TVB Dramas Continue to Feed Rape Fantasies to Viewers

Above: Aimee Chan was raped in recently aired, “The Last Steep Ascent”.


In last night’s episode of TVB drama, Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles <名媛望族>, Tavia Yeung’s (楊怡) character, Tsz Kwan, has a flashback describing how her virginity was forcibly taken away by gangsters led by Lo Meng (羅莽) who, after the rape, joked about how he never would have expected that she was still a virgin. As a result of the horrendous assault, Tavia’s character was unable to become pregnant.

In the current story arc in Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles, Arthur Chung (Damian Lau 劉松仁) believes that Tsz Kwan is pregnant and requests his second wife Yee Yin (Idy Chan 陳玉蓮), to accompany Tsz Kwan to a check up. After the examination, the doctor asks Tavia whether anything traumatic happened to her in the past as there is a chance that she can no longer get pregnant. Tavia, horrified by the news, requests to be left alone and leaves the office.

The next scene reveals Tavia’s flashback of a terrifying rape incident from many years ago. After refusing to be friendly to local gangsters, she is forcibly taken to a warehouse and raped by multiple members of the gang.

To those who were disappointed with Kate Tsui’s (徐子珊) brief rape scene in Highs and Lows <雷霆掃毒>, the producer of Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles promised, “This will last more than one second!”

TVB Dramas Filled With Rape Scenes

In Highs and Lows, Kate was raped more than once, and in The Last Steep Ascent <天梯>, Aimee Chan (陳茵媺) became pregnant from rape. Apparently, the rape trend will continue. In the upcoming series Friendly Fire <法網狙擊>, Samantha Ko (高海寧) will be a rape victim, and Detective Columbo <神探高倫布> will feature a rape scene involving Natalie Tong (唐詩詠) who, during an interview, even joked about her realistic performance.

Ella Koon (官恩娜) was correct in her observation that many viewers are getting increasingly perverted, as they want more and more scenes of women being sexually assaulted. However, TVB should ultimately be held responsible in doing its part to feed the perverted fantasies of viewers.


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  1. lol this year TVB drama trend or highlight is Rape, Rape Rape
    If more than one second we “Ma Lak Loo” will vote Tavia for TV Queen …lol

  2. I would personally rape Kate Tsui too. Good choice TVB on that one.

      1. Trolling or not, that is never something to joke or to be said lightly about…that is plain disgusting.

      1. Tavia a good actress. Seems all this year her acting does not have the BREAKTHROUGH, same old style

        But Kate this year her character as PAT indeed BREAKTHROUGH in her acting.

        We public notice that but TVB is TVB, they have their own agenda

      2. you mean “we the public, except tavia fans” notice. 😛
        Notice how many TY fans bash Kate nowadays?

      3. I agree with tatswee, to an extent. I find Tavia better than usual in SSSS but not MINDBLOWING improvement. Kate, on the other hand, has improved so much compared to LOO. With that being said, I prefer Michelle Yim or Charmaine being this year’s Best Actress but of course, that would never happen.

      4. @magic *low five* I hope so too. Michelle and Charmaine in my opinion really deserve it!!

      5. well nicole, notice how many kate fans bash tavia nowadays? It’s goes the same way vice versa.

      6. Also, Kate has definitely improved in her acting performance. BUt does that mean she’s considered best actress material? SAMe goes for Tavia, I think her acting is much stable than Kate, but hey, does that also make Tavia best actress material? TVB limited leading fadans are causing them to limit their decision to rewarding the ‘Best’ category each year. It now only comes down to ‘My favourite’ to make better sense of the voting results…

  3. Incorporating rape scenes into the storyline are cop out ways to gain sympathy for the actresses. Did all the good story writers leave TVB too?

  4. Maybe Yammie Lam was victimized in this way hence her insane behavior and her answer of “glass bottle” when asked what she wanted for her birthday. Police should really investigate and see if she is a victim of injustice.

    This isn’t feeding fantasy – it IS horrifying the audience in an unforgettable way so that they are sensitized to this kind of thing happening.

    I would tell if it happened to me. I wouldn’t block it out. If they were stupid enough to leave me alive, I would tell and I would try to remember all their faces. I DESPISE Chinese gangsters and I want all of them and their families to be destroyed – their descendants don’t deserve to succeed.

    Maybe this is why Carina Lau always looks to have destroyed eyes. She never got justice either.

    1. I heard that Yammie was raped but sadly I don’t think she ever got the justice that she deserved. However, I think many things happened in her life that caused her to become the way that she is. She never came forward to say that she was raped but instead it was one of her friends that said so… Very sad indeed that they are doing so many rape scenes now. I hope they don’t make a trend out of it.

  5. Holy crap!

    TVB is really trying to cultivate and exploit this perverted rape culture.

    The sickos already have complained that the rape scenes are not explicit enough.

    This is sick beyond sick.

    1. @Terminator- Well said. TVB drama sick dramatic cultural,Not good for kids to watch

  6. Why are they even meeting the demands for rape scenes? I know TVB staff are leaving in truckloads but c’mon now… This just shows how low TVB have sunk.

    1. Geesh how is that even a fantasy for viewers?
      I don’t have a problem with rape scenes if the drama really calls for it. Otherwise don’t succumb to perverts.

  7. Yes, people are getting more perverted, but tht mean they want continuous rape scenes frm the dramas. Have some creativity, tvb.

  8. THIS IS DISGUSTING! It’s like those Thai Lakorns that usually feature rape or attempted one!
    TVB is grossing me out! I don’t care if audience wants it! Rape scenes aren’t something to “look” forward to or add “hype”!

  9. rape is something that should not be fed to viewers. i know these guys are probably fantasising themselves doing that to the actress in the rape scene. its sick to know the viewers are actually requesting/begging for these scenes in tvb series.
    i rarely watch tvb series now, taiwan and main china series are so much better and they don’t need scenes like that to attract viewers. quality dramas with good plot attract viewers. tvb should learn from them!

  10. So far the “rape” scenes/back stories have not really assisted in the storytelling nor have portrayal of trauma/paranoia been dramatic enough.

    I can’t help but compare to Joyce Tang in Armed Reaction. It was the most violent rape scene I had ever witnessed in a TVB drama but it forged 3 Yuen’s personality and her drive for the rest of the series.

    All these recent ones just seem like gimmicks forcibly worked into the script to make headlines.

    1. Very well said. That was a “good” rape scene in the sense that it contributed to the storyline and esp. character development. All these rape scenes this year are gratuitous and it’s gross to treat such things like rating stunts/gimmicks. If TVB wants to push the envelope, they should include more CONSENSUAL sex scenes to spice up their dry romances.

  11. There have been a lot of rape scenes lately.

    However, I am not disturbed by this. If it’s necessary to the story, by all means, show it. I don’t think there’s a “demand” for more rape scenes, but if they’re going to do it, then do it properly. And if they’re promoting a series based on it, then don’t just show 1 sec of it.

    TVB is not cultivating a perverted culture. Perverts are perverts by nature, not by what they watch on TV.

  12. Is TVB truly getting THAT desperate for attention that they have to resort to rape scenes?? SO SICK! It is not only women that get raped but men do too… The next thing you know, they will have scenes where men are raped too.. SICK!!

    1. That will be TVB’s next goal, LOL. I have no problem with it e.g a guy getting raped in prison etc. or it’s required by the plot.

      However TVB is using rape as a mere promotional tool i.e ppl getting raped out of the blue.

      TVB has no creativity whatsoever just C&P and will even manage to ruin it in the process. TVB is a sinking ship…RIP!

    1. Jaynestars is just providing entertainment news and translations. If you cannot handle this please don’t even try to read CNN.

      1. But don’t they retain editorial rights as to which “news story” to translate?

        Like they could have skipped out on that “who is a virgin” story

      2. If news sites start picking and choosing which stories to report on, it wouldn’t be a neutral, unbiased news site.

      3. We are not talking about a political news site here so this “fair and balanced” approach does not really apply.

        What we are talking about is discernment and selectivity. There tons of trashy and disgusting stories out there but does that mean a site has to translate and report every one of them to maintain a “balanced” stance?

      4. Terminator,
        We published this story to lend insight into what the current “hot” topics among HK audiences are, as well as the “virgin” story which headlined various HK tabloids.

        The “virgin” story also highlights some lifestyle choices that devout Christians have made in life and amidst the perceived sexually promiscuous lifestyle of today, it offers a perspective of what other choices women have made for themselves. You may disagree with such views to be stated publicly, but there are others who will agree with them. The articles did not contain explicit details of any nature, but rather why such female celebrities chose this lifestyle choice.

        If you find the headlines to be truly offensive, you may choose not to read them. Election to read this article means you had a personal interest in the story. The publication of such articles are not meant to disgust readers, but to inform them of what others are talking about.

        The news which I was personally disgusted by was Justin Lee’s rape case, but it was published on this site because as disgusting as his actions are, hopefully this incident will also alert female readers of how easily accessible date rape drugs are and to be careful when taking drinks at a bar. One female reader even shared her experience in which such drugs were planted in her drink, yet fortunately she made it home safely that night without harm.

        Amidst the headlines that we come across each day, there will be a myriad of emotions that readers will react personally with. Based on some of the comments posted here, some readers are not even offended by TVB’s rape scenes (since they are not explicit) and much less by the publication of this article on our site.

    2. Okay, bye *wave*

      –This is a translation about Asia news–

      <3 Jaynestars <3

  13. A plot device is a plot device. Don’t forget Asian dramas have always been like soap operas. If showing rape scenes is sick then what about murder scenes? It’s not sick to kill people? It’s acting, stop being so sensitive.

    1. Thank you! Finally someone sensible here. Some people needa take a chill pill and stop overreacting. It’s only acting.

    2. The issue under discussion here is not the mere showing these scenes but the use of them as a promtional tool.

    3. Who says murder isn’t sick too? But there’s a difference between a police drama that investigates rape/murder cases and a string of shows with gratuitous rape scenes just to victimise women. Plot devices or not, even from an entertainment point of view, could they be any less creative?

    4. MOP is more sick than all the rape scenes imo but TVB has really got to stop including rape scenes into their dramas. It’s getting overboard.

  14. I don’t know. Aren’t rape scenes teaching people/kids to NOT rape? I mean, they show the consequences of what happen, right? Rapists are portrayed as evil with those OTT smiles.

    And I don’t know why people are getting so angry about rape scenes this year. There were rape scenes in the previous years, as well.

    1. So that was why so many have complained about these scenes weren’t long enough and explicit enough: these people were actually longing to be “more educated” about the moral incorrectness of rape. Right! LOL!!

  15. Some male actors should get raped on TVB shows. How would the audience react to that?

  16. I don’t think TVB should stop using rape scenes in their plots as long as it help the story along and is not used as an overhyped promotion tool or as a joke. Rape scenes are supposed to disturbing, however, I don’t think rape scenes should be filmed in way where it is too graphic. People need to understand that even though a rape scene is fake, but there are real rape victims out there who will be reminded of their traumatic event if the depiction is too graphic.

    I think all three rape scenes filmed this year have been professional in showing little of the act and more of the aftermath. And all actresses did a good job at portraying the post-traumatic emotions. They all served some purpose to the character development.

    1. very very well said!!!

      Rape scene must and shall be encouraged so that youngsters know exactly what is a rape all about!!!!!!!

  17. Demand for extended rape scenes from audiences and willingness of TVB to comply show how little respect HK’ers have for women. Don’t be surprised if HK is breeding their own crop of Justin Lins.

    1. Finally, someone hit the key point on all this. The exploitation and objectification of women have long been a main component of HK entertainment.

    2. THIS exactly. There’s a difference between rape scenes that are integral to the storylines and these rape scenes which purpose is just to objectify/victimise women.

    3. Well said msxie and Terminator. Frankly the exploitation and objectification obsession is not limited to HK er, it’s a part of the Asian entertainment industry. It’s terribly unhealthy because it may inadvertently breed sick perverts like Justin Lee, or drives female to be aiming for perfection by becoming lollipop thin or plastic doll look!

    4. You are hypocritely wrong!!

      All these rape scenes actually show a massive respect and premium regards if women in this society.

      The education should be as real and explicit as possible so that young gals know how to take precaution when they are together with guys.

      Since you all know that modern guys (inclusive of those like Bosco&Raymond) are increasingly but “implicitly” pervert, it’s better to teach these young naive gals to better stay away completely from them before any unwanted or uninvited tragedy strikes in.

      Guys can be very very dangerous if they are given opportunity to” roam “.

  18. I doubt that the HK market which mainly consist of “sei lais” wants more rape scenes which aren’t necessarily for the development for the story.

    It’s TVB own doing trying to using the raping gimmick to get some attention for their rubbish series. The audience are complaining bc the rape scenes are just plain stupid.

    Would actually be better if no scenes were shown at all just the victim telling the experience which would showcase he/her acting skills i.e not just laying her like a dead fish, LOL.

  19. Sex scenes were much more graphic and rampant in the 90s. I remember that was the overuse of sexual energy to heal or virgin to purge poison plots. Can’t imagine what would have been said if bloggers existed. Even Zhu Mountain saga 2 the one with Ekin Cheng had rape scene plot for secondary character.

  20. heard from an aunt that yammie got raped by a gangster but she got into this state because of a love triangle, her girlfriend like her then boyfriend,invited yammie to thailand, then put a curse on her with the aid of some withcraft or something like that, now that particular girlfriend of hers is happily married to yammie’s ex, people can be so cruel and yammie’s parents died already so there is no one to help her out

    1. If this is true, then it’s such a sad story. I hope yammie will have help from kinder souls who are true friends to her.

      1. You never know that guys are sometimes not just pervert but also can destroy a woman’s life mercilessly.

        If you know that, why should you be together with him!? It’s not just yammie but many gals also being cheated by guys but had all kept silence for fear of being backlash or..

  21. that’s right, man in the net and lots of classic shows did not have any rape scenes but the scripts and storylines were good

    1. You cant be jealous of these rape scenes. Sometimes, it’s both willing parties (the male+female artiste) who desperately requested for it for the sake of addicted to getting monies, awards & popularities.

  22. Let’s hope CTI can provide quality entertainment with no rape scenes…

  23. Maybe it’s time for TVB to rebroadcast that 1990s cat3 movie series by Wong Jing aptly called “Raped by an Angel”.

    They should begin with the one that titled: Rapists’ Union. That was the title and I am not joking.

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