Kelly Fu Tries to Overcome Fear of Ghosts While Filming “The Haunted House Cleaners”

Starring in a new horror drama produced by Tony Hung (洪永城) and C-Kwan (C君), Kelly Fu (傅嘉莉) shared amusing stories behind the scenes of  The Haunted House Cleaners <凶宅清潔師>. Since C-Kwan and Kelly both fear ghosts, they did have their share of nervous moments on the set.

As the drama is Tony and C-Kwan’s production debut, Kelly feels honored to be chosen as the leading actress. In the drama, Kelly stars as an influencer who in her quest for fame turns detective, and would explore haunted places along with exorcists.

Precautions Taken by Crew

Although she usually avoids horror genres due to her sensitive physique and would easily feel uncomfortable, Kelly especially prepared for The Haunted House Cleaners by forcing herself to watch horror films in the company of a drama teacher.

Kelly reveals that C-Kwan is even more timid than herself, as he only dares to sleep in hotels with the lights on. As a precaution, Tony has also especially arranged for a geomancer to pass a talisman to the cast, and they would light incense sticks before each day of filming. “They really have it tough–C-Kwan said it would be his last time, and he would not write any more scripts in future” as he has been staying up late every night to make revisions to the script.

“There are some frightening scenes, and the makeup is very scary too. Hope the audience can accept it, and that it can be aired on TVB Jade,” Kelly said.

Interview With the Cast:

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Tony Hung Produces His First Drama

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  1. Did y’all see her performance in the later episodes of Murder Diary. She can cry, she can be naughty, and innocent all at the same time. Leaps and bounds on the acting Miss Fu! I was wondering where she went after Hearts of Fencing and I think she’s ready for meatier roles. The way those tears ran down her face after being arrested in Murder Diary…..chills!

  2. I’ve always liked Kelly Fu and wondered why she isn’t given as many opportunities as others. Maybe because she kind of gives off the bimbo look so they typecast her. That’s a shame. I’m happy to see her starring as lead in this drama. I’m also surprised that Tony Hung and C-Kwan started their own production business. That’s awesome. I look forward to this drama but feel that Tony tends to disappoint. He is just a bad actor. I think his problem is actually his speech. He might have a lazy tongue and he opens his mouth too wide when he talks which makes his words very exaggerated and uncomfortable to the ears. Which is funny because it never bothered me when I watched his travel shows… probably because they always give off a casual conversational vibe so I can deal with it. Like just listening to someone speak. But for his acting, it is definitely bothersome. I truly hope he can get a voice/speech coach to fix this impediment. If I have to watch him, I really hope he improves. The script sounds interesting though!

  3. I find Tony so odd. Guy is great in travel shows, I quite enjoy how natural he is on them. But guy isn’t a great actor. I agree, it’s how he talks. He’s got such a lazy intonation in his voice, it doesn’t carry well when acting. Yet, it’s not a problem during his travel shows.

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