Alex Fong and Linda Chung Film “Elegant Transformation” Under Hot Sun

Produced by Chong Wai Kin, new TVB modern series Elegant Transformation <華麗轉身> stars Liza Wang (汪明荃), Damian Lau (刘松仁), Alex Fong Lik Sun (方力申), Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣), and Eliza Sam (岑麗香). Filming commenced in early June as planned, and will span across the rest of summertime. First-time collaborators, Alex and Linda, were earlier spotted shooting an outdoors scene in Jardine’s Lookout located on Hong Kong Island.

The costars arrived on set dressed in casual outfits. In the scene, Linda attempted to catch a minibus but missed it when she reached the stop. Alex took the opportunity to act like a gentleman and offered her a ride in his car. Although it was a simple street scene, the filming process was difficult due to the scorching heat.

Since it has been nine years since Alex filmed his last drama with TVB, he took time to familiarize himself with the work and studied his script whenever the camera stopped rolling. Alex was seen discussing parts of the script with a crew member and rehearsing his lines with Linda before actual filming began.

Despite her anxious costar, Linda appeared relaxed during her breaks and took the time to ensure her makeup has not melted off under the sun. She frequently took out her compact for touch-ups and made sure she was in her best state. Busy with work in the extremely hot weather, both Alex and Linda wore neutral expressions when facing reporters.


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  1. Oh God! Not another Linda drama, beside, they don’t really match

    1. i know…as soon as i saw her face, i was like, oh no, another drama to skip

    2. I have nothing against these two.. so I find their pairing to be quite refreshing although Alex Fong is shorter than Linda.

    3. I hate skipping dramas. It makes feel bored since there isn’t any EXCITING dramas to watch 🙁

  2. Long time no see Alex Fong film TVB series. Glad he is working with Linda Chung.

  3. Who doesn’t film under the hot sun??? It’s not like it’s Alex’s first time filming in the heat. Is this even news?

    1. This is hk news style, they write and report petty things about artists.
      This is Hong kong media’s future, RIDICULOUS!!

      1. yes, unfortunately so. if the media likes you then they make you out to be ‘hard working even under the scorching sun’ and if they don’t like you, then ‘you’re black-faced/aloof during the whole filming schedule’

  4. It may be news filming in the hot sun if the filming outdoors will take several weeks leading to heat exhaustion and heat stroke. Trying not to perspire in hot and humid conditions and maintain filming professional takes skill, stamina and good physical conditioning. If someone is just getting back into serious acting without being in shape, health problems may arise. As for Linda being labeled as “pretentious”, she was casted for this series versus choosing Tavia, Myolie, Mandy or Nancy who are in her age group. Aimee is still nursing and not too popular with many viewers. Of course, TVB could choose one of the M CLub young talent or one of the recent Miss Hong Kong finalists whom I consider too inexperienced and are not any better.

    1. Nancy wu looks much younger than Linda.Linda even looks much older than Alex. I think Nancy can replace her, as well, she act much natural. It is not about age, if you look younger than your age then that’s fine, but if you look older than your age, then she/he should not act those young roles

  5. She still have two drama to be aired. Her acting and singing are not very impressed. Also I read some news that she also filming a movie in China as a leader female roll. What a joke? Is there no actress at all in TVB?

    1. your english isn’t very impressive either.
      so shut up. if you don’t want to support than DON’T but don’t bash her kid.

    2. she’s also by far one of the best singers that came out from acting.
      she’s slowly improving as an actress and is getting better each year.
      Nancy is great but she isn’t talented enough to be the female lead yet.

      1. Somehow, i find Nancy very boring to watch. I can’t imagine sitting thru a series with her as first female lead. I don’t mind her as a supporting actress though, I thought she was good in Gloves Come Off. She’s just got that “forever bridesmaid” vibe to her.

  6. fresh couple! looking forward to see this drama for Damian Lau, Alex and Eliza!

    1. The other one came to mind first when I read the article title. I prefer the older one too.

      1. Yup, the older one can act as her dad. This younger one is only “famous” for the mini elephant trunk betw his legs if you believe what you see in his underwear ad!

  7. they’ve collaborated before on a patrick kong movie, albeit not as lovers. i like alex fong, but this was before his “makeover”. he looks awful now

    1. they do for sure. although she has to be the most boring actress ever.

  8. Too many dramas with Linda! They should have some new actresses to freshen up TVB! Although, no one can deny that Linda’s music is amazing!

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