Tavia Yeung and Cast Promote “Storm in a Cocoon”

Airing on February 17, Storm in a Cocoon <守業者> features Steven Ma (馬浚偉), Tavia Yeung (楊怡), Maggie Shiu (邵美琪), Evergreen Mak (麥長青), and Natalie Tong (唐詩詠).  The cast members gathered in Tsuen Wan Plaza to promote the new production today. Asked about how she spent Valentine’s Day, Tavia revealed although both she and Him Law (羅仲謙) were busy with work, they called each other to send wishes. Although never openly acknowledging Him as her boyfriend, Tavia implied their relationship is at a stable stage.

Being the filial daughter she is, Tavia tries to spend as much time with her mother as possible despite her hectic work schedule. She shared happily that she was able to make it home on Valentine’s Day to enjoy a hot pot meal. “My mother is getting old! I want to spend each minute with her,” Tavia expressed, “Him and I talked over the phone and we wished each other a Happy Valentine’s.”

Tavia further admitted she was not a romantic person and rarely gave out gifts on Valentine’s. This year was not an exception, and she exclaimed there was no need for her and Him to exchange gifts. “It’s all in the heart. Work is most important right now, and I’m sure he had work too.” The only time Tavia recalled giving out a Valentine’s gift was many years ago when she knit a scarf for a man.

Tracy Ip Takes Care of Father After Mother’s Passing

Tracy Ip (葉翠翠) was overcome with grief when her mother suddenly passed away at the age of 56 due to long-term kidney disease. Although her mood has slightly recovered, she would feel sad whenever her mother is mentioned. Tracy revealed the funeral will be a Catholic ceremony and will take place on March 1. After cremation, her mother will be buried at the St. Raphael’s Catholic Cemetery.

Before her mother passed away, Tracy vowed to take care of her father. At the moment, she is most worried about her father who is still unable to accept his wife’s sudden passing. Tracy has arranged for her father to move in with her, since looking after him is currently her top priority. Fortunately, Tracy and her older brother have each other as emotional support.

Sources: On.cc; On.cc

This article is written by Shirley for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Condolences to Tracy Ip. She should consider taking some time off work instead of attending the promotional events.

    1. I agree and my deepest sympathies to her. Losing a loved one is really hard. I wish that TVB would give her some time off to rest,recover and take care of her dad.

  2. Can’t wait to watch Steven, Tavia, Evergreen and Maggie Shiu.

    I wish they would report more on Tavia’s next project than how she spends her valentine.

  3. Love Tavia and Steven be a couple. Hopefully, “Storm in a Cacoon”

    1. Drama will have at least 32 in rating. Support Tavia and Steven.

  4. i only watch this drama because of natalie tong,tvb should promote her to first lead.

    1. Same.. I hope TVB will give her a lead role. She did a great job in “Bullet Brain” even though that drama is just so-so..

  5. Hahaha is Tavia pointing at Matt’s hairy armpit in that photo above?

      1. Yeah very cute. Steven and Tavia have such great fun loving chemistry. In fact, the show when Tavia lend Roger Kwok a large sum of money shows that she is a bro to her male friends. Love to see more of that side of Tavia instead of her heavy make up look.

      2. @Puff
        Agree with u!! Tavia sounds so cute when she picked up Roger’s call!
        She is calling him “Gor Gor” ^^v
        And for those who kept saying she is $$$ minded, if she is really only into $$$, she won’t lend that $$$ to Roger just like that.
        She is a good person and surely just like most of us, will wanna earn more $$$ for the future 😉

  6. Why Tavia in the series in an attempt to look like she has no make up on looks like she has tons of make up?

    Anyway thumbs up to the lovely Hong Wah.

    1. I used to think Tavia was so beautiful; she still is, of course, but I feel like something has changed. Maybe age? But people like Akina Hong still look the same despite the age. I think Tavia did a lot of extra face stuff she doesn’t need, though what she really did I have no idea, nor am I positive she did do something. But if you compare how she looked back in Eternal Happiness to how she looks now, there is definitely a difference.

      1. I’m Tavia fan 😉
        But sadly, I feel she must have done something to her face 🙁
        She used to be so pretty!
        The easiest comparison, she is better looking than Myolie in the past but now, is the opposite 🙁
        And most obvious will be her nose 🙁
        Hope that she will stop inject unnecessary stuffs into her face/body

    2. I really like her acting, but looks like she will die soon? so only 1 Episode of her?.

      1. There would be flashback scenes of when she wasalive leading up to her murder I believe, but if you’re talking about real-time scenes in the drama, yeah it’s only episode 1 sadly D: lol!

  7. Saw the promo trailers and MVclips for the series, looks like tavia and Steven’s chemistry will no doubt hit the nail on the head again and deliver great performance as per usual 😉 ! Looking forward to their scenes.

    It’s ashame that Akina will be killed off so early in the drama, but I believe there would be quite a few flashbacks on her character that would reveal her death details leading up to her murder.

    Excited for this series!

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