Zhang Ruoyun Sues Father, Director Zhang Jian, Over Forgery

Since starring in the hit wartime thriller Sparrow <麻雀> in 2016, Chinese actor Zhang Ruoyun (張若昀) was propelled to mainstream popularity. Since then, he has starred in many notable works, including The Evolution of Our Love <愛情進化論>, Joy of Life <慶餘年>, and the upcoming historical drama The Fated General <霍去病傳奇>.

In addition to his onscreen charisma and acting abilities, Zhang Ruoyun also boasted a wide array of network in the entertainment industry through his father, Zhang Jian (張健), who is a wealthy director. However, the father and son recently had a fall out due to financial disputes.

Between 2017 and 2019, Zhang Ruoyun was supposed to film several projects with Huace Group. However, none panned out. At the time, Zhang Ruoyun stated that he neither signed any contracts nor received any compensation. However, Huace Group claimed that a contract was signed, and asked that Zhang Ruoyun and his managing company, Mengdu Film, return 144 million Chinese yuan for breach of contract and damages.

Zhang Ruoyun claimed that he did not sign any agreement, and that the signature on the agreement was forged. Zhang Ruoyun officially filed a lawsuit against his father and Mengdu Film over the alleged breach of contract and “forgery of signature,” asking them to repay the CNY 144 million owed.

In response, Zhang Jian claimed that the agreement signed and fees he and his company, Mengdu Film, accepted were on behalf of Zhang Ruoyun, who authorized Zhang Jian and Mengdu Film to negotiate the terms of the contract and sign it on his behalf.

Source: On.cc

This article is written by Huynh for JayneStars.com.

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