Stephy Tang and Alex Fong to Get Married in October?

Stephy Tang Lai Yan and Alex Fong Lik Sun have been dating for seven years. Allegedly, the couple is currently living together and may even be preparing for an October wedding. The couple’s two cars were found to be parked in the same place, thus sparking tabloid claims that Stephy and Alex are currently living together.

Last week, reporters spotted Stephy, Alex, and Alex’s father, Mr. Fong, standing outside the W Hotel. Both Stephy and Mr. Fong had brilliant smiles on their faces. According to tabloid reports, Stephy and Alex were considering wedding banquet reservations at the W Hotel, to be held in October.

Since the marriage rumors surfaced, Stephy and Alex have responded differently. Alex refused to speak to the press, while Stephy explained the reason for her presence at the W Hotel. Stephy noted that on that day, a well-known Chinese contemporary artist was present to introduce a new series of creative projects.

As of yesterday, the Southern Metropolis Daily reporter tried to verify the marriage rumors with Stephy and Alex, but the pair did not respond to media inquiries.


Jayne: published a shortened version of Stephy and Alex’s marriage rumors. Allegedly, Stephy is currently living with Alex and his father, Mr. Fong. Stephy also traveled to Beijing with Alex and Mr. Fong to meet the Fongs’ relatives. The tabloid claimed that due to her declining popularity, 27-year-old Stephy is now ready for marriage. I do believe that Stephy is living with Alex, but don’t think the couple will get married this year.

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  1. I like both of them. Stephy is a great singer and Alex is soooo sweet they are such a cute couple. i wish best to those2!!!

    1. looks alex have gain a few kg, maybe from Step’s cooking, …how does the cooking, maria!? or is there a maria!?

  2. ps: well done to Stephy for her recent charity efforts, has nothing to do with me, but thanx. lol

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