Tracy Chu Goes Out in Public with No Makeup

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Tracy Chu Goes Out in Public with No Makeup

Frequently appearing in front of a camera and having their photos snapped, celebrities often cake on makeup to hide any traces of flaws and to ensure that they are camera-ready. Female celebrities, especially, would apply a full face of makeup on their days off when out in public to avoid being caught on camera looking dull and tired. Tracy Chu (朱千雪), however, is an exception. Recently, the 30-year-old actress was spotted out in public bare-faced and with no makeup. Netizens were pleasantly surprise to see that Tracy, when bare-faced, still looked vibrant and did not appear too different from her dolled-up look.

On why Tracy still insists on going makeup-less, she said, “I just think that when I go out in public with a bare face, then no would recognize me. If no one recognizes me, then it wouldn’t be a problem. I also feel that I always have makeup on when working long hours, so I want to give my skin time to rest.”

The former Miss Hong Kong second runner-up recalled a previous incident when reporters caught her without makeup on. “There was a time when I was photographed with no makeup on. The reporter exclaimed ‘Wow! You look so horrible without makeup!’ So now, I’m not as brave about going out in public with no makeup. In the past, I didn’t use makeup very often. I only started using it more after joining the entertainment industry. Now, putting on makeup has become a habit. Sometimes when I go out now, I would still go without makeup, but my mom told me that at the very least, I should still use some lipstick. So no matter what, my purse will always have lipstick now.”

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