Zhang Ruoyun Portrays a Math Genius in “Under the Microscope”

Starring Zhang Ruoyun (張若昀), Wang Yang (王阳), and Qi Wei (戚薇), iQiyi’s upcoming historical mystery Under the Microscope <顯微鏡下的大明> will premiere on February 9. With the strong cast and engaging storyline, many anticipate Ruoyun to deliver another remarkably witty and energizing performance.

Under the Microscope is adapted from well-received novel of the same name written by People’s Literature Prize winner Ma Boyong (馬伯庸). The story revolves around Jin Hua mansion’s official Shuai Jia Mo (Zhang Ruoyun) who is a math genius and assists nobles in their political matters. When he observes a county enforcing a silk tax policy despite having zero silk production, he strives to set the numbers straight and gain justice for everyone through a thorough investigation.

Life During Ming Dynasty

In the official trailer, viewers are instantly drawn into the number-focused mind of Ruoyun who is obsessed with solving mathematical problems. Despite looking scruffy and disheveled in commoner clothes, Ruoyun is simply an unpolished gem who eventually makes others feel threatened with his mind-blowing intelligence.

After a premiere date was confirmed, netizens immediately commented, “The trailer looks to be of high quality, so if the final product is successful, they could very well adapt the other stories.”; “This is the show I’m looking forward to the most this year.”; and “Quality is already guaranteed with Zhang Ruoyun as the lead. Qi Wei’s acting is also fairly stable, so it’s very exciting!” Viewers are also excited by Ruoyun’s ability to perfectly embody characters and impress with his eloquent speaking skills.

“Under the Microscope” Trailer

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This article is written by Minna for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Such a good actor… I bet when he is asked about the character he plays, he will not answer I dont know what to say…..
    I recently saw a clip on Wang Yibo press conference, he was asked a few very basic questions, yet he could not reply those question. I am so surprise how he does not even know his character well… very disappointing. He is not the only one..

    1. WYB not the only one. Saw YT clips commenting on how these highly popular artists’ failure in understanding the roles they play and do not seem to be bothered or ashamed.

      1. I saw others too… I would be so embarrassed if it was me. Such a disrespect to their role and profession. I was really really surprised by WYB. His mandarin is not great and he is not very articulate but to say, I dont know how to answer is just too much. I am not critical of his intellect as that is just personal. But one need not be a Uni Grad to understand the role you are playing. And he is acting with Tony Leung!!!! Opportunity of a lifetime. Now his Press conference will cast a shadow over the film….

        We know there are always antagonizers who will always try to bring down Top stars… WYB have just given then good material and content to shame him. I hope he really learns from this experience….

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