relationship with Him Law. This role was quite daring for me, but the director said that I cannot talk about the details.”

Charmaine’s role in new TVB series, My Sister of Eternal Flower <花花世界花家姐>was criticized as the female version of Roger Kwok’s (郭晋安) “Ah Wong” character in Square Pegs (戆夫成龙). Charmaine said, “I did not watch Ah Wong’s [performance]. However, I went to a school for mentally challenged people to observe their demeanor prior to acting as ‘Sister Fa.’”

Alex Fong portrays a player in A Date After Divorce. “In the film, I will also participate in exchanging my wife for another man’s wife.” (In real life, would Alex exchange his wife for another man’s wife?) “I am a Chinese man, so I am more traditional. I cannot accept this type of game. In the film, I have many despicable lines, which are long and stand out. I am also involved with many women in the film.” (Do you have to report your actions?) “To whom? The police? I did share my participation in the film with the people by my side.”

Kelly Fu commented, “I learned a lot from partnering with Alex and Charmaine. I was quite nervous during filming, so they offered psychological counseling to help me. In the film, I portray a couple with Him Law.” (Did you have any bed scenes?) “No, there was not even a kissing scene. I just had to showcase my angry side!”

Model Jeana revealed a four-inch cleavage line at yesterday’s promotional event. “I am Alex Fong’s fan. I was quite nervous and excited in filming intimate scenes with him. It was my first time filming such scenes; I hope the results are okay.” (Did you enjoy filming intimate scenes with your idol?) “I was more nervous, but I was swooned!”


Jayne: It sounds like Charmaine’s character will participate in a swing party, where couples go and switch partners and have sexual relationships with other people. Sounds wild, but these things do exist! Sounds like the type of topic Patrick Kong would pursue. Hmm…I doubt Charmaine will reveal more than her bare back for the scene though….


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  1. First, I doubt there will be any major bed scenes unless Charmaine is ready to adopt whatever image she wants to adopt. Second, I feel the story is more implied than expressed. I think this will be those art house sort of movie with lots of silent scenes, staring, frowning, etc than actual strip off clothes and do it sort of acting.

    And yes, swing party does exist and it often perplexes me to know that guys actually like to switch wives with other men. What a lovely world where everything can be shared.

    Now, Alex Fong as playboy swinging disgusting husband? Really?

    And went to school to observe, etc… I’d rather she watched Ah Wong the series, perhaps she might be more convincing. I do know if an adult has the mentality of a child, whatever age that may be (after all the age is attached by the doctor and nowadays we all know plenty of young kids who are more mature than their age anyway), they wouldn’t be so neat and deliberate in their action. Put it simply; she simply did not have the capacity as an actress to portray that role.

    As for the series being funny etc, well, the antics is funny but strip away the antics, look at the performances, is it really good?

    1. agree with Funn, i didnt watch the series, but did see the trailers… “she simply did not have the capacity as an actress to portray that role.” – whether its for comedy or not… it’s simply exaggerating, copying ah wong and unconvincing

      1. the only obvious thing visble are the foto of the girl in black tube with a pair of but on her pacific ‘H’ chest.
        Charmine looks as if just came back from the Sichin Jungle with those shoulder cut

    2. Funn,
      I think the most Charmaine will reveal is her lovely back, which she has done in some photo shoots. The frowning is a given, since that occurs ineven television series. In an older Patrick Kong film, Stephy Tang appeared in her bra. I don’t think Charmaine will even reveal her undergarments in the new film.

      Swing parties are similiar to threesomes, where you don’t mind your partner getting physical with a third party. I think it’s for people who are just bored with regular sex life, thus they adopt such fetishes. It works for some couples. Didn’t “Eyes Wide Shut” have a swing party scene??

      1. Wouldn’t the couple start to question maybe she enjoys him more than she enjoys me, and vice versa? What sort of a marriage is this? Why bother marrying?

      2. Funn,
        The swinging practice would likely apply to couples who enjoy aspects of a normal marriage (co-habitation, companionship, love, enjoyment of each other’s company), but are open to having another sexual partner once in awhile. Perhaps for these couples, sex is but a physical enjoyment and doing it with another person other than their spouse does not necessitate loving each other less. Rather than cheat behind each other’s back (which involves betrayal), they would rather be in the know of who the third or fourth party is. It’s still an honest activity after all.

        You imply jealousy in a normal couple when they are physically intimate with someone other than their spouse. Some people have this fetish where they don’t mind. I think the number of swinging couples is still rare (don’t know how you get invited to such a party after all) because of the possessive traits spouses normally have over each other in terms of physical intimacy. Actually, I do believe men would prefer to have a threesome (2 women) rather than swing their wives for another.

        For swing couples, the act of having sex with another person other than your spouse (with your spouse’s awareness) is a form of mutual consent. It is a physical enjoyment and there is no emotional betrayal, unlike keeping a mistress, where the man may actually have feelings for the woman. In addition, lust and desire for a third party does not equate to love and stronger emotional bonds.

        It was widely speculated that Tony Leung had real sex with Tang Wei in “Lust, Caution” due to the camera angles, which did not leave room for Tony to do anything else other than engage in real sex. Ang Lee spoke about the filming process for these scenes and how difficult it was for Tony and himself to film those scenes. The rooms were thickly padded to prevent leaking of noise and allegedly only Ang Lee was inside the room with Tony Leung and Tang Wei in those bedroom scenes.

        I didn’t watch “Lust, Caution” so I can’t determine whether Tony truly engaged in sex with Tang Wei. I watched Felix Wong’s appearance on Stephen Chan’s “Be My Guest” and Stephen asked Felix what he thought about Tony’s “professionalism” in “Lust, Caution.” Felix widened his eyes in shock and said, “I don’t understand why Tony had to do that, since he is already so established in his career. Why did he have to do THAT?” It appears that Felix believed Tony engaged in true intimacy in Tang Wei and neither actors denied it, so it’s left for us to speculate.

        If Tony did have sex with Tang Wei, you can argue it was professional and perhaps necessary for the depth of the film’s sexuality. If it did occur, Carina Lau is okay with it, likely because she knew about it ahead of time and it is a physical activity and not regarded as emotional cheating.

        When a spouse cheats with a third party, it is the emotional cheating which hurts the most. There are expectations of being exclusive, but if couples establish and agree on non-exclusivety together, it would be fine for them.

        I watched “Eyes Wide Shut” a few years back, so the details are hazy now. I do believe there was a swinging party in the film, which delved on Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman’s marriage, where they have desire for other people. The film explored psychosexual yearnings and struggle against commitment in a marriage. Interesting topic, maybe I should revisit the film.

      3. Jayne, tony’s case is difference. That is strictly professional, in every sense. Truth is yes I think the sex was real. It looked real, it felt real, and frankly I think it was real.

        Funny isn’t it? For men, 2 women plus 1 man is great, but turn the table, share his wife with another guy and if the wife seems to spend more time with the other guy, probably jealous rage. Whatever floats your boat as they say but frankly I find it hard to accept not from morality point of view but practically. If he spends a minute more with that girl, surely the wife must wonder, “is he that into her and not me?!”

        Anyway Jayne, can have more contests for us overseas folks?! I wanna join contest. Not another Ray thesis though.

      4. Funn,
        Hehe you should watch “Eyes Wide Shut” or perhaps there is a book of the same title. People are bored these days and fetishes of every sort exist.

        Since Tony is such a great actor and Ang Lee a good director, I don’t see why they couldn’t achieve the same degree of sexuality without real sex? I found the intimate scenes in “Brokeback Mountain” between Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhall very effective. There seemed to be an intensity between the male leads that seemed very real, which was effective without real sex.

      5. Funn,
        Do you suggest an essay contest? What do you propose readers should write about? If it’s an idol contest, it may exclude non-fans of that idol.

        I am open to everyone’s ideas regarding contest topics.

      6. The thing is I think Carina and Tony has an open relationship. Remember the maggie-tony affair rumour? I believed it was true. I think why Tony and Carina is so successful as a couple is as she herself said in her acceptance speech, he never held her back, and I take that as to mean not just career wise. I think their relationship was you go and play all you want, but remember to come home. And now they are aged, they have settled into a routine and finally no more prowling outside.

      7. Funn,
        Maybe you are right on the speculation about the open relationship in Tony and Carina’s marriage. If she is okay with Tony having sex onscreen, then their marriage seems to be very open-minded.

        Men tend to have more temptation and some need to act it their desire. I guess in Carina’s case, she did not take it as emotional betrayal as long as he still had her in her heart and loved her the most.

      8. @Fum,

        Carina had alot more rumors with fellow actors and rich men. Honestly i believe Tony would be much better of without her. However it seems that he loves her too much to let her go.

      9. I think he appreciated the fact that she knew when to let him go and when to take him back. I just have this feeling Tony is prone to black moods? And Carina just knew when to leave him alone. That sort of relationship. Sorta like John Lennon and Yoko Ono?

      10. ” I found the intimate scenes in “Brokeback Mountain” between Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhall very effective. ”

        I don’t believe neither actor would have said yes to the director’s request in that instance!

        Depends on what you think is real sex. Everything could be real except for penetration. But yes I believe it was real. And why act real? Not the first, won’t be the last. He must have had the actors’ agreement; for real intensity, for that real sweat, that real passion. They’re actors, they are used to taking instruction, they do as requested for the sake of their roles. I think it is improvised as it went along; like what boundary to push, how far to push to achieve that authencity. I agree with you acting means those scenes can be acted out but sometimes, well, sometimes perhaps everyone just wanted the real authencity. Tony and Tang Wei’s expressions were real, too real, too much in passionate pain so to speak. Some things just can’t be acted out.

        And I don’t like Brokeback Mountain by the way. Awful movie. But Heath Ledger.. I was so shocked when he died.

        Eyes Wide Shut? Not interested./ I think Nicole Kidman is a brilliant actress, and hopes she stops messing with her already messed up but used to be such a pretty face. Not interested in seeing her with then real life husband Tom Cruise. And never liked the director.

        The contest… well not essay please? I don’t know. Lucky draw? I never win at contests! See the most postings? Even now I have been dethroned! Essay? What can I write about? Nothing! But I like contests in the sense everyone can participate? I see you have one for local gym. Alas!! I am not there!! Not that I will even walk into a gym. But I think I like to see some contests where everyone can participate and perhaps some prizes like coupons to buy whatever we want at some online shops. Whether I join or not is a different thing!

      11. Funn,
        I want to continue a mixture of contests where you have to write essays and instances where everyone can participate without writing essays. It is more interactive if users have to submit content in order to enter, especially entries which can be shared with everyone. I have an idea for the next contest and will announce when the fitness passes are over.

        Aside from, do you know of other credible online vendors that ship worldwide and would be a good place to purchase gift certificates for such contests? Taking recommendations from everyone else as well!

      12. @Funn,

        ” I think why Tony and Carina is so successful as a couple is as she herself said in her acceptance speech, he never held her back, and I take that as to mean not just career wise. ”

        I didn’t get to see her acceptance speech. Can you explain what she meant by “he never held her back?”

      13. Meaning to say he encouraged her, never stopped her from having a goal and achieving it. Rather positive message.

      14. I don’t remember the exact words but the meaning is as such.

      15. Besides Felix, Andy Lau also shocked at the sex scenes intensity in Lust Caution and at Tony. Is this imply something? Andy said he himself will never act in a movie like this

      16. which is why tony will probably be the first chinese to win an oscars? it’s pretty normal by hollywood standards.

      17. which is why Tony’s HK best actor too. Even top superstar Andy Lau don’t have the guts to be in this type of movie.

      18. Asian needs to be a bit more open. 2012 is coming, lol.

      19. Jayne, not sure about gift certificates though, whether they actually have them but since they’re huge vendors, must have. What about book sellers?

        (free shipping! cheaper books! credible!)

        Amazon,com? But they don’t ship everything to everywhere else other than USA.

        Asian music at and both ships internationally and sells music, videos, toy figurines, etc but yes the music may just be a bit too limited

        I think all these have gift certificates

        Yesasia is actually the most expensive in terms of CDs, DVDs

        If you’re talking about a more personalised gift, I think you can pick and choose any particular shop at and arrange directly with the particular seller to set up a particular coupon for use in that particular shop but that is really too particular isn’t it?

        I am sure many members here may have more suggestions.

      20. Funn,
        I checked out the Book Depository site you recommended last time, but they do not seem to offer gift certificates?


        Got evouchers

        Or jayne you can hold a contest with free 3 days 2 nights stays courtesy of your home but winner pays air tickets, apply own visa, get own transport, find own entertainment!

        Ok, kidding! Kidding!

        Getting a visa to US is like you know really difficult!

      22. Jayne! Since we were talking about arts, why not hold a contest related to art? Maybe design a wallpaper with the image of your favourite star or something? I think many of us could do with some awesome wallpapers on our desktop. I can see a rush of Ray’s fans, downloading photoshop just for that purpose!

      23. Just want to comment about “Lust Caution”, I don’t know why people would think they had real sex. I saw the movie and though they showed a bit more, it was just camera angles and trick. It’s not pron.

        As for Charmaine, well, she should stick with TVB series (where she doesn’t really have to do real acting.)

      24. Jayne, just read their FAQ. I’m sorry, I thought they did. Their FAQ says they don’t have gift certificates.

        On second thoughts better not give books as gifts. They may be subject to customs.

    3. Funn,
      Thanks for your suggestion on the wallpaper contest, that would work!

      Hm…I will have to look into the sites you suggested. I have not come across a lot of sites that ship worldwide without hefty shipping fees. Yesasia is based in HK and their prices reflect the fact that whey ship worldwide for free if you order $25 USD or more. Other sites might have cheaper DVD prices but they might have higher shipping fees.

      Amazon is my favorite online retailer, but they don’t ship to worldwide locations. The shipping fees would make them charge anti competitive prices, which would be defeating against the company’s trademark prices.

      1. Yesasia factored in the shipping fees and they’re pricey. But yes, for the convenience of free shipping, it is attractive. That book site? Free delivery even if just 1 notebook.

        Other sites’ shipping fees are reasonable, based on actual weight and there are several choices, normal, EMS, etc.

        And yes, darn Amazon doesn’t deliver this, doesn’t deliver that, waste of time to even look at them!

        I am dying for a good wallpaper. But Jayne, can put a proviso; “The following theme are not accepted; Raymond Lam, Ron Ng, Charmaine Sheh”. Been talking about them so much, no wish to switch on desktop and see their faces.

      2. Funn,
        Lol, originally your suggestion was to make the contests open for all to participate, so there should be as little limitation as possible. I like the wallpaper idea, but will not restrict the content submitted to exclude certain idols. I’m sure there will be good mixed content.

      3. How about wallpaper with at least 3 artists? Will show the PS skill better (to make the color fit)

      4. Fox,
        Lol, I think it will suffice to ask readers to submit a wallpaper of a certain size and leave everything else open. If they want to challenge themselves with more difficult design, including more people in the wallpaper, they can do so in their free will.

        The idea is to have as little rules as possible to encourage more submissions and participation in the contest.

  2. The actors/actress don’t really match and the whole storyline of the movie doesn’t sound that interesting to watch but I’m sure many guys will watch it to see how much charmaine would take off in the supposed bed scenes….

    1. What can Charmaine offer? She’s not young anymore and her body is just skin and bones. I’m more interested in Him Law baring his hot muscled body

  3. that girl with the tube top is so banging hot! My jaw drops!

    1. however she is prolly 30% plastic, but othewise she is fine

  4. I still can’t see Charmaine with either of the 2 male leads… she looks too old for them!

    Ah Him is getting so much hotter now ;P~~

    1. @j00ky: Yes, you hit it right on the nail. Charmaine looks much older than Him Law, he looks like her younger brother. As for Alex, he still looks like a teenager even though he is in his early thirties.

      1. Same here. Him looks like her younger brother and he’s still in his mid 20’s while Charmaine is in her mid 30’s.

        Pairing Alex with Charmaine too still looks wrong although Alex is slightly older than Him. Alex is of the age of Bosco and Oscar Leung and I can never imagine the sight of Charmaine pairing with them.

      2. “Pairing Alex with Charmaine too still looks wrong although Alex is slightly older than Him.

        What is wrong with a older woman/younger man relationship?

      3. @Kidd – You can see that Charmaine look so much older while Alex can still pass a teenager. He’s more suitable for someone of Stephy Tang’s age

      4. @ lol

        Of course in an older woman/younger man relationship, the woman will look older. So, what’s wrong with it? Why can’t the woman be older?

    2. I agree she’s too old for him. She can pass to be his mum. I feel sorry for the cute Him Law to act with an actress that’s too older than him. Charmaine got lucky again

      1. Saying that Charmaine looks like Him’s mum is too far-fetched – older sister/younger brother is a fairer description since it’s fact that she IS older than him!

        Charmaine may look older than Him and Alex, but it doesn’t mean that she 1. looks old (as in bent over, white-haired, very wrinkled, etc) and that 2. she looks old for her age.

        I think she’s still got plenty of sensual appeal in her yet…after all, she’s still of child-bearing, pre-menopausal age = youthful.

      2. I think the word is more “mature” to describe this scenario of Charmaine’s partnering with Him Law, she definitely does not looks like his mum; she is not that old.

  5. So, Him has join Patrick Kong’s list of regular actors?

  6. char can full fill any role, she versatile, a very obedient artist.

  7. I don’t really see the pairing between Alex-Charmaine-Him either as both male artists are obviously younger than her. But it will be interesting to see how the plot plays out, especially with the subject of swing parties. The cast’s strategy of revealing that there are kissing and bed scenes, but were told not to reveal too much, is definitely a smart promotional tactic. It will lead to good box office sales as people anticipate how daring TVB’s top fadan Charmaine will go in this movie role and how much she will actually reveal. I also think that it will mainly be her back that she reveals at most.
    Unless she wants to start a completely new image for herself now that she is not managed by TVB as a new sex symbol, I doubt we would expect to see that much “skin” from her. She’s quite popular that I don’t think she would need to go that far. And I don’t think her acting level is up to par to those as famous as Tony Leung, who despite his popularity, would do scenes like those in “Lust, Caution” for the sake of art.

    1. Depends on who is the director also. I will more likely strip for a famous award winning director than anybody else.

    2. She’s almost 40, it’s a little late for a change to a sex symbol image!

  8. Him law is very attractive? His cute! What other movies is he in?!

    1. I find Him Law very hot. He reminds me of a younger verson of Louis Koo. Check Him Law in Suspects in Love, he’s a boxer, very nice build and muscles, very eye-candy.

      1. @le, oh yah he is the boxer guy in “Suspects in Love” thanks

      2. I love it that he often reveal his body in SOL. He’s yummy. His face is cute and his body is hot.

  9. this photo of model jeana…is really something. I wonder which part of her that she really wanted people to focus on…hmmm breast or her cute face? Why can’t young actress just dress decently for promoting events???

  10. I forgot to comment that Charmaine is lucky. Him Law is cute and has a delicious body and is young!

  11. I think this movie has a very weird cast. I mean both Alex Fong and Him Law are like ten years younger than her… And she doesn’t look like she’s in her twenties, they should of had better casting. Since the age difference is relevant I think it makes it hard to picture the movie. Still I’d watch it, but i don’t think that they have a lot of chemistry as a married couple.
    Also wouldn’t it be weird for a guy to get married in the first place if he’s a player and goes to swing parties?

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