Tony Hung Practices Taking Care of Twin Babies

At their July wedding, Tony Hung (洪永城) and Inez Long (梁諾妍) announced they are expecting their first child around Christmas. Although he will filming Forensic Heroes 5 <法證先鋒V>, Tony hopes to take time off to care for Inez and their baby then.

Takes Care of Twin Babies

The couple’s excitement as impending parents is obvious, as they have been devouring parenting books. “Whenever I have time, I’ll read a little. Hope I can be a competent dad!” Tony said.

They have also been practicing taking care of their friends’ babies. Sharing pictures of a pair of twins he and Inez were watching, Tony wrote on social media, “I understand that I should probably practice, but it’s too hard when I have to take care of two! I don’t even know how to dive off the 3-meter board, and now I’ve been put on the 10-meter board.”

He added the hashtags, “Two babies are not double but triple the work”; “But I still got to do it because they’re my godsons”; and “But which one is him?”

The humorous contrast between the couple is obvious, as Inez is seen happily holding the baby showing off a motherly glow, while Tony has only a blank stare. Netizens commented, “Your wife’s expression shows how eager she is to become a mother. Mr. Hung’s expression is a little complicated.”

Inez Has a Growing Snacking Urge

Although Inez is overall a healthy expectant mother, Tony commented on her snacking habits. “Her sweet tooth is growing–I’ll have to lock up the snacks and bread! But she still has self-control and realizes she can’t eat so much, because she is getting more bloated.”

As a fitness trainer, Inez is an avid runner and has continued exercising during her pregnancy. Many netizens tried to convince her from doing so, reminding her that she needs to be extra careful since it is her first child. However, Inez already consulted her doctor and discovered that women who exercised before pregnancy should continue to do a suitable amount during pregnancy. She also shared that women preparing to conceive should have a fit lifestyle as it is much easier to become pregnant with a healthy body.

Sources: HK01, Skypost

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