Leaving TVB, Charmaine Sheh to Star in Movie With Alex Fong

TVB’s biggest revenue-generating queen, Charmaine Sheh Si Man, will explore outside career opportunities after her TVB management contractexpired. She will focus on filming mainland series and ads. In addition, Charmaine will appear in a romantic comedy opposite Alex Fong Lik Sun!

Hong Kong romantic film director and screenwriter, Patrick Kong, often preferred to cast Stephy Tang Lai Yan and Alex Fong in his films. In a telephone interview, Patrick confirmed that he invited Charmaine and Alex to appear in his new film, A Date After Divorce <人約離婚後>. “This film is part of the trilogy series. The first part was Marriage With a Liar <婚前試愛>, followed by Mr. and Mrs. Single <隱婚男女>. The newest film will star Charmaine and Alex as a divorced couple in the beginning of the film.”

A Breakthrough Role for Charmaine

Patrick noted that he wished to collaborate with different artists. Earlier, he worked with Chrissie Chau and Carol Yeung. “I always wanted to work with Charmaine. In the new film, Charmaine will have a controversial and breakthrough role. I cannot discuss details at this point though.” Patrick noted that he did not cast Stephy Tang in his recent films due to incompatibility with roles.

My Sister of Eternal Flower to Air on May 16th

At the 2011 Next Magazine TV Awards, reporters asked Charmaine to comment on Joe Ma Tak Chung’s wife’s recent criticism of TVB’s poor treatment towards artists. Did Charmaine feel fortunate that she was leaving TVB? “I do not know the details to the situation. Which job is not stressful? Rewards do not come without effort. I did not complain and just deal with the difficulties.” (Sammul Chan also complained about the poor pay at TVB.) “I received an increase in salary. I will continue to collaborate with TVB. The working hours at TVB are a little long. However, in recent years, I have been able to rest six hours while filming series. In comparison, the filming schedule in China has been longer.”

Although Charmaine did not renew her management contract and only signed a per-series contract with TVB, she was still supported by the company. Charmaine and Raymond Lam Fung’s new series, My Sister of Eternal Flower <花花世界花家姐> will be broadcast in Hong Kong on May 16th.

Excerpt from Appledaily

Jayne: It sounds like Charmaine will have a lot of interesting opportunities in the coming months. Hmm…although I question pairing her with Alex Fong, who looks a bit like her younger brother.

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  1. Is that underwear shot?? Are the photographers just aiming for such shots these days?

    Anyway I don’t like this Alex Fong. The other Alex Fong is better.

      1. According to make-up artists like Pixiwoo (YouTube gurus), you tend to look oilier in pictures and on camera than you do in person. So if the artists weren’t powdered enough (faces and necks) then they will appear very shiny on camera. Also, it could be due to not enough touch-ups especially after getting oily in the T-zone.

    1. I think the photographer aim it on purpose. When I saw Natalie’s photo, I also felt the same.

    2. The more mature, better-looking than Richard Gere lookalike Alex Fong is also my preferred choice!

      I agree with others that the Charmaine-Alex pairing seems odd, unlikely, and ill-matched. I’ve always thought that she looked great with Chilam Cheung and Kevin Cheng when she did TVB series with them.

      1. aha yes agree with ya!!! i like the alex fong richard gere look alike more..

        she looked okay with moses as well 🙂

    3. lol.. i thought they were talking about the other Alex Fong too, and I was like cool, a nice collab.. but no it wasnt. Charmaine looks too old for this alex

    4. I don’t think that’s her underwear, I think it’s the under fabric to her dress. This Alex Fong is okay, the other one is meh.

  2. Ewww! Shame on these photographer. Did she do it on purpose?

    1. Yeah, shame on the perverted photographer!

      Female stars should really be smarter and buy dresses only after sitting down in front of a mirror to test out how it looks from all angles.

    2. your comment is funny. “shame on these photographer!” follows “did she do it on purpose?”

      what are YOU trying to implied?

  3. Charmaine and Alex? It should be a younger brother-older sister relationship. I can’t see the point Alex is older than Charmaine.

    BTW, so Alex finished the Da Tang Sung Lung series with Wong Jing? I’ll watch this one because I want to compare it with TVB’s TOB.

    1. Do you have a link to more info about Alex collaborating in Da Tang Sung Lung?

      1. As far as I know, it filmed in Huang dian and the director is Wong Jing. Danny Chan acts Kau Chung, Alex acts Tsui Tsi Lin, Chu Yan acts Fu Kwan Chuo. There are 3 parts of the series and 1st season is about the early time of Chung and Lin.

      2. P/S: Wong Jing said the CGI technique in this one will beat Avatar, tat’s why I look forward to it.

      3. Joke right? Fox, joking right?? If the CGI can rival LOTR, maybe got some truth. But Avatar? Joking right? If yes, how can that movie expect to make money when Avatar was expensive?

      4. It’s a series, not movie. Wong Jing said so, I have no clue how can he beats Avatar

      5. Not a fan of Wong Jing. Beat Avatar’s CGI? It doesn’t matter if it’s a series or a movie. It won’t beat Avatar’s CGI, and that’s a guarantee. He obviously does not know how many years it took for James Cameron to craft Avatar.

  4. Boy, that pic looks awful. Jayne keep up digging more of these awful photos of stars! 🙂

    On second thought, you should post on Charmine’s car accident… yeas there’s another star in an accident.

    1. I thought she looked rather nice. It is Kenneth I am shocked to see; so sweaty looking.

      1. Maybe he has naturally oiled skin?

        Maybe it’s the real Kenneth in his own skin without TV makeup that we’re seeing?

        Either way, I don’t think it looks bad.

      2. Underwear? dress is probably too short. dont even like her face in the pic… sort of remind me of a Japanese anime character’s face…cant remember the name, anyway.

      3. Lol…and he won the award for most improved skin…Maybe it was hot in the room, since everyone was like sweating…Kenneth, Natalie…

  5. Yeah, weird pairing. I don’t think she and Alex match. But maybe the script requires it to be an older woman, younger man relationship? Even Kenneth would be a better candidate, lol!

  6. This is a very strange comment from Charmaine.

    “However, in recent years, I have been able to rest six hours while filming series. In comparison, the filming schedule in China has been longer.””

    This is the first time I’ve heard an artist said filming in China is longer. All other artists who have filmed with TVB and China said that the filming schedule in China is more restful and less hectic.

    Interesting that Charmaine’s experience is different.

    1. I think she means that the total filming time in China will take longer than in HK, so she can rest more.

      1. @Fox @Funn,

        Both. Depending on the production team, filming Mainland China series can take long time for outdoor scenes (because all the traveling and setting up). But generally they get around 8 hours of sleep daily. However, she is also referring that she need to be away from her home in HK for a long time.

        On the diplomatic part, well TVB and Virginia Lok is in hot soup with all the complaints by ex-artistes. So Charmaine is just helping TVB out a bit.

        Through Virginia Lok interview yesterday, Charmaine has already decided to sign per series contract since last year.

  7. The photographers normally have a field day whenever they can get a glimpse of some women’s underwear. The fact that she sat so openly and not minding to cross her legs, it’s likely that it’s just some sort of under-shorts to protect from peepers. Otherwise, we would have already had a glimpse of her bush and the HK newspapers would have splattered these photos all over. What’s the big deal? You’ve seen one bush, you’ve seen them all.

      1. i know lol…

        it’s normal for photographers to take such pictures of celebrities. it’s the celebrities who need to be extra careful.

      2. before any fan decides to shoot at me, I mean it’s normal for photographers to take pictures like this because it sells, not that it’s an ok thing to do.

      3. Yea, michelle. i was cocking my gun ready to shoot you but then i saw your clarification. I put my gun back into the holster.

  8. I see England, I see France, I see.. ah whatever. At least she is wearing one (Hello Paris!)

    Weird haircut btw or maybe it’s her cracked out expression.

  9. Alex Fong? I dun think they match though and not really keen on his acting though…

    This “exposed” picture looks much better than Natalie’s though.

    Kenneth looks oily…

  10. It’s seems young older woman/younger man relationship is the trend now is romantic movies.
    We already have Miriam/Ray and Vivian Chow/William Chan. Now, comes Charmaine/Alex turn.

    1. Maybe her age in the movie is same or younger than Alex even if in reality she is older. I will say she may be playing someone younger than her actual age.

  11. Kenneth needs a good haircut. It’s like as if his hair just repels good haircut.

  12. OMG It’s Kenneth!!! I think he looks great and super natural. Charmaine who? I love you Kenneth!!

  13. Charmaine wears too much make up in this picture.

    I’m not sure about Charmaine pairing with Alex Fong. I always think of Alex and Stephy as a pair.

  14. As to the director of Charmaine’s new movie, Patrick Kong produced many films about cynicism in love. The selling point of his last movie, “Marriage with a Lover,” seems to be topless scenes of Chrissie Chau and Carol Yeung with Him Law. Umm…I guess for Patrick to say it will be breakthrough role for Charmaine must mean to be more sexually revealing in some sort. Patrick usually likes to delve into the cheating, lies, and hurt in a relationship. Modern love in HK?

    1. I meant to type “Marriage With a Liar” for the film’s name.

    2. Charmaine probably will take a Stephy kind of role.

      1. I quite feel the opposite since Charmaine no longer looks like the vulnerable type. Honestly, I don’t think she looks convincing in her upcoming Sister Fa series because of her age. But who knows? From what I’ve seen L for Love, L for Lies, Stephy was a victim of love although Alex didn’t mean to hurt her and even developed feelings for her later on.

    3. I’ve never watch Patrick Kong’s movies before. Only today started watching ‘Marriage with a Liar’. Just watch the beginning.

      If all his movies are like this, his movies really are full of cyinicm. Just the first 15 mins, there’s already so many ugly things about relationship shown. We have girlfriends advising a bride to be to go have fun and date/have one night stand with some guys before marriage so that she won’t lost out to her future husband if her husband have affair later. We also have women already married and have boyfriend courting a handsome guy like there’s nothing wrong with it. The men also seem no better as one of the women said her she need to check on her boyfriend all the time (by secretly putting GPS in his phone) because he always play around.

  15. Despite many others who find it weird for Charmaine to be collaborating with Alex in this new series due to the age difference, Charmaine has co-starred with Raymond Lam in 4-5 series where they played a couple. Charmaine is 4 series Raymond’s senior and we can clearly see the age difference but most people were okay with it.

    I love Patrick Kong’s films and because Charmaine is one of my favorite actresses, I am definitely not going to miss this one! Hope there will be more news about the filming of this series soon.

    Charmaine always impresses me and once again she proves how professional she is with her work:

    “I do not know the details to the situation. Which job is not stressful? Rewards do not come without effort. I did not complain and just deal with the difficulties.”

    While there’s nothing wrong with Sammul and Joe’s wife speaking up with the low pay and long hours in working with TVB (since it’s true), Charmaine’s efforts and hard work has definitely paid off and she comes across as someone very strong and can deal with difficulties. When we complain too much, it not only comes off as unprofessional, but also as childish…

    1. Yea, but the age difference between Ray and Ah Sheh is smaller, between Alex Fong and her it’s like ten years! And she kinda looks her little brother, when she had the hair cut for her new series, My Sister of Eternal Flower…hehehe(I can’t wait for that one though).
      Why can’t Patrick Kong do a movie where Alex and Stephy get together for once…in the first one, they were still cheating on each other, the second one he was a player, the third one he died? Common’ give them a happy ending for once!!!!!
      But I guess this collaboration will be new? We’ll see…

      1. @Yee Lol, are you sure? Alex Fong is only 2 months younger than Raymond. It’s not that much of a difference.

      2. Fans of Stephy – Alex of course would like to see them in more collaboration, but from the career viewpoint of the pair and the director himself, they can’t just keep pairing up with the same person throughout their entire career. Besides, even IF Charmaine is working with Alex in the movie, they are just onscreen partner. That has nothing do to with ‘Alex & Stephy matched more’ because they are real life couple anyway.

        Didn’t watch Patrick Kong (Yip Lim Sum) works, but read that it be hit and misses.

  16. Alex and Charmaine is not match at all, Charmaine is really old then Alex…I prefer ALEX AND STEPHY IS THE BEST COUPLE.

  17. Charmaine’s haircut is so androgynous. It makes her look like a pageboy. I prefer her longer hair though. I personally feel only Myolie can carry off short hair well.

  18. She needs to cross her legs next time,Please. Sit like a lady-like so that way she can avoid those perverted reporters LOL. Poor Charmaine.

  19. Anyone read the new article on On.CC? 620, Tommy Leung and Mak Ting Kit will leave TVB to Shaw (as Autie 6 left TVB to Shaw). 620 half admitted that as she said she started with movie, of course she wanted to come back to film movies.

    Charmaine (620 and Tommy’s love) therefore leaves TVB to film movie.

    The following list will be put to Shaw: Kate Tsui, Myolie Wu, Bosco Wong, Lam Fung, Wong Cho Lam, Johnson Lee, Louis Yuen and Mag Lam. (As they all under 620 and Tommy). They will film less series for TVB and put more effort to establish the new Shaw.

    1. Talking about Mag Lam, am I the only one who found her presence appealing? She’s very young and fresh, can sing and has a distinctive face. Her acting is raw but cute in I Love HK. I hope TVB will not continue to overexpose her.

    2. Really. That’s big news for to me. I wonder why 620 didn’t Kevin Cheng over. Isn’t he under 620 as well and is one of the faves?

      So, TVB will be dominated by Kenneth Ma, Kevin Cheng, Ron Ng, Steven Ma, Tavia Yeung, Linda Chung and Fala Chen from now on? 😀

      1. It’s kinda tired to see these faces again and again. Actually at this moment, these faces are on TVB all the time, along with Raymond Wong. TVB should promote new faces soon.

      2. Although Raymond Wong is a good actor, he is always playing the same goody roles over and over again. Actually it’s kinda boring even though he has only been on the TVB screen for a few years. Does anyone else think that he’s overworking himself to the point where he looks extremely exhausted in all of his series? Or does he naturally look like this?

      3. I think it’s his natural look. I reckon tat when I first saw him in Central Affair (ATV series). Sure that he is not overworked this time.

    3. Fox, thanks for sharing the news link. I’ll look into the news further and see if there is additional coverage in the news today.

      Management changes are inevitable with Charles Chan in charge now. IMO, it was also a matter of time before Mona Fong stepped down, since her primary interest will be in Shaw Brothers now due to ownership stake.

      1. You are welcome.

        I’m looking forward to see how CC will change TVB. But his favourite is Det Di? Personally I think Det Di dun have anything special.

      2. Now I know why Det Di is cast in Sneak Attack. Chan is already in power when Det Di announced he’s in.

      3. Det Di is a singer and now became TVB actor. He’ll be third lead (or second) in new Laughing Gor series Sneak Attack.

      4. Technically yeah Det Di will be the third or second protagonist, depending on his and Damien Lau’s placing. He will potray Damien’s police cadet son.

        He can sing and dance alright – but as for his acting; we’ll see soon.

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