Alex Fong Shows Off Muscular Body In Underwear Ad

Since Nick Cheung (張家輝) shocked the world with his muscular transformation, Hong Kong has seen a new trend of male artists exercising tirelessly to achieve the same look. Singer/ actor Alex Fong Lik Sun (方力申) recently joined the ranks when he showed off his ripped body for the first time in an underwear ad.

Although he was once a competitive swimmer, Alex abides by a more relaxed work out schedule since he left the team. Spending the past decade and a half focused on his singing and acting careers, the 34-year-old did not see a reason to train hard until he received the seven-figure advertisement offer.

He quickly sought help from bodybuilder and personal trainer Orlando To (杜德智), elder brother of singer Alex To (杜德偉). The two set up a rigorous workout plan that includes daily cardio and strength conditioning, as well as a strict diet comprised of vegetables and lean proteins. After four months of hard work, Alex successfully lost 30 pounds and gained a very sculpted physique.

To ensure the perfect look on camera, Alex also turned to a near-starvation diet shortly before the photo shoot. “I drank only water when I went with my family to yum cha. My abs became more visible then, though at the end my face became sunken and hollow. For awhile I did not eat, and I became just a pile of bones. When the ad came out I thought I was too skinny.”

The restrictive diet also caused Alex to suffer from terrible mood swings. Fortunately, his sacrifices were not in vain. He is happy with the results and is satisfied with his new ad, saying that he welcomes other opportunities to show off his body on screen. His girlfriend Stephy Tang (鄧麗欣) also approves of his new look, saying that his build is just right and that his transformation has motivated her to work on her own figure.

Now that the job is over, Alex can finally relax and has already gained back sixteen pounds in just eight days. Gaining confidence from this experience, he promised to maintain a regular exercise routine after enjoying a short break and hopes to inspire others to do the same.


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  1. I personally think he looks way too skinny and unhealthy in the photos. He doesn’t come across as having a healthy image.

  2. i personally think he looks better before.

  3. did they specifically enlarge his crotch?? smh… too much airbrush and photoshop. I’m sure he has muscles, but not as big.

    1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA…I was thinking the same thing :X

    2. Lily,
      Most underwear models stuff their crotch with something, probably a sock. Alex admitted the effects were stuffed.

  4. So the photos end up getting a photoshop job anyway…. didn’t think there was any purpose in him starving himself like that. Personally, I don’t think that’s the right way to “inspire” others to live healthily. Just saying.

  5. I am sorry but I think he looks like ppl just paste his head on those shots? hahaa LOL..OMG…insanely unnatural.

  6. Lol. He lost 30lbs yet has enough bulk in the pics; so he must of been 200 lbs to begin with cause that bulk of muscle is at lease 170lbs.

    Photoshopped like usual.

    1. And his package depicted in the yellow undies is larger than his bicep. I don’t know but Asians aren’t known to have large package.

  7. OMG……..both of the pics looks so horrible my guest is photoshopped LOL…….

  8. How overly photoshopped and how skinny he is. That package thing… dear lord.. what happened?Elephantiasis?

    1. He looks like he has an elephant’s trunk down there, roflmao!!!

  9. Whoever did the photoshopping needs to be fired…LOL His head is too small for the body and did they stuff a few pairs of socks in the yellow briefs?

    1. It’s the in thing. LOL! Just yellow potatoes in the underwear. LOL!

    2. Alex’s current body looks sick and body looks plastered on someone else’s body. He’s better off with his muscleless body before. This is disgusting and I don’t find it healthy or attractive.

  10. Hahahah!

    This should be an ad on “penile-enhancement” procedures.

  11. Chinese Arnold Schwarzenegger?! …Ok bad joke but wow these photoshopped pics are terrible.

  12. Like Huang Xiao Ming’s it’s overly photoshopped and with overstuffed package. Eekkk

    1. C’mon! Don’t judge all Asians based on Ekin. LOL!!

  13. hahaha, that thing just looks like some socks stuffed down there too.

  14. Oh my god, Alex Fong looks gross and hideous. Eiww.

  15. 1st pic screams “Steroid!!!”
    2nd pic screams “Ouch! You just poke my eyes out!”

  16. Ewwww yucks pui! gross! Never seen anything more hideous! He looked so much better before! Btw I hvnt seen his drama for ages now. What’s he been doing?

  17. I pity his g/f if he’s really that huge down there even in its normal state hahaha!

  18. And how does he walk, lugging that log betw his legs?

  19. Hahaha…down there look so stuffed up. Why they hv to make it super large..

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