Why TVB Insists On Airing “The Man Who Kills Troubles” At This Time

The TVB anniversary drama The Man Who Kills Troubles <解決師> covers a very sensitive topic. With approval ratings for the Hong Kong Police Force at an all-time low, it seemed a little strange, even insensitive, for TVB to broadcast a drama that centers on the heroics of the HK police. But The Man Who Kills Trouble isn’t what it appears to be.

It tells the story of Karson (played by Vincent Wong 王浩信), a former member of an Australia-based Chinese triad who carries out assignments that “cleans” the triad of its problems. His girlfriend Chloe (played by Kelly Cheung 張曦雯) convinces him of a better life outside of the triad. Karson agrees to leave that life behind, until Chloe dies of a horrible accident, and the triad accuses Karson of killing the boss. Karson escapes to Hong Kong, takes up a new identity, and works as a physical education teacher at a high school. He befriends the high school teacher Jovy (played by Natalie Tong 唐詩詠), who turns out to be the daughter of triad leader Chiang To (played by Law Lok-lam 羅樂林). Chiang To is willing to leave his underground life behind, but finds it difficult to complete break away due to his history. Karson has no choice but to step in as the school’s “fixer”, defending it from enemies.

Meanwhile, star policeman Man Ho-chuen (played by Jonathan Cheung 張頴康) is determined to wipe out Hong Kong’s organized crime, but the uncovering of one truth led him to a path of no return.

It is a very familiar genre. Stories about the police and organized crime have always been TVB’s forte. Dramas such as Line Walker <使徒行者> and E.U. <學警狙擊> have released successful sequels and spin-offs, and while this genre is nothing new, audiences are just as eager to take it all in again. TVB has confidence in The Man Who Kills Trouble for delivering solid entertainment.

Vincent Wong is another reason why TVB insists on airing The Man Who Kills Trouble. The TV King has been releasing representative work each year, starting from 2015’s Brick Slaves <樓奴>. Last year’s Fist Fight <兄弟>, an anniversary drama that also starred Vincent, was a huge hit, solidifying Vincent’s status as TVB’s top-earning lead actor.

The Man Who Kills Trouble, produced by Lau Ka-ho (劉家豪), also features guest stars Ha Yu (夏雨) and Michael Tong (唐文龍).


Source: HK01.com

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. I will definitely watch for Vincent Wong but I really don’t like Natalie Tong as a lead for any series. haha lol….

      1. @m0m0 Yes, I don’t understand why I mean she’s a good looking girl but I just don’t find her fitting on any role as of yet. Always so boring!!

      2. @wm2017 This 100%! She’s boring to me too. I never find her pretty. I was shocked when I first found out she was a model -_-; She’s average looking, but definitely lacks on screen presence and charisma.

        Her acting is okay but not BA level, especially not for that series with Jessica and Frankie. The biggest miscast is where she was, or supposed to be elusive informant with Ruco and Shaun series. She was somewhat fitting in an old series where she played an adopted sister to Kenneth, Kevin, Jazz, and Shirley. It was about fighting where Kevin played the dad and son, and Tavia played the young mom.

      3. @jjwong I did not watch any of the series you mentioned w/her in it. haha LOL..I saw her in that one w/Benjamin Yuen and I thought oh boy wrong female lead & main lead or what even the secondary leads are not interesting to watch? haha lol…So I was surprised she is suddenly lead actress but then again sometimes TVB you just don’t know how/when they suddenly decided to promote someone whether they are lacking talent or lacking people in general. You know even Mandy Wong I never thought she’s lead actress level either but I think she does have some good roles even thou her face is boring also. haha LOL…Even thou she’s not as good to look at at least I remember her in a fiesty horribly typecast mainlander who came to HK to have babies and w/those horrible accents she’s actually believable that actually made you laugh. Mandy Wong also plays well w/being a horrible stingy housewife too I don’t remember which series now. haja….lol..At least she makes you laugh sometimes in her series. Natalie Tong even thou her face is prettier her acting just doesn’t get to you at all or we can just blame it on bad scripts from TVB? haha

      4. @wm2017
        Can’t really say she’s ugly but she just ain’t got that aura. I know many men think she’s pretty but I think she’s okay above average. I think her acting is okay but she’s more suitable for those second line roles where she plays victim or the little sister. Tvb is having a dry spell of lead actress material. The only one I think that’s really got it and they are currently promoting is Kelly cheung. Many may say she doesn’t have the acting skills but for her, I believe she will get better.

      5. @wm2017 Script is partial blame, but that’s underdeveloped or unexplainable characteristics. A good actor/actress should and can still bring some sort of life to the character. All her chars are like deadly boring.

        That series was an auto-skip when I saw the leads, lol. Benjamin Yuen is another with an IRL douche-vibe like Joel. The former only seemed to be brave behind the keyboards when he ‘defended’ about a premier run-in and his gf driving. And then all of sudden he used his past dad (of granddad?), bought him up out of the blue to portray himself as a good son.

        Mandy is like a bookworm to me. She studies to get good grades / to do a role, but that’s it, no outside the box, no wow factor. Between them two, I still prefer Mandy too though. To me, she outs in more effort.

      6. @wm2017 Hey! I agree about the drama with Ben & Nat! I think Sisley was in it too. I didnt watch it because I feel all the characters are boring. However, I am starting to like Ben more as he was pretty interesting in Line Walker. I was honestly surprised when Nat won best actress for her role in Jessica’s drama. If anything, I feel Jessica deserved it more than her. Mandy put on an amazing performance in “Threesome.” Actually both Ben & Mandy did great there and she won a few best actress awards with that role. LOL the stingy housewife role is the drama L’ESCARGOT. SO GOOD.

      7. @luye 😀
        Yes, Benjamin Yuen was actually really funny in LW the prelude. As I stressing a couple of times the only reason I watched that was because Pakho C, Priscialla W & Benjamin Y. They were a funny trio on that series. I didn’t like Jessica S and esp Moses C and that haircut OMG…He looks like hes 60 or something in there. I never like him but that was weird seeing him older and just odd in all aspects. lol… hahah Lol..It was just so sad to hear that PC & PW’s storyline will be cut off since in LW3 as I never really like Raymond L or part 1 anyway. I was so happy to see they didn’t kill PC off but now no chance of a continuation since of whatever media post he did
        🙁 L’ESCARGOT ? haha Yes, I do remember a stingy housewife and even thou I never like MW but she was at least good in some roles. I really can’t say about Natalie T that make me remember her by even thou she does have a pretty face.

  2. Love natalie. Imho has the leading female aura. If she’s an actress in south korea, i’m confident she would also be cast as the leading actress as she has the look that many sk viewers like.

  3. Title is excellent. In english. Rather clever. Vincent Wong is always a plus. But I don’t get why he had to kill everyone in the party/conference. And it glorifies violence.

  4. I felt that Natalie has the auro on screen somehow lack of opportunity to get comedy role or action role that’s why looks abit boring but not annoying type.she properly didn’t make up much compare to other female Co star.

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