Stephy Tang and Alex Fong Spend “Honeymoon” Working

Earlier, rumors circulated that Stephy Tang Lai Yan and Alex Fong Lik Sun will be tying the knot at the W Hotel in October. Although Stephy and Alex have been secretly dating for seven years and are currently living together, the alleged “October wedding” timeframe has arrived without any sign of wedding bells. The couple is spending their “honeymoon” together by filming mainland drama, Stormy Peach Blossom Town<风雨桃花镇> inKunming.

Since Stephy and Alex’s relationship is already publicly known, the pair did not evade each other on the filming set. The pair was photographed reading the script together. Due to Alex’s strength in Mandarin, he assisted Stephy in the right pronunciation of the dialogue. During filming breaks, Alex took photos of puppies using his personal SLR camera. Both Stephy and Alex appeared very sweet together.


Jayne: It’s better for Stephy and Alex’s relationship to be out in the open now. Filming together has its perks because they can spend time together, but it’s still in the eye of many witnesses. Nevertheless, they seem to be having a sweet “honeymoon” together!

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  1. Once again,what is the point of hiding things like this? I think that is just so stupid… People will find out sooner or later. Also, I think people who don’t reveal it are so cocky since they think they are hot stuff and will lose popularity if they do.

  2. It’s embarrassing when things don’t work out. I can perfectly understand why people hide these things if they are celebrities. Papparrazis make up so many lies these dies … it’s pointless to even try to resolve their lies.

    Personal life, personal business. I don’t need them to tell me what’s true or not true from the tabloids. I just enjoy reading the triangles, back stabbing and scheming.

  3. I can understand the need for privacy. Some stars went through all relationships without revealing anything because revealing it may prove disastrous as they will be hounded by the press. But not revealing it also mean being spied on. I feel if when everything is confirmed, you wish to marry one another or is already living with one another, that is the best time to reveal. To hide even marriage, that can’t be conducive to a marriage.

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