Two Endings of “The Confidant” to Be Aired

The Confidant <大太監> has aired to rave reviews since it premiered on November 5. Viewers have been glued to the tube and netizens flooded the net with predominantly outstanding feedback. Seeing the excellent reception from the viewers, TVB is attempting to give The Confidant a further boost by allowing the viewers to select the ending.

According to producer Marco Law (羅永賢), since Li Lianying (Wayne Lai 黎耀祥) and Emperor Dowager Cixi’s (Michelle Yim 米雪) lives were well documented, it will be tough to show a dramatic alternate ending without altering historical facts. So it was determined that palace maid Sin Yung (Nancy Wu 胡定欣), will be the main focus. Both the original and the alternate endings will be aired in their entirety.

The finale will be aired on December 16 and the 17, with two hours per night. The cast and the production crew will be at a shopping mall promotional event to watch the preferred ending. According to Marco Law, the selection process for the ending will begin on the Monday prior to the finale. As to the selection method involved, it is still to be determined. The ending may have Nancy dead, married, or become a nun. Scenes involving the other characters will be spliced into the alternate ending.

Nancy Wu: “I’d Rather Die”

For Nancy, she prefers to have a sad ending for Sin Yung. Filming in London for Triumph in the Skies 2 <衝上雲宵II>, Nancy revealed in a long distance phone interview that she is thrilled to be in the center of attention. Of all the possible scenarios, Nancy prefers the ending where she dies. “Life is full of changes, and one cannot always expect a happy ending. Sometime it’s okay to lament at a sad ending. However ultimately, the viewers will decide, and I understand most of them will prefer a happy ending.”

Although Nancy is only playing a supporting role in The Confidant, she has a large amount of screen time. She won the Most Improved Actress award in 2008, and while the TV Queen title may be out of her realm this time, she would like to win the Best Supporting Actress. Nancy revealed, “It will be a confirmation of my effort, a great encouragement, and a thank you to my supporters. Hopefully, the viewers will cast their votes for me.”

Power Chan a Favorite for Best Supporting

Nancy is not the only favorite in the upcoming TVB Anniversary Awards. Power Chan (陳國邦), is also a strong contender for the Best Supporting Actor award with his portrayal of the villain Sham Shun. Acting since he was 23 years old, Power originally focusing on films and he has been nominated in the Best Supporting Actor category in the past. Although his acting is widely acknowledged, Power never had a true breakthrough in his TVB career. Since The Confidant, Power’s time finally arrived.

Power spent much time and effort to design the multifaceted personality of Sham Shun, who is a villainous coward and later turned righteous by the influence of the Princess Wo Shek (Aimee Chan 陳茵媺). “Playing the role becomes natural once you craft the character to fit your specifications,” Power explained.

When asked if he ever thought about winning an award for his performance, Power said, “It definitely crossed my mind more than once. But I view winning the award like entering the lottery: everybody wants to win. My part is to do my best, the rest is beyond my control.”


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  1. I think it’s silly to air two endings. As the producer, Marco Law, should be able to decide which is the most appropriate ending for the series after discussing with his staff.

    The audience can accept a tragic ending if it is appropriate with the development of the plot. A deliberate ambiguous ending can also be an indication of sloppy writing, where the staff cannot decide what the best ending is.

    1. I agree. Especially for the discs of the media broadcasted and shipped everywhere, how do you expect the viewers who watch on TVB discs to know??? I wonder if they would put 2 endings on the disc.

  2. I agree they should stick to one official ending. Then if they really have to release the other online or on the DVD.

  3. Ok. That’s lame. What’s the point of airing both endings? Just choose the one that is appropriate for the series. Srly, the audience complains too much. Not every series will have a happy ending. Tragic endings do the job, too.

  4. Yes, why air two endings! Can understand that they would like to check the audience preference and then decide one version but to air both endings?? too confusing! However love the twist of Power Chan turn good in the middle of series.

  5. This series has got me chasing episode for episode. I am definitely hooked. The script and acting is great. Before both SSSS and TC aired, I had only intended to watch SSSS because I generally like watching family feuds but after watching 5 episodes, I gave up because it was too slow and the storyline wasn’t progressing much. Hence I decided to give TC a try and never looked back. Great series!

  6. Power Chan was rather funny even if a bastard. I am happy to read he will turn good.

    Anyway I don’t want 2 endings. I want TVB to give a proper ending, and one would be quite enough.

    I am also rather happy to watch how Cixi screwed things up in the beginning, considering what Prince Gong recommended were good ideas. Shows how short sighted she was and selfish in her own way and in that the story is consistent with what we already know.

    Right now I really like An De Hai but looking at the song preview scenes, I think he will have a sad end. By the way a good themesong, since with a proper singer and all.

    As for those who may wonder how come Yuen Pin’s palace is so noisy and yet not a complaint by others, probably her palace is very far away. For once Hengdian put to good use.

    I too am loving this series for now.

  7. it’s better to have only one ending not two endings, it’s seem funny one drama to have 2 endings. even the ending will be tragic or happy I’m sure the audience can accept that.

  8. As long as the sad ending wasn’t as unreasonable as Bottled Passion’s…I’m fine with it!

    1. I agree. I have yet to figure out the point of the ending in BP. Besides disappointing those who watched the series.

  9. What’s the point of airing both endings? Just choose the one that is appropriate for the series.
    Agree with the above!

  10. I don’t really like Nancy Wu in here. in fact, I find it very boring to watch her act. She looks quite bloated in the drama sorry to say. She also always has a fierce face that is the same in all her dramas.

  11. Power Chan character is cute even though the character villain, can’t wait to see him turn good.
    Hope Nancy win bes supporting actress!

  12. Chan Kwok Pong’s acting was amazing, especially in his interaction with Wayne Lai in Episode # 9.

  13. Awwww Power Chan has no friends that’s why he’s mean. Now, he has Wyane as his friend he turn good. How cute…

  14. Didn’t like Power as an actor before but he is doing well in this role. TVB should stop with the stupid vote system, these are so easy to manipulate.

  15. Voting system works well for idols because they have so many fans. It does not reflect who has good acting skills. It only shows which artiste has a bigger fan base.

    I hope TVB computer system will break down again in the last minute!!!

  16. What? Power chan motivated by the Princess?

    I thought it would make more sense if he were motivated by Nancy instead, seeing how he indirectly caused the miscarriage. Somehow I want to see Nancy with Power more than with Wayne…. lol….

    1. Like in GCO? Haha. That pairing was kind of weird to me. He’s like a brother to her, in my eyes.

  17. I don’t see a problem with voting for an ending. The one that wins the vote will be the official ending and the alternate will probably just be shown as part of Scoop or something. TVB did the same thing with Til Love Do Us Lie. I think it’s a good way to boost interest and ratings. Obviously TVB wants to make the Confidant as popular as possible.

  18. TVB, you crazy. Can’t a producer decide on his own production, better yet air two ending, and then we would know what will happen. Surprise us ‘cmon :/

  19. Choosing between Koo Ming Wah and Power, I would like Power to win. Koo Ming Wah is good but Power is simply better.

    1. Agree. I think it is harder to act Pang Sam Shun’s character, with more inner emotions and natural ability.

      Koo Ming Wah’s character is a bit over-exaggerated, a bit easier to act.

      1. Disagree. Koo MIng Wah deserves the award because he basically trampled over everyone in Divas In Distress and became the most memorable. I don’t see Power Chan doing that over Michelle or Wayne or the others.

      2. That’s because most of the cast in DID was neither memorable nor outstanding in the first place..

  20. Between is Wayne the new Lau Sam Ho? Seems to make loads of friends in here? Even enemies turn to friends?

    1. Love the picture above by the way. But Beijing winter all the time? But does look romantic in a way.

  21. I really don’t mind watching both endings. Didn’t they do the same for D.I.E?

    This series is great so far. Liking this a lot more than SSSS. Loving the costume, cast, scenery, storyline, etc. (The scenes where it is snowing/has snow look beautiful.)

  22. I notice all the actors’ eyebrows are very nicely errr manicured? Plucked?

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