Yuan Hong and Zhang Xinyi Hold Wedding Banquet in Wuhan

Mainland Chinese actors Yuan Hong (袁弘) and Zhang Xinyi (张歆艺), who tied the knot in Germany on May 30, held a wedding feast for their families in Wuhan on July 26.

Both of Yuan Hong and Zhang Xinyi’s extended families attended the party. The couple decided to hold a second wedding banquet in Wuhan for the elder family members who were unable to attend their wedding ceremony in Germany.

yuanhong-zhangxinyi-2Xinyi shared a photo she took with her elderly uncle and aunt on social media. She revealed that couple have been married over fifty years, and sees them as her role models.

She wrote, “I was wrong. I will no longer edit out my black circles. Just look at my aunt’s mop of white hair. This is being happily married until you have white hair. This is what I call a role model.”

After their nuptials in May, Yuan Hong and Xinyi went straight back to work. Yuan Hong crossed over to the variety show industry and made his MC debut in the latest season of Up Idol <我们来了>. Xinyi, on the other hand, resumed her focus in filming dramas.

Source: QQ

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. So strange! Both stars of “Singing All Along” are getting “married” this week! Yuna Hong looks very happy with his wife!

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