Tavia Yeung Armored for Final Awards Battle

The fierce battle for the TVB Anniversary awards is drawing to a close . This year, the fight for the Best Actress award has drawn the most attention. Tavia Yeung (楊怡), has not only armed herself with the right dress and million-dollar jewelry, she has also prepped herself with the right attitude to face tomorrow.

As the awards show draws closer, the nominees have been busy using all kinds of methods to garner votes for themselves. It has been said that Tavia’s closest competitor for Best Actress, Kate Tsui (徐子珊), has already aggressively won votes from TVB Executive Chairman, Norman Leung (梁乃鵬) and Virginia Lok (樂易玲).

At yesterday’s last pitch campaign organized by TVB, nominees went all out to win more votes. However, Tavia was noticeably absent. Instead, she was at Tai Po for a Christmas event.

Winning is a Matter of Luck?

Tavia claimed that she does not have any particular luck with winning, ever since she was a young girl. She did not think this time it will be any different and as a result, she is not going to put too much concern over her win or loss. If winning the awards was a matter of luck, then she lucked out at Malaysia’s Astro On Demand Awards where she walked away with the My Favorite Actress award. This has not caused her any additional pressure to live up to the winning streak. She said in jest, “Winning is not about prestige. If I don’t win the award, it’s time for self-reflection. I will ask myself what I have not done well and how I can improve myself further.”

Stealing the Limelight with $25 million Jewelry

Behind the nonchalant attitude, the fact is Tavia has already prepared herself well for the red carpet awards ceremony. The self-proclaimed lazy Tavia will not spend too much effort dressing herself but would wear whatever she was sponsored with. This year, she hopes to steal the limelight with her $25 million HKD jewelry sponsored by Tsim Sha Tsui’s TSL Jeweler.

Winning Equates More Earnings

Winning major awards in TVB Anniversary Awards will raise the artists’ popularity, making them advertisers’ darlings. This may lead to a significant increase in income for the artists. For that, Tavia exclaimed excitedly, “I always said I’m on the lookout for more money. For the sake of money, I want to win!”

To win the award, Tavia has to beat hot favorite, Kate Tsui. Speaking of her competitor, Tavia was amiable. In fact, the always-congenial Tavia has not made herself an enemy of Kate because of the competition. Though there was no indication of a close friendship, both were not at loggerheads either.

Thank You Speech

Depending on her mood, Tavia may not thank rumored boyfriend, Him Law (羅仲謙), nor talk about him on stage.  “They are two different matters! I will not purposely talk about him. If reporters managed to take photos of us, then so be it. If reporters have things to say of us, then write it. But on the stage, I don’t see any need to thank him.”

A person who values relationships, Tavia is grateful to her family for their support and her manager who has over the years, never given up on her.

Though Tavia has no reason to thank Him, she hopes for Him to win an award, if not two. Him is nominated for both Best Supporting Actor as well as Most Improved Actor awards. Having his share of rumors circulating around him these couple of years, winning an award would bring some good vibes and enable him to re-start his career in the new year on the right foot.

Source: Sing Tao

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  1. Hope Tavia wins tonight!!!!! <3:)

    I wouldnt say she has "no competition" with the new tvb voting process I think its anybodys game.

    1. There is definitely competition but Tavia totally deserves to win tonight.

  2. i hope she wins. she has been acting for quite some time and i dont think kates role was that great

  3. Congrats to Tavia for the win! You finally get this award after toiling for so many years.

    I’m actually happy for her. 😀

  4. Congrats Tavia!!! U are the Queen this amazing year and in fact, the other 4 finalists have praised Tavia’s acting & even Myolie, Fala, Sharon voted for Tavia 😀

  5. Oh ! OMG ! Tavia forgotten to thanks her fans after winning..poor devoted fans..

    1. That’s not true. She already thanked everyone in HK who voted for her – that’s her 1st line of speech.

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