Steven Ma Feared He Had a Stroke

On March 17, Steven Ma (馬浚偉) was admitted to the hospital after experiencing bouts of dizziness and high blood pressure. The 42-year-old, who suffers from a chronic heart condition that elevates his heart rate, regularly has medical examinations and carries his medication with him at all times. Steven revealed that he has been suffering from the condition for nearly ten years.

Steven and his costars in the TVB drama Storm in a Cocoon <守業者> toured Tsim Sha Tsui in an open-top bus to promote the drama yesterday. Steven admitted that he was under hospital observation for a night. After scanning his brain, testing his blood, and checking his heart, the doctors still could not come up with an explanation of his sudden hypertension.

Steven said he was most concerned about suffering a stroke, “That day in the hospital, I felt really dizzy. The back of my head felt like it was bloated from blood obstruction, and my arms and legs couldn’t stop shaking. My blood pressure went up to 180. Even the doctor said he was worried that I might be suffering a stroke. I am most afraid about not dying after having a stroke, and my family would have to take care of me.”

The doctor later discovered that Steven’s worsened condition may have been a result of his bad habit of drinking five cups of black coffee a day. The doctors stressed that such a habit is like chronic suicide. After the warning, Steven worked hard on quitting black coffee.

After promoting Storm in a Cocoon, Steven will go to the United States for a performance. As he has already signed the contract and tickets are already sold out, Steven has no choice but to perform as scheduled.

Promoting “Storm in a Cocoon”

Meanwhile, the cast of Storm in a Cocoon is hard at work promoting the series, which is currently averaging 27 points per episode. Evergreen Mak (麥長青) joked that if the series does not reach 42 points, TVB should continuously rebroadcast the show. Joking that this promotional tactic is copying ATV, he said, “How is that copying? Their shows can’t even reach 32 points!”

Tavia Yeung (楊怡), who was under speculation for plastic surgery, boldly expressed that she does not need any. “They say I’m flawless, that I have a foreigner’s nose, and I have Angelina Jolie’s lips! I’ve been so busy with filming lately and I don’t even have the time to rest. That proves that I am keeping well. I am a beauty,” Tavia joked.

In response to the plastic surgery claims, Tavia said, “They have nothing else to write. It’s not a very creative idea. At least they didn’t say I developed ulcers from stress.”

Source: Oriental Daily 

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  1. He may need to either cool down and take a vacation or take pills. I will take herbal supplements and not pills. By the way he actually looks younger nowadays, less tired looking like the picture above.

    “five cups of black coffee a day”

    Too much caffeine perhaps?

    1. ““They have nothing else to write. It’s not a very creative idea. At least they didn’t say I developed ulcers from stress.””

      but ulcers are naturally formed. Shows she really never answer questions. But well she has learn the art of deflection except she should learn from the master of deflection; Charmaine Sheh.

  2. Take care Steven. Always fond of your acting and your performance never disappoints.

  3. Hope Steven Ma get well soon…….I think he really do need a time to relax

    1. I know. He and Cilia (is that her name?) could totally play a couple in high school. Omg. Soooooo cute!!!!

    2. I know and he looks so sweet and innocent. I hope he takes good care of himself.

      1. Steven would cringe at reading your ‘so sweet and innocent’ on him. lol! He has in several separate weibo entry told his weibo fans/posters not to use :”萌” (kawaii), or ‘可愛-ho oi’ (sweet, cute, lovable) on him, using the ‘puking’ icon to emphasize his feeling. So, with these 2 words banned “萌”, “可愛”, this one mischievous fan went one step further by addressing Steven as “ChunWaibb” (lol), which caused Steven to ‘vomit’ when he read it. lol!

  4. I was hoping Steven can take a small break. But it’s good to hear he will cut back on his coffee intake.

    And wow Tavia, bold indeed. Not a bad idea to joke around. At least the situation isn’t as tense and awkward?

  5. He just looks younger and younger as he ages.

    Steven is a very talented individual, I hope to see more of his projects in the future.

  6. The character he is playing in storm in a cocoon ismy ideal type now but I guess realistically, not many men are like that.

  7. Tavia does have a nose job. She can’t fool anybody.
    A woman in her 30s who has her nose grown so much from since her 20s is absurd, not natural, unless it is man made. Simple as that.

    I hate Tavia’s nose, it’s like Pinochio, she m,ust be telling lots of lies.

    1. That’s a good one….LOL! I hv been calling her Miss Pinnochio & all my buddies knew I was talking about Tavia….her nose is a big distraction each time we watch SITC…..Anyway what attracts us (watching) is Steven Ma, nothing else… SITC is enjoyable & I look forward to it every night…

    2. It’s not news anymore. You don’t get bored talking bout her nose but it’s really getting bored. It’s just a nose, get a life …

  8. He looks fine in his last night uploaded weibo pix. He has lost the bloated/swollen appearance.

  9. get well soon steven. don’t overwork. take care

  10. take a time long break after your hard work, steven. take care. health come first.

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