“Xuan Yuan Sword 3” Breaks TV Records

Hunan TV’s period fantasy drama, Xuan Yuan Sword 3: Scar in the Sky <轩辕剑之天之痕>, adapted from the Chinese RPG game of the same name, has been breaking mainland China’s TV ratings records since its release earlier this month. Starring popular Chinese actors, Hu Ge (胡歌), Jiang Jingfu (蒋劲夫), Cecilia Liu (刘诗诗),Tiffany Tang (唐嫣), Gulnazar (古力娜扎), and Lin Gengxin (林更新), Xuan Yuan Sword 3 premiered on Friday, July 6th. The second episode aired on Saturday, July 7th, and the two episodes achieved an average rating of 1.86%, debuting at number one in many of China’s various nationwide TV ratings charts. Xuan Yuan Sword 3 is the first Chinese drama to air at a weekend night time slot, and has stayed number one on the charts every week since its premiere week.

Triangle Love Receives Most Attention

Ratings for Xuan Yuan Sword 3 skyrocketed last week with the broadcast of the drama’s romantic side plot, “Shennong Tripod” (神农鼎), breaking China’s weekend TV rating records. The story involved Cecilia’s character, Yu’er, having to give up her romantic interest Zhang Lie (portrayed by Lin Gengxin) to her older sister due to her father’s orders. Although Yu’er initially refused to be submissive, she finally decided to end her relationship with Zhang Lie. Yu’er soon begins to develop feelings toward Chen Jingchou (portrayed by Jiang Jingfu), who has been by her side when Zhang Lie was not.

When discussing about her role’s love life in the drama, Cecilia said, “Yu’er has it much better than Scarlet Heart’s <步步惊心> Ruoxi.” When asked if her character will have happy ending, Cecilia ambiguously replied, “You will find out later!”

Chinese Entertainment Shanghai Considers Sequel

In an earlier press conference for the drama, Hu Ge joked that if ratings for Xuan Yuan Sword 3 reach 3%, he will publicly make out with costar, Tiffany Tang. Fans immediately forwarded the actor’s statement to many Baidu forums and other social media sites, which aided in the drama’s gradual increase in ratings. Xuan Yuan Sword 3’s main producer, Chinese Entertainment Shanghai, also expressed that if ratings break 3%, the company will green-light a sequel.

With one more month of broadcast left to go, Xuan Yuan Sword 3 has a high chance of achieving even higher ratings, and may even reach to the 3% ratings that Hu Ge had hoped for!

Source: sohu.com, sohu.com

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  1. Glad to hear the great news about Hu Ge’s series. I had a good feeling about this series and hope that the ratings continue to be good.

  2. Let’s hope that the ending will be good or else it will mess up the whole series.. I have seen many good series with a bad ending.

    1. I think it’s going to be another sad ending…

      1. I don’t mind if the ending is sad, but it just has to make sense. It does not need to be a happy ending in order to be good. Happy endings get redundant anyways.

    2. i agree with you. it makes me sad when its a bad ending. sometimes they need to have a good ending

  3. I really hate these kind of series, but I do like the actors and actress lol, You can say I don’t watch it for the plot but more of the love triangle, and even that drags and drags.

    1. How do you know how it is?? have you seen it yet??? I don’t think it is fair to say that if you have not even seen a series yet.

      1. Also, you should watch a series for the story and plot more than anything since that is the most important thing in any series.

      2. What I meant is I don’t like fantasy type series. I will only watch them, if I really really like the artist. Show my support! I like LSS and HG I watch for them. I like Ancient martial arts series, just not the gods and demons stuff, use to enjoy it when I was young, but just can’t get into it now.

      3. Oh sorry and I guess you are different from me since I love fantasy type series. Of course I have always loved ancient/martial arts series. I don’t really like modern but have been watching them lately due to the lack of any good ancient series.

  4. I hope Cecilia will end up with Lin Gengxin in the drama hehe

    1. I like Cecilia and Hu ge but this look like more hype than substance

    2. Have you seen it yet to say so?? Honestly, many series and celebs are WAY overrated these days so it does not only apply to this one.

  5. This Sword trilogy is always successful, from the first one. So it cant be a surprise.

    1. where can i find no.1 & 2 of this trilogy? What is the title and who is the artist?


      1. Are you referring to this one or Xian Jian(Chinese Paladin)?? This is based on a different game. When series are based on games, they are not made in order so I don’t think there is a series for part 1 or 2 yet. Just like Xian Jian, part 1 was made, then part 3 and part 2 was not made at all due to the weak storyline… Part 4 may be made. Part 3 came before part 1 and part 4 will come before part 3. That’s just how it is with games…

  6. i have seen the first 4 episodes it is really good. 🙂

  7. Next thing China bans all video games adaptations.

    1. LOL, That’s so true! They’ll ban anything they feel could destroy the children’s brains or wrong history somehow.

      Happy for ShiShi and Hu Ge but honestly the teaser for this series didn’t do nothing for me. Since Khanh says its really good I’ll give a try.

    2. I hope they don’t or else they will really run out of ideas and less interesting series will come out…

      If you enjoyed Xian Jian(chinese paladin), then you should give this one a try… It sort of reminds me of Xian Jian in some ways due to it being based on a game and with similar cast…

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