What to Expect in “Crazy Rich Asians” Sequel

Last year, Crazy Rich Asians <我的超豪男友> was a success in the American box office and exploded in popularity, including in Hong Kong. A second sequel was already decided before the movie even finished showing in theaters. The second movie China Rich Girlfriend <我的超豪女友> is based on author Kevin Kwan’s second novel of the same name. The same cast will star in the sequel.

After achieving success with Crazy Rich Asians, it’s been confirmed that Kelvin Kwan’s Crazy Rich Asians trilogy will all be adapted into films. The third film following China Rich Girlfriend should be Rich People Problems. Crazy Rich Asians producer Brad Simpson expressed, “We have plans to work together with Kevin Kwan to turn his other two novels into movies!”

In China Rich Girlfriend, it follows the love life of Astrid, Nick Young’s cousin in Crazy Rich Asians, played by Gemma Chan (陳靜). The 36-year-old actress was born in London to Chinese parents. Her most famous work is probably her role as the female robot, Anita, in the 2015 American show Humans.

Astrid stole the hearts of many viewers for having the willpower to leave her husband Michael in Crazy Rich Asians. Her most famous line is “It’s not my job to make you feel like a man. I can’t make you something you’re not.”

Her love interest in the second movie will be Charlie, played by Harry Shum Jr. (岑勇康). Harry was a castmember on Glee <歡樂合唱團>. China Rich Girlfriendwill reveal Astrid’s love story after her divorce, including how she meets Charlie and become his lover. Viewers might’ve caught them dancing in the ending clips of Crazy Rich Asians.

Singaporean actress, Fiona Xie (謝宛諭), will continue playing Kitty Pong in the second movie. Director Jon M. Chu praised her for her acting skills and increased her screen time for China Rich Girlfriend.

Source: Elle

This article is written by MelodyC for JayneStars.com.

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