Tang Wei Appears Bloated and Pregnant

Tang Wei‘s (湯唯) wedding plans with Korean director, Kim Tae Young (金泰勇),  may be prompted by her pregnancy. The couple met on the set of Late Autumn <晚秋>, but only started dating last year. Although pregnancy speculations abounded after Tang Wei announced her engagement two weeks ago, her public relations quickly dismissed the rumors. Yet, Tang Wei appeared bloated and even sported a noticeably flabbier midsection at a SK-II promotion event in Shanghai today.

Along with Cate Blanchett, Kim Hee Ae, and Ni Ni (倪妮), Tang Wei took turns sharing favorite beauty tips and chatted with audience members. Dressed in a form-fitting white dress, Tang Wei accidentally exposed her belly bump when she sat down. The attendees noticed immediately, and the paparazzi quickly asked Tang Wei if she was pregnant and if she was having a flash wedding for this reason.

Coming to her rescue, the organizers for the event tried to block off the reporters’ questions. Yet, evidently in a good mood, Tang Wei shared her feelings on her upcoming wedding, “I believe that every woman who encounters a life-changing opportunity will not let it go. If you take the chance, this opportunity will change your life.”

After marriage, Tang Wei also stressed that she will not give up on her acting career nor reduce her workload. She shared her thoughts on when a woman is at her most beautiful state, “Keeping a healthy spirit and pursuing the joys that please your heart.”

Source: On.cc

This article is written by Su for JayneStars.com.

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  1. This is a problem for women. They go on diets to be skinny not only to look slim and beautiful, but also to avoid pregnancy suspicions. My co-worker today who is in her late 20’s told me while she was attending a party on the weekend, someone asked her if she was pregnant because she had a big tummy. She was so embarrassed.

    1. Can we expect all guys to have chocolate abs now if a little belly bump is called ‘pregnant’ for woman?

    2. It takes too much hard work to achieve total flat abdomen without that bump!

    3. Whereas my friend got pregnant and don’t look pregnant, so they assumed she just got fat… Either case, it will make you embarrassed lol 🙂

    4. Hi YanYanKong,
      I understand how that feels. I put on quite alot of weight recently and someone gave up her seat in the train, she said you’re pregnant pls seat. I was both embarrased and angry. Embarrased and angry at the same time because of my buldging stomach and ppl mistakenly thought I’m pregnant! It’s easy to put on weight but it’s so difficult to shed off weight!

      She looks fine to me.

    5. The person that asked that should be embarrassed! Why would someone ask that? Theres no way to recover from that

    1. I have normal BMI, but I have that bump too. How..

    2. Same here.

      I will considered extremely obese 🙁

  2. The first pic does look like a small bump. Be patient. Only time will tell.

    1. Many women have that time when the bump exist even when not pregnant, but yes time will tell.

  3. She seems concious of her belly . Maybe it is true.

    1. Lol It could be true since she abruptly comes in the open! But no she’s not bloated!

  4. Chinese entertainment reporters are so unprofessional!

  5. Her face on the right looks like an alien’s…And how is this woman fat?! Woooow.

  6. This is ridiculous, she’s not bloated looking although I don’t deny that she might be pregnant with that cute little bulge.

    1. Or, too much gas (like WCL said about Leanne Li). 🙂

  7. god, i feel awful about myself now…she’s bloated….

  8. wow, the media’s hitting hard at sire but they worship tang wei for having sex with carina lau’s hubby in the movie

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