Tony Hung Loves That Girlfriend Inez Leong Doesn’t Have “Princess Syndrome”

Tony Hung (洪永城) started dating model Inez Leong (梁諾妍) last year. Inez’s fame shot up immediately as Tony’s girlfriend, and it was revealed that she stole his heart with nine strengths: self-made woman, love for sports, outstanding academics, positive presence in the media, love for travel, attentiveness and care, cuteness, amazing interpersonal skills, and cooking talent.

Thirty-one-year-old Inez is extremely dedicated to fitness, and even started her own gym “Studio Fitnez”. She has been busy in coordinating the studio’s renovations to stay on target with the opening date in May. Due to the time crunch, Inez even painted the walls and installed the tiles during for 10 days before the opening date. Since then, she’s been busy growing her business and hiring more instructors.

Aside from Inez’ down-to-earth personality, she shares Tony’s passions for travelling and watching movies. When asked if they love to cook together, Inez responded, “We believe in healthy eating, so we are never far from chicken. We like to cook chicken with very little oil and just a little bit of black pepper.”

While Tony sees many strengths in Inez and loves that she doesn’t have “princess syndrome”, she also believes that Tony is a positive influence for her. She didn’t enjoy reading before, but under Tony’s urging, she now reads a diverse range of books that have helped with her mental health.

Although they are highly compatible, Inez believes that they are both focusing on their careers right now so marriage will have to wait.

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