[Style] 2019 TVB Anniversary Gala Fashions

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[Style] 2019 TVB Anniversary Gala Fashions

Every year at the annual TVB gala, fa dans and siu fas will bear their skin in eye-catching outfits in a bid for the spotlight. Although the red carpet segment was canceled this year because the show was pre-recorded, the actresses did not let their efforts go to waste and shared their outfits of the night on social media. This year, many artistes either had plain or over-the-top, cringe-worthy looks.


Rebecca Zhu looked like a bohemian goddess in this Emma dress from Anya Fleet Bridal’s collection. The dress brings out her robust figure, and although similar looks have been seen at past events, Rebecca looked extremely elegant with the semi-sheer design, floral lace details, and bell sleeves.


Tiffany Lau had on an evening dress from Viola Chan’s 2018 series. Her femininity was highlighted by the white lining under the tulle and the champagne colored embroidery. The halter neck was also a breath of fresh air among the sea of low cut dresses worn by other artistes.

It’s hard to pull off green, but Moon Lau looked stunning in a shimmery green Victor Chan gown. Albeit simple, the sheer long sleeves, plunging neckline, and high slit drew attention to the actress’ best features.

Samantha Ko flaunted her small waist in a one-shoulder rose pink satin dress, which had a cutout on one side of the waist. The most striking aspect of the metallic dress was the ruffle hem, which traveled up to her thighs. She looked extra fine in a sleek hairdo held up by a satin ribbon.

Elaine Yiu stayed golden in a slinky Nicole and Felicia dress paired with René Caovilla high heels. The simple yet sexy dress was embroidered with beads, causing it to look extra sparkly under the illumination of lights. She accessorized with crystal earrings from her jewelry brand, DearBell.


Nancy Wu was easily looked over in her forgettable black tube dress from the Rosario 2019/2010 Fall-Winter collection. The exaggerated silk ruffles coming down from the side of her waist reminded me of a fish. Despite the designer’s attempt to add a unique feature, this dress still felt lackluster. It costs approximately HKD15,670.

Natalie Tong gave off the impression that she was underdressed. Her long black dress was cutely decorated with polka-dotted tulle short sleeves, but it made the overall dress look rather casual. The sheer skirt added a bit of flair to the plain dress.


Grace Wong picked out an interesting Hian Tjen dress comprised of exquisite embroidery motifs that pay homage to the Amish. The backless nature of the dress and the black tulle bottom with two high slights gave a modern twist to the folk-inspired piece. Though a unique dress, it looked awkward on Grace. The bodice was too long and stiff, and she looked like she was drowning in the dress.

Kelly Cheung’s white strapless Hera dress from the One Day x Sphere collection had a gorgeous see-through bodice that was complemented by the deep-V. However, the long tulle sleeves that extend from the chest area ruined what could’ve been a dreamy dress. It is priced at roughly HKD 77,096.

Alice Chan’s black and white figure-hugging dress might’ve looked better without the distracting flower.

Crystal Fung wore a daring gown from Stephan Cara’s Ora collection. The beaded top resembled a dudou, so her back and side boob were exposed. The top did not match the elegance of the ruffles on the bottom.

Hera Chan looked like a summer princess in this long dress by Muse by Berta. The 3D floral embroidery was a nice touch, but it was overly sheer in certain lightings.


Sharon Chan donned a midi dress from Prada’s 2019 Autumn-Winter collection. The red, pink, and black formed a strong contrast, especially with the pops of silk here and there. There was too much going on with the colors, fabric, and 3D flower on the chest. She looked like a walking Valentine’s Day present.

Similarly, Ali Lee also wore a black and pink dress with a bow. It’s hard to see the highlights of the dress, as it looked very heavy due to the material of the dress. It appeared stiff, and the hem of the dress sat awkwardly on the floor. The puffy sleeves did not help.


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  • 14 comments to [Style] 2019 TVB Anniversary Gala Fashions

    1. jcc10 says:

      100% agree with Rebecca being best dressed. Also, what’s up with Moses?

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    2. jimmyszeto says:

      Wow Samantha!!! Looks like Ali has given up. From great heights to zero within a year….

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      • oligodendrocytes replied:

        @jimmyszeto I actually feel so bad for Ali. Just when she was in the lime light from being in Big White Duel, and then sharing her thoughts of HK and China commotion to now being disregarded by TVB and put to the side. I don’t think she deserves that tbh. She’s a really good actress. It’s funny Sisley Choi gets promoted and given the spot light for I don’t know what reason yet they don’t think to shine the spot light on someone who can act like Ali.

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    3. I never even saw Rebecca Zhu. But my favourite dressed was HANA’s red dress from Laputa Wedding. I’m a bit surprised how it wasn’t shown here it was so beautiful.

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    4. littlefish says:

      What’s up with the background of those pics lol? While I like rustic, it feel like they were in some sort of warehouse/school lockers lol. (Yes I know it’s the back of TVB studio but it doesn’t look good lol). Samantha Li’s dress look cheap. Rebecca has improve a lot, she also look much prettier than when she first come on

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    5. snoopy says:

      No Koni Lui? I think this time her dress is beautiful!

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    6. wm2017 says:

      None impressive including the bohemian goddess…lol and some are downright awful…hahaha omg

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      • foodie replied:

        @wm2017 I dont think the Best Dress was well chosen too.

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        • wm2017 replied:

          @foodie Yes, she looks ok compares to the rest but if the cut was any lower more like nice lingerie. haha

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    7. bearbear says:

      I didn’t catch the anniversary so just based on the pics posted here, I like Moon’s dress most

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    8. m0m0 says:

      omg, sharon and ali’s dresses…seriously, what were they thinking?!

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    9. cutie777 says:

      Omg!!! Moses looks so old man!! I like Elaine Yiu dress more than I like Rebecca Zhu. Worst dress: Sharon Chan, Alice Chan and Ali Li.

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    10. khoobunny says:

      Ali is such a beautiful actress, but she made herself look so terrible with that hair style and dress.

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    11. In ranked order:
      Rebecca Zhu + Shiga Lin (the red bows) tie 1st
      Mandy Wong (but the make up missed the mark) 2nd
      Kelly Cheung (something went wrong and I don’t know what) 3rd

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