ViuTV’s “#MeToo” Has Another Secret to Unveil

The following article contains spoilers for ViuTV’s #MeToo, ending on October 23, 2019.

Concluding next Wednesday, ViuTV drama #MeToo <假設性無罪> is packed with surprises. Starring Edmond Leung (梁漢文), Venus Wong (王敏奕), and Angie Cheong (張慧儀), #MeToo centers on a sexual harassment case at a design firm. Big V (Venus) accuses Y.K. (Edmond) of sexual harassment, which inadvertently reveals Y.K.’s scandalous private life despite being married.

But that’s not the end of it.

When Big V first accused Y.K. of sexual harassment, Y.K. had vehemently denied it despite pressure from officials. It turns out that the case was related to a similar sexual harassment case months ago: Big V’s close friend Small V (J.Arie 雷深如) was sexually violated by a co-worker. Unable to bear the bullying and neglect from her colleagues, she attempted to commit suicide. Big V took a job at the same firm in order to investigate the true culprit.

Determined that it was Y.K., Big V attempted to seduce him, but was shocked to see Y.K. turning down her advances. They confront each other one and for all, but in their altercation, Big V discovered that Y.K. actually had nothing to do with Sai V’s attempted suicide. It was someone else.


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