Liza Wang Returns as Intimidating Diva in “Elegant Transformation”

Liza Wang (汪明荃) is well known for her perfectionist work ethic and no-nonsense attitude. Working in the TV industry for over 40 years, she has earned both respect and fear from her junior colleagues. Often labeled as a diva, Liza will soon bring her intimidating public persona on-screen in new series Elegant Transformation <華麗轉身> as a veteran superstar who belittles all those around her.

To emphasize her character’s glamorous status, TVB has commissioned stunning outfits designed especially for Liza. The company also made plans to film portions of the series overseas, investing a big sum to ensure that the production lives up to its name. The drama also stars Damian Lau (劉松仁), Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣), and Alex Fong (方力申).

Working with such a renowned actress, Alex admits that he is nervous about the unwritten rules. At the drama’s blessing ceremony on June 3, he explained, “I’m nervous. Others warned me that I must not show up late, and should even come in early because I would be considered late if I arrive after Ah Jeh [Liza]”.

Unfazed, Liza joked that she will have to ditch her punctuality in order to ease the tension on set. “I don’t want to irritate others so I don’t dare to arrive early nowadays. In fact I will come very late so that everyone can enjoy a more relaxing filming experience.”

Linda, who plays Liza’s personal assistant in the series, described her character as someone who is often bullied by her boss. She will also have her heart broken by Alex, a wealthy heir and a finance genius. Dressed to play the part, Linda reveals that she will film in various fashionable costumes. “This time I will wear very fashionable and trendy clothes. Since there are many outfits, we have to be very careful about continuity or viewers will point out all the mistakes.”

Elegant Transformation 1

Source: Oriental Daily

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  1. Liza no need to act anymore like an ‘intimidating diva’ in the drama, she just can be herself, for she is surely an intimidating ‘diva’.

    ‘diva’ in ‘apostrophe’ because I don’t find her to be one.

    No acting talent required from you, Liza.

    1. haha exactly what I was thinking!
      Liza pretty intimidating in real life, even DoDo Cheng afraid of her “black face”

    2. Well said. Don’t really look forward to watching her be herself again. Ugh

  2. this drama sounds a bit like the devil wears prada..

  3. is grace wong next to linda chung in the pic? 2nd row actors who are supportings look hot as well…is that vincent on far right 2nd row and far left is Mr HK (i forgot his name)

    1. Yes, its Grace Wong. Apparently, she felt the need to wear a too short skirt to stand out.

      1. It’s not a short skirt. Her outfit is just ugly overall.

      2. Its not a short skirt? I can almost see her undies from here

  4. looking foward to alex fong playing the bad guy

  5. Well, that shouldn’t be hard for Liza. 😛

    Linda as a fashion designer again?

    Too bad Michelle Yim is only guest-starring as Damian’s wife.

    1. From what I read, Linda is a personal assistant. Not a fashion designer. Just that she will wear fashionable outfits.

      1. In a more detailed news, it states Linda is a fashion designer.

  6. I thought Eliza Sam is starring in this too? Does anyone know or did I get the wrong info

  7. For sure next year Best Actress will go to Liza Wang. Others can forget about winning the Best Actress Award.

  8. Its funny contrast looking at the 2 ladies in the 2nd row. The one is black doesn’t bother to angle her face to make her look slimmer while the one in read purposely positioned herself to face away from the camera so they can catch her “good” side.

  9. Thought this drama was about swimming before LOL!

  10. Weird paring Linda and Alex I dont know the whole cast is just a lil odd to me

  11. I love Liza Wang…bring it on.

    Punctuality (or at least if most people get it close to time) and NOT LATE all the time, that’s work ethics. When one is caught off guard by something unexpected, then it’s ok to be late.

  12. I tot I just saw leila tong behind damien. After zooming in I was wrong. Miss leila dearly

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