Vincent Wong, Benjamin Yuen, and William Chak Recount “Tiger Cubs” Memorable Scenes

TVB action drama, Tiger Cubs <飛虎>, has generated much excitement since its broadcast. The 13-episode drama featured thrilling action scenes and showcased the physical power of its Special Duties Unit (SDU) officers. Tiger Cubs cast, Vincent Wong (王浩信), Benjamin Yuen (袁偉豪), and William Chak (翟威廉) recounted the grueling filming process. Each actor had different memorable scenes in the drama.

Vincent Wong Sacrifices Pelvis

Tiger Cubs was praised for its cinema-like production quality in its action scenes. The actors portraying the SDU officers in the action scenes worked strenuously to achieve such exciting effects. Vincent Wong even sacrificed his pelvis for a car chase scene!

Vincent said, “In one scene, I had to roll on the ground to escape from a car. I accidentally landed on a big rock, which shifted my pelvic bone. I received 2 to 3 months of physical therapy afterward!”

Benjamin Yuen Remarks on Shower Scenes

The running and car chase scenes showcased the superhuman skills of the SDU officers. However, female audiences may enjoy the shower scenes of the young, muscular SDU officers the most! Often praised for his figure, Benjamin Yuen revealed that he was quite body conscious during the filming of the shower scenes, which gathered together a dozen topless men.

Benjamin commented on the group shower scenes, “Each actor has a different body figure. It is funny to gather together a group of men together in this manner. The most memorable aspect was that each time the guys filmed these showering scenes, they will do some push ups before the cameras rolled! Ha ha!”

William Chak Recalls Dangerous Stunt

Like Benjamin Yuen, William Chak was a former Mr. Hong Kong winner, renown for his fit figure. Since Tiger Cubs was his first TVB drama, William’s filming experience was especially eye-opening. Aside from the dangerous stunts involved, patience for a new actor was also criticial. William waited for 6 hours to successfully complete one action scene!

William said, “In one scene, we had to climb up the rooftop of a jewelry store to chase after a criminal. Oscar Li (李嘉) and I were asked to be part of the scene. We had to wait 6 hours before it was filmed, in which we jumped from the roof of a first floor building. It is quite memorable!”

The hard efforts of the cast of Tiger Cubs are well appreciated by the Hong Kong audience, who has rushed back home on weekend nights to watch the exciting broadcast of each episode!

Source: Oriental Daily

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Jayne: Go Tiger Cubs! Your hard efforts are very much appreciated! Vincent injuring his pelvic bone must have hurt a lot! And he is filming dangerous stunts for Justice Attack recently.

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  1. I love the drama too and everyone in it but I love Oscar the best 😉
    I wish he will end up with Mandy in this drama <3

    1. *spoiler*

      Sadly, no, he will not end up with Mandy.. T__T

      1. T___T
        But Him acted really well too in this drama n I fell in love with his acting ;);)
        I’ve never liked him especially after the Theresa case but he really perform very well 😉
        Sobsob :________( so wish Oscar will be with Mandy

  2. Agree with you Jayne about Vincent’s shifting his pelvic bone ans then more stunts to follow. Would that be know as doing what it takes for “lai fun qian” (milk powder money)?

  3. So far, I think Oscar and Vincent stand out the most. Him Law stands out too… in the most infuriating, grating way.

    I would like to know more about Benjamin’s character.

    1. i wanted to know more about ben’s character too, but not anymore because he punched my favorite, oscar haha. i don’t think ben’s character will have much exposure in the drama, it doesn’t seem like he has a very big role (compared to oscar, him law, vincent)

      1. LOL, I don’t like Ben too after he punched Oscar. Hahhaha kidding aside… but yea, doubt we will see more of his story in here =[

  4. Well…i think that the waiting and injuries are all worth because it is a great series so far!

  5. I’m enjoying this series too. Among the cubs, my favorite is Oscar. Super cute. His hair style suits him.

    1. Claimine,
      Oscar’s hair reminds me of Francis Ng in “Triumph in the Skies.” Oscar is a good actor, hope he will become a Wayne Lai one day.

      1. Oscar will have another great character in Wayne’s eunuch. He will be a playful and immature emperor.

      2. If oscar is tong zhi he can’t be playful and immature. He has to be bored. Becuase the real tong zhi is reputed to be very smart but thanks to his idiotic mom, he became so bored decided to be useless and just go to prostitutes, So the keyword is bored, not playful or immature. Unless TVB intends to change history and make that idiotic woman sympathetic.

      3. Funn,
        I think Oscar is a good casting choice for Tong Zhi. In real life, Oscar had suffered bipolar depression, experienced a harsh life by circumstances beyond his control, 2 bankruptcies in his family, etc. Although outwardly cheerful, he knows what it feels like to live a life where fate does not always seem to be in one’s hands. I trust that he will be able to apply his own experiences in portraying the emperor in “The Confidant.” Starring opposite Michelle Yim, I hope to see good sparks.

        Oscar has played mainly rough characters in the past, so I am more concerned whether he will be able carry himself to give off an emperor and refined feel. The way he speaks, body language, etc. will need to be markedly different than from past roles. Power Chan got criticized heavily in “The Life and Times of a Sentinel” for this reason.

        Oscar is a better casting choice than Bosco Wong, who had appeared in the initial sales presentation for “The Confidant” when it surfaced at the end of 2010 (?). If not Oscar, then I would advocate Raymond Wong to portray the role; he certainly looks youthful enough.

      4. I thought Tongzhi is playful with women and will die of sexual disease. Oscar may have a chance at winning something from this colourful character.

        Bosco’s character wasn’t Tongzhi. I remember he was Tongzhi’s cousin Guangxu. Tongzhi died very young and Guangxu replaced his throne. Tavia was Guangxu’s concubine Zhen Fei. Who are playing these two characters in the real series or are they just throwing this plot?

      5. TY is miscast for Consort Zhen who’s supposed to be YOUNG and smart. She’s not young anymore LOL.

      6. I’m a little worried about whether Oscar can portray emotional scenes since he rarely films that. But, hope he can change my mind.

      7. if oscar would to play tong zhi.. yes its abt time hes gven roles tht expand his acting abilities instead of the usual roles tht he takes on.. i am confident he wll deliver. wnder why tvb nt putting oscar as one of his siu sangs.. instead of jason chan who clearly needs a bit more acting classes

      8. Because of his youthful look! He is still acting as a student in Ferris Wheel something even though his last role as a student was in 2008 in Your Class or Mine LOL.
        Jason clearly has the looks, but his acting.. not so much.

    2. I love Oscar’s hairstyle too. He really looks good in TC.

  6. Oscar or Vincent should win the Improved award this year instead of Him.

    1. Oscar is cute, but my gut tell me Himhim will win LOL 😛

    2. Him will probably win Most Improved… but I want Oscar to win My Favorite or Best Supporting =D (I can wish right?) Or at least hope Oscar and Vincent can get into Top 5. Please no Jason Chan….

      1. i actually think jason chan will win it (although i don’t want him to haha). tvb’s promoting him a lot more than him law, and it’s always those that tvb promotes who get to win awards (like last year when sire ma won most improved even though she’s pretty awful_

      2. Oscar can win Best Supporting if The Eunuch or Confidant is confirmed to air before the awards. Emperor Tongzhi looks like a good and colourful character.

      3. I think Jason will be in the top 5. It’s hard to tell who is higher between Jason and Him because Him didn’t attend the TVB photography session and went to Korea with Tavia.

      4. I will support Oscar or Vincent to win. And I prefer even Jason Chan to Him Law.

      5. even if himhim did attend, i doubt tvb would have placed him in the first row lol

    3. I hope Oscar wins. He deserves it. Him’s acting has improved too but I think Oscar deserves the award more.

  7. Oscar is cute but Christine Kuo is terrible in TC! I don’t get how these guys can love her ROFL impossible! Anyone with me?

    1. I am!!! i cant stand her..i thought JJ jia and her voice was annoying but Christine Kuo tops it now!!! no offense but she needs acting classes ASAP

    2. I totally agree with you. Christine Kuo is a terrible actress. She should not have been cast in TC. She spoils the whole show.

    3. Count me in. Christine’s acting and character is horrible. I can’t stand her too.

    4. If it was another actress… I would probably root for the guys to be with her depending who has the most chemistry with that girl (someone who can act). But with Christine.. not so much. Joe and Oscar, just get together and dump her. xDD

    5. at first i was like, aww oscar’s cute and since he likes christine, then i guess they’re cute together. but holy crap, she caused him sooo much trouble! can’t stand her now

  8. Love the series! Love Him Him, Oscar and Benjamin mmmmmmmmmmm

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