Anthony Wong, Sammo Hung, and Tony Leung Ka Fai to Headline TVB’s 2014 Lineup

TVB’s Assistant General Manager Peter Au (區偉林) recently provided an in-depth look at the company’s 2014 program lineup. After suffering viewer complaints and poor ratings during the first half of the year, TVB vows to make changes to its production policies and will actively avoid using the same artists across multiple, concurrent series. To attract more viewers, the company has recruited mega stars Anthony Wong (黃秋生), Sammo Hung (洪金寶), and Tony Leung Ka Fai (梁家輝) to participate in dramas and variety programs. TVB also has plans to revive several classic series, and will work to diversify its catalog for the new year.

While many artists kept silent over their long work days and the frequent, last-minute changes to incomplete scripts, Sheren Tang (鄧萃雯) brought these issues into public spotlight when she spoke candidly about her experiences while filming Beauty at War <金枝慾孽貳>. In response to public criticism, TVB has promised new policies to alleviate the situation. Speaking about the changes, Mr. Au agrees that filming without a completed script would only affect the artists’ rest time and production progress. He stated that he has given production and creative teams one year to make improvements. Starting from next year, all scripts must be at least 80 percent complete before filming can begin.

To show how the plan will be implemented, Mr. Au presented two documents: a production timeline and a master filming schedule. The production timeline outlines the writing process, from brainstorming sessions to the date when each draft will be due. The master filming schedule will list artists’ filming commitments so that they will not be assigned to appear in multiple series airing at the same time. Mr. Au added that this new system will promote a smoother filming process and will give artists more time to rest and to focus on their characters.

As for this year’s lackluster drama selection, TVB will commit itself to produce programs that viewers will actually enjoy. “Producers tend to create programs according to their own tastes. Sometimes what they like isn’t what the audience wants to see… because of this, next year we will eliminate series that pick the viewers’ brains, such as Beauty at War and Bullet Brain <神探哥倫布>, and will focus instead on comedies and martial arts series.”

He further revealed that Anthony Wong will film a series titled Kung Fu <功夫>, while Tony Leung Ka Fai will film <只爭朝夕>, which roughly translates to Seize the Moment. Sammo Hung will also make an appearance in a cooking show. “… [Sammo] was in charge of cooking during the Seven Little Fortunes (七小福) era. Jackie Chan (成龍) loves his curry chicken. Sammo will make an exception this time to show off his cooking skills on the TV screen. Anthony will also film Anthony’s Canteen <秋生飯堂>. He insists on using traditional methods to cook, so it will provide a fresh angle for our food and drinks programs.”

Aside from these exciting collaborations, TVB will also remake two classic dramas, 1981’s Double Fantasies <無雙譜> and The Misadventure of Zoo <流氓皇帝>.

As if these are not enough, the company has asked former Director of Broadcast Franklin Wong (黃華麒) to helm the revival of the ever popular Below the Lion Rock <獅子山下> TV series. Below the Lion Rock was a series of short stories produced by RTHK starting from the 1970s, depicting the daily lives and problems of Hong Kong citizens. The revival will focus on Hong Kong’s current social problems. “Mr. Franklin Wong was one of the first generation directors of Below the Lion Rock. Earlier we had plans to remake the series on its 40th anniversary. After discussions, we decided to film based on current social issues plaguing our citizens, such as socio-economic problems, housing issues, and raising successful children. Our goal is not just to reflect citizens’ complaints, but to use dramatic representation to further investigate our society’s current situation.” Since the show reflects real life, the new series will star lesser-known actors and even fresh faces. The new iteration of Below the Lion Rock is scheduled to air in mid-2014 during Sunday’s prime-time slot.

Speaking about the company’s drastic plans, Mr. Au describes TVB as a luxury bus, saying that when a bus has operated smoothly for over 40 years, people tend to ignore the need for maintenance and repairs. When someone finally flips open the hood, he will discover many damages that will one day lead to certain doom. “I always tell my colleagues that a person or a company’s most successful moment is also when they are most likely to fail. This is because they can no longer see their own weaknesses, and forget to remind themselves [to fix the problems].”

When asked if TVB is more relaxed since rival HKTV has not yet been granted a free-to-air license, Mr. Au said, “To be honest, TVB’s only rival is itself… we must seriously reflect whenever we fail to deliver a good program. It does not matter who our competitor is as long as we continue to provide a solid product.”

Source: Oriental Daily

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    1. Miriamfanz,
      These changes are necessary to make TVB relevant in the long-run. Despite their market share, their dramas are not as well-respected compared to prior decades.

      Aside from maintaining their stronghold in HK, TVB’s strategy is also to improve their quality, have a better chance to win mainland audiences, and cross promote their artists in TVBC productions.

  1. actions speak louder than words. hopefully they can do it (:

  2. really hope we take back the audience we lost to mainland china…

    series like inbound trouble that hits up on controversy topics are something tvb should consider promoting

    the remake of the classics are pretty stupid ideas to me! never saw the series he mentioned but i can’t imagine what we do now can actually surpass what was done in the past.

    other than these big names, tvb needs to admit to its fault and bring back the folks we lost. maggie cheung ho yee, jessica hsuan, sheren tang, felix wong, lo hoi pang, yu mo lien … to name a few.
    even the supporting green leaves are not as great as before.

    quite a pity!

  3. TVB can’t rely solely on a few big stars to rescue their poor ratings and reputation. One of their biggest problem is overusing beauty pageants people for heavy roles, and most of them cannot act and have very poor Cantonese. Dubbing their voices helped, but the acting is still an issue, eg. Christine Kuo’s in Always and Ever. They need to give these beauty pageants people much better training before promoting. Not many have the talent of Amy Kwok who was quite good already in her first series.

    1. I don’t think dubbing voices is actually helpful/good to the artiste. If they don’t speak it, how will they improve?

      1. I agree with you Coco. Dubbing voices are actually annoying because it is so unnatural. If those artists can’t speak proper Cantonese, shouldn’t let them act those roles.

      2. I totally agree with you SY!
        It actually ruins the drama when it’s dubbed by another tvb artiste.

      3. Dubbing or not dubbing does not affect me that much because I usually watch chinese dramas and movies with english subtitles whether it is in cantonese or mandarin.

      4. Agree, but the person dubbing for Christine is surprisingly not as annoying compared to other dubs.

        side question:
        Are mainland dramas usually dubbed? the way they speak mandarin sounds so unnatural to me, HK artist or not.

    2. Kenix Kwok was also not bad in her first series meanwhile I would rather they dub Christine Kuo’s voice since she really cant speak Cantonese well. It’s terrible for Christine to speak Cantonese in modern series and it will only be more terrible in ancient series.

      1. You’re right Kenix Kwok was also good in her first series.

    3. Asdfjkl, Chinese dramas are usually dubbed. Ada Choi’s mandarin for example is really bad, but her performance in the legend of zhen huan was so good, with a dubbed voice. The way she emote her last scene is incredible. Which is why I believe talented acting can still shine through with a dubbed voice. But Christine Kuo’s on the other and is still bad, granted less annoying with the dubbed voice.

      1. “Which is why I believe talented acting can still shine through with a dubbed voice.”

        I feel in a way it is a dishonest performance. But the dubbing in Zhen Huan was very very good though, which makes the not so good actors much better than they really are. Hence the dishonesty, unintentionally of course.

    4. glad u mentioned amy kwok, puff. few recognize her talent as one of the top fa dans in the 90s era.

      there are quite a few that did fairly well on their first series other than kenix kwok and amy kwok ..

      maggie cheung ho yee – very natural
      michelle ye -extremely convincing
      flora chan – one of the few raw talents
      marianne chan – also note worthy!

      1. I thought Ada Choi was pretty good too! But I could be bias cause I love her a lot!

  4. It’s great to learn that some popular actors will return to support TVB, but overall still depend on the script. You can have good actors, but if the storyline is bad, I think the end result is still poor rating.
    Likewise, Triumph in the Skies 2, it started off very good with high ratings, I followed very closely, but now at episode 15,I realised is too dragging and worst there are 43 episode. I really feel like giving up.
    Conclusion, understand audience need and demand, produce good script is the most inportant.

    1. agree,the main theme in tits2 is just many triangle loves from begin dragging till the end.i have hoped they will tell more about the daily work on the airport and the the aircraft company,but they lack to do that so far.

  5. Easier said than done….let’s see what happens.

    Hmm, so is big Tony confirmed? Because I had read just yesterday that Tony was asked about his promise to Eric Tsang to star in a TVB series and he says he’s still willing to do it, but is not sure if his schedule can accomodate it anymore….so far, most of the ‘big names’ that TVB promised have failed to materialize…

    I also don’t like the idea of redoing classics, especially at this point in time when TVB doesn’t have the resources to do it….they’re just opening themselves up for criticism with that move….

    1. I doubt any of those ‘big names’ are interested in TVB’s dramas even though TVB was the one that helped them succeed initially. They have no time. They are focussing on how to break into hollywood and become famous internationally like Michael Jackson. At the same time, hollywood is not interested in any of those ‘big names’ even though they are famous in their own country or even the whole asia. Hollywood has no time. Funny, isn’t?

  6. Since TVB is having a tough time with sequels and whatnot, I really don’t think they should remake their classical dramas at all. It’s a really bad move for them. They should really focus on improving their scripts, and cast selections.. And the classical dramas may only succeed if the script is well-written, the character development is “good”, and the selection of the cast is believable.

    And since I am currently watching Karma Rider at the moment, that type of drama is refreshing and interesting to watch.

  7. It doesn’t matter how many big name actors are recruited, if the script is no good, then they will still be making poor productions. TITS II is the best example. The writing is so draggy and focused on boring relationships that Francis and Chilam don’t have much chance to show their skill. TVB needs to discover something called character development instead of writing cliche, boring roles.

  8. Is Anthony Wong a former TVB siusang before he move to movies industry?
    He have act with Ekin Cheng in a Old TVB serials about gangster am I right?i can remember that drama but Ekin is he step brother and he a bad guy.
    The other serials have Alex Man and Stephen Chow on it ,is also a comedy serials about gangster.
    He to have leading role in cops drama serials with feature Aaron Kwok and Francis NG,do Jayne or anyone remember what the name of this drama?

    1. Almost every cinematic leading man you see on screen started with TVB. I don’t think he was a siu sang though.

    2. @Y2k: I wouldn’t necessarily call Anthony a ‘TVB siu sang’, but he did participate / star in a few TVB series back in the 80s/early 90s. In terms of background, Anthony is from ATV’s acting class and also a graduate of the HKAPA (HK Academy of Performing Arts). He’s also a pretty big movie star, as he’s a multi Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor winner in the HK movie world…

      The Alex Man/Stephen Chow series is “The Justice of Life” from 1989 — yes, Anthony plays the villain in that series (great classic series — one of TVB’s finest comedies from that generation).

      The series with Francis Ng and Aaron Kwok is “When Things Get Tough” from 1990 or so (another good series, but pretty tragic). It also starred Kitty Lai.

      The one with Ekin I think was “The Witness of Time” from the early 90s…I don’t remember too much about that series though.

      1. @llwy12: Coincidentally, I just rewatched the Justice of Life recently. Ahh, great cast! Stephen Chow and Ng Man Tat really are a funny duo as father and son. Also, Stephen and Miu Siu Wai take the meaning of bickering couple to a whole new level! 😀 Law Lan was actually quite an attractive modern grandma, Lee Heung Kam and Alex Man make a cute mother-son duo too. Teresa Mo and Tien Niu played Alex’s 2 girlfriends ( wasn’t Tien Niu Alex’s real girlfriend at the time? They got married and then divorced a few years later, if I recall correctly)…it’s nice to see a down-to-earth series about ordinary Hkers, and how they slowly build a better lives for themselves.

      2. I didn’t fell the same about Tien Niu’s character. I feel she is too unrealistic and I remember her story was ridiculous. But Stephen Chow, Alex Man and the rest were amazing making this series a classic.

      3. I think if TVB could somehow persuade Stephen Chow to come back to TVB and make a TV series, the ratings will be through the roof. Stephen Chow coming back to TVB is even more impossible than Tony Leung Chiu Wai coming back.

      4. @Funn: Yeah, I also thought Tien Niu’s storyline was too much of a fairytale. How likely is it that a ‘Chan mui’ not only meets such a kind family in HK (who are unrelated to her) to take her in, she then finds herself a mentor in a very competitive advertising firm but also gets a lucky break to become a Hollywood movie star? Lol…but she did have sizzling chemistry with Alex (you could tell the were a real couple).

        Definitely, if God of Comedy Stephen Chow were to go back to film a ‘mou lei tau’ comedy series for TVB, the ratings would skyrocket! (Btw, I’ve always thought that Dayo Wong is just a poor man’s Stephen Cow.) But Stephen Chow will never return to TVB, I don’t think.

      5. If anyone deserves the title of “a poor man’s Stephen Chow”, it would be Dicky Cheung. I used to be a big fan – and I still love his Monkey King!! – but I’ve really grown tired of him. Ever since Duke of Mount Deer, really. (Am I the only one who HATED that adaptation?) The only thing I liked after that was the drama he did with Anita Yuen.

      6. (Oh great. Posting again since I forgot D.cky is still censored.)

        If anyone deserves the title of “a poor man’s Stephen Chow”, it would be D.cky Cheung. I used to be a big fan – and I still love his Monkey King!! – but I’ve really grown tired of him. Ever since Duke of Mount Deer, really. (Am I the only one who HATED that adaptation?) The only thing I liked after that was the drama he did with Anita Yuen.

      7. @Funn: LOL…yup, the chance of Stephen Chow returning to TVB is pretty much zero (though he technically still has a contract with TVB and even received his ’30 years of service’ award from TVB recently as well, despite the fact that he hasn’t filmed for TVB in more than 20 years…). Plus, based on his recent interviews, it seems like he doesn’t want to go back to acting anyway, so that brings down the chances even more…

      8. @felicity: Haha…yup, I re-watched Justice of Life recently too (though I’ve already seen the series dozens of times). Definitely agree that the cast and story were absolutely awesome — though I didn’t like Tien Niu’s character either, I felt she was tolerable in the series (at least she didn’t ruin it, so that’s a plus). And yes, the chemistry between the cast was absolutely amazing — whether main characters or supporting ones(or even the relatively minor characters such as Benz Hui, Andy Dai, Yvonne Lam, etc.), the entire cast definitely put in fine performances!

  9. I dont care who’s in it. Great script first then chose the actors. it can be any actors as long the story and script is good.

  10. Meanwhile, current stars get paid crap and still get late scripts and are overworked.
    WTG TVB! I know which shows I will be avoiding like the plague next year.
    Lipstick on a pig is still a pig, they need better scripts, not better stars (I use that term loosely considering Tony LKF is the only decent actor in that list).

    I thought the stupid deal they made with Francis Ng was a one off.

  11. A pretty astute metaphor from Mr. Au actually, but will they be able to fix TVB’s biggest problem – their scripts?!

  12. “Producers tend to create programs according to their own tastes. Sometimes what they like isn’t what the audience wants to see… because of this, next year we will eliminate series that pick the viewers’ brains, such as Beauty at War and Bullet Brain , and will focus instead on comedies and martial arts series”

    I find this statement to be really offensive.

    First of all these series, especially Bullet Brain failed not because it is too deep that we “audiences” cannot understand it. It is because of the HORRIBLE acting and excessive stupidity in the script that make it fail.

    If TVB cannot see that, and still think that the audiences are not smart enough to understand their series, then i dont see how they will improve.

    1. I agree. I wish the writers would actually put more depth into their scripts instead of quantity (eg. TITS2)

      It is not much on the genre but the quality of the script itself.

    2. I’ve got a suggestion, TVB:  how about doing what HKTV does and actually reach out directly to the audiences for their feedback?  Hold audience test screenings or do focus group research surveys to get a better feel for what audiences want, then actually share those results with everyone on the production team so that each person is on the same page and working toward a common goal?   
      The way I see it, if TVB truly cared about what the audiences want, then they would make more of an effort to reach out to audiences and solicit their feedback instead of sitting back and waiting for the complaints to roll in before doing anything.

    3. “next year we will eliminate series that pick the viewers’ brains, such as Beauty at War and Bullet Brain , and will focus instead on comedies and martial arts series” “

      This is a sad direction for TVB. TVB’s series already lack variety now. Such back of variety.

      I agree with Alana. BB and BAW failed not because they are too deep, but, because the script is either messy or boring.

      BB was a mess while BAW is too slow with nothing much happening.

      1. Don’t they know comedies are harder to do? Needs more brains to do it?

        Dayo Wong will be so insulted! And Donnie Yen as well for the martial arts things.

    4. ^ Word. This statement is really offensive. As if TVB dramas are too ‘sophisticated’ for simple-minded viweers, hence the plan to further dumb down the already inane and dumb storylines. Eh! Truth is, TVB has been relying on cliche and recycled storylines, that when they attempt something new, their execution is so clumsy and muddled. It’s all in the execution – eg. TVB like a gymnast who can only do the most basic routines, but stumble horribly when it attempt more difficult routine and falls flat on its behind. Don’t blame the low scores on the judges when the gymnast executes the routine horribly.

  13. I don’t think bad scripts are TVB’s biggest problems, rather it’s that they’re running out of and/or losing talented actors and actresses who can transform a bad series into a good one regardless of whether the script was written well or poorly. The current solution seems to be to try to get veteran actors/actresses to return, but it’s a bandage solution and it will not last. I hope TVB does succeed in making better series with better scripts, but I also hope HKTV will get a license to broadcast, just to keep TVB on their toes a bit more.

    1. Totally agree. Instead of using resources to train talents, they are using bandage solution, while overly promote those annoying beauty pageants people. They need to reinvigorate their training method and replicate their successes such as Tony Leung, Andy Lau, Carina Lau and Maggie Cheung!

    2. Actually, the true ‘root’ of the problem lies in TVB’s antiquated policies, stubborn mindset, and too much emphasis on internal politics. Unless TVB’s owners and management are willing to sit down and have a serious discussion about doing a complete overhaul in the above areas – otherwise, it doesn’t matter what other changes TVB decides to make in terms of adding artists or refining scripts….those are all ‘bandage’ solutions that will only carry them through a short period of time.

      One thing that TVB still fails to understand (despite 45 years in the business) is that a company’s biggest asset is its people. If a company treats their people well (meaning treating EVERYONE fairly and with dignity as well as respect), they shouldn’t need to worry a whole lot about providing a quality product and turning over a decent profit because all of that will come with time.

      1. I completely agree with you. But with people like Virginia Lok and Catherine Tsang who plays favourites, tvb won’t be able to improve.

      2. Agree. If those TVB executives, such as Virginia Lok, Catherine Tsang, Yu Wing San, play favourites, it is impossible to treat all their artistes fairly. Moreover, I also think it is a bad idea to promote those beauty pageant winners in a rush. They should start with some minor roles first until they can speak proper Cantonese and act adequately.

        I also think dubbing is some kind of cheating in performance/acting. Speaking dialogues with proper tones and articulation plays a very important part in acting.

  14. I would like to see a total TVB management clean house! 620 needs to let go.

    1. I say, get rid of tvb management people (eg. Catherine Tsang, Virginia Lok) and replace with new people to manage them. If all TVB management executives is new and treats everyone the same, tvb will be a lot better.

    2. I second that! Except not just 620…need to get rid of Mark Lee, Sandy Yu, etc….basically, get rid of all the ‘cancers’ in the management / executive ranks that are dragging down the company!

      I think we’ve all seen how disastrous the effects can be when bad management runs the company — just take a look at ATV: that in and out itself should be a lesson to TVB on what poor management is all about. Oh, speaking of ATV — I read the other day that James Shing might be stepping down as ATV’s executive director due to that court case that they recently lost? Boy, I sure hope it’s true — not that I give a damn about ATV anymore since that company is beyond salvageable now — but if he does step down, that can serve as an example for TVB that it IS possible to ‘clean house’ and get rid of ‘cancers’ like that…

      1. First and foremost, get rid of Sandy Yu. I dislike her for getting rid of my favorite programme! 620 and Catherine seem to manage the popular people.

      2. Agree. Priscilla Wong Chui-Yee is Sandy Yu’s favourite, and she was given all lead roles to act as soon as she joined TVB. It is not fair to those supporting actresses who may have been waiting for a long time to move up.

  15. A thorough refurbishment of TVB? Sounds great though it looks like every nook and corner of the jaded establishment needs to be looked after. With good advice and professional treatment I’m sure TVB will be all the better for it. Better scripts delivered on time, good casts, more attractive pay for the actors and better management of their time and I don’t think what else remains needed for the improvement of the old girl.

  16. Come on TVB. Do U think that a couple of comedy series & bringing these stars into TVB dramas will increase the ratings. That is too naive of them. It is because of the plot that affects the rating, not the actors/actresses. TVB should think of bringing back the good scriptwriters from before, not having these stars filming tv drama. They might be good in films, but maybe not well in tv series, since they haven’t film dramas in decades. As well the young TVB fa dans & Siu sungs should take classes to improve their acting

    1. @sheldon: Problem is that most of TVB’s best scriptwriters from before are mostly gone now. The really good ones from the 70s, 80s and 90s all left TVB already (some are in the movie industry now, some work in Mainland, and some sadly already passed away)….the rest of the good ones who decided to remain in the HK television industry are all with HKTV now (and most likely they won’t go back unless HKTV never gets its license).

      TVB does have a few good scriptwriters left (for example: Au Koon Ying, Chan Jing Yee, the writer for Come Home Love whose name escapes me at the moment, etc.), but it’s definitely not enough to sustain them in the long run…

      Actually, according to TVB, the reason why they decided to remake those 2 classic series is actually to give the scriptwriters a break from all the pressure of churning out a script (though I also think part of it has to do with the lack of scriptwriters)….since there are already complete scripts for the 2 classic series, there isn’t too much additional work that needs to be done to those scripts and they can start filming….

    2. Talking about the remake of the 2 classics — the scriptwriters for both series (Double Fantasies and Misadventures of Zoo) are still around, so TVB might as well ask them to revise the scripts for them….though I still don’t have much confidence that TVB will be able to pull off a successful remake with the lack of resources situation they’re in right now…

      1. When remaking classic series, those will definitely get compared to the old one. Definitely a lot of criticism, and that I believe it will not be as good as the old ones. TVB has a lot of fa dans & siu sungs, but lack of good actors/actresses. Definitely, the change of script compared to the old one will not be as good

      2. @sheldon: Agreed…I also feel it’s a risky move for TVB to remake those classics at this point in time, especially given all the issues they’ve had the past couple years and all the criticism they gotten recently. Again, no matter how much they try to adhere to the script, it’s going to be hard to live up to the originals…

  17. Personally I think a good script is the most important element in a drama series. There is a big cast in both “Beauty at War” and “TITS 2”, but the scripts are poorly written. They are still failures.

    1. I was watching TITS 2 yesterday and I fastforwaded all those Pink Pink scene which is a complete waste of time. In fact the series should be nearing the end now, instead it is still mid point of dragginess. It just shows TVB is milking it for what it is worth but not understanding that by doing so is killing the interest and the franchise.

      Likewise with that Bobby series, one episode alone I can see so many inconsistencies but because I like Bobby and Esther and the series is basically well acted and is interested with a plot that goes on fairly fast enough I ignored all those plot holes. But how long can TVB go on like this?

      Many series started with a great idea but when finished, becomes rubbish. Like Bullet Brain. Even this Bobby series. I’d rather they concentrate on it as a time travel detective series somehow like 3 Kingdoms RPG rather than a love story because until now I still can’t decide if he thinks she is Phoenix or not Phoenix and I don’t think Bobby knows either.

      I don’t mind remakes. But remakes of classic is almost always bound for failure because people remember classics fondly. So the next alternative is to change some key elements and look at Swordsman and the blasphemy but since Louis Cha sold his soul, not that we should care either.

      So I wonder, with all these internet novels in China, why TVB has never considered paying an internet novelist proper royalties and make a proper adaptation? That is one alternative for a good source of story. They still need very good scriptwriters to adapt. But I feel all these recent nonsensical storylines and scriptwriting shows there is something not right within TVB. They want to be relevant and stay relevant and I applaud for the humbling of the great giant but the humbling part is still sketchy because TVB still doesn’t care as much as they should. TVB won’t die but these past few years have been rough on them and justifiably so. Sloppy writing, sloppy editing, sloppy writing, bad casting and in the end uninspired series being pushed to the masses.

      And it is time they should realise throwing any new face to the crowd and endorsing them doesn’t mean the public will agree wholeheartedly. They really need to either find talented actors/actresses or train them well enough. So far I see neither is being done.

      1. And can someone answer me this; why is it I ended up hating Adrian Chau in all his characters? Is it because he is always playing those hypocrites or is he perhaps giving an aura of hypocrisy? But then in public he is friendly.

        And I have someone telling me she feels the same with Rebecca Zhu. I wouldn’t agree but I understand her meaning.

      2. a good example is how tvb is throwing and pushing rebecca, adrian and kelly fu into our faces givingn them so much screentime and ruining triumph2 with their annoying acting while the series already ruined by fala’s fake acting and crying. good job to ruin a classic tvb. and guess what poor chilam barely has any screentime when he’s supposedly lead beside francis.

      3. Kelly Fu is minimal and she is sweet and acting is tolerable. But point is she has minimal screentime.

      4. but jose is so annoying just as annoying as pink pink!

      5. Oh the name Pink Pink is super annoying, but Rebecca Zhu is tolerable. Pal Sinn’s unbearable guitar playing and Fala Chan’s really bad acting also super annoying. Why is TVB ruining such a good franchise!?!?

  18. Jayne:
    This article seems to have an incorrect source “Oriental Daily”.

    I clicked on the source. It is about 2013 Miss Hong Kong Contestants.

  19. If they are going to remake old series, please remake ‘Five Easy Pieces’. The series was cancelled midway because its ratings lost to ATV’s ‘Fatherland’, but, I find it a very good series. I really want to know what happen to the rest of the girls whose stories were no yet developed much. Get the original scriptwriter Kam Kwok Leung to write it.

  20. Why cant tvb invest in young ,good looking male idols instead. They are sooo short of them. And then they decide old ugly uncles (minus tony) is what is needed. Great.

    1. young, good looking males can’t act. There are a lot in hk, but most of them cannot act. TVB is not in Taiwan. Those stars mentioned above can really act in Films, but not sure if they can handle tv dramas

      1. Sometimes, you just want eye candy. Not everyone is born to act. Louis Koo’s first drama performances wasn’t exactly stella either. Oh and what’s wrong with the Taiwan idol market? At least they have a flourishing media culture. HK is stale with old actors and a See Lai market.

      2. The thing is the young ones can’t act.
        If they can’t act, then why be in a tv drama or movie. The main & first qualification to star in a tv drama/movie is that they need to know how to act. Their looks & face doesn’t even matter. Those people with only the appearance & can’t act can only be models not actors/actresses. HK is different from Taiwan.

      3. Acting is subjective. Even actors like chow Tim fat has critics who thinks he can’t act. Or there’s also critics that would say tony Leung is flat on screen and boring. Who can actually define ‘good’ from ‘bad’? I think most Taiwanese actors can’t act because it’s almost always about idol style dramas. I’m sure you would disagree, does that make me right or wrong?

    2. Saying they can’t act just because they’re young is stupid. Even children can act well given experience and opportunities. Just because of bad choices like Jason Chan dosen’t mean they can’t act just because they’re too young.

      1. Agree. I still remembered watching atv series My date with a vampire and thought to myself that the small boy (Eric Wan’s son in the show) acted very well. Even Leila Tong who acted in State of Divinity 1996 was memorable in her short role.

  21. TITS2 is getting so ridiculous with all those small stories. The scence with pink pink reconcile with her father is so faked acted. Cant believe it.. and Josie is like acting the same way all the time, with the same emotion, so painful to watch her.

    1. Not just the small stories, the one with Fala and Francis are fast forward materials. Fala really forced acting and complete lack of chemistry with Francis is painful to watch.

      The only story lines I like are Ron Ng (he’s very good), Francis without Fala, Myolie with Ron and ChiLam, and Nancy with HimHim. All others are useless space fillers.

      1. The scene with jayden and summer finding their lost sister came out of no where, and the girls horrible acting skills made it worst. trying to play cute and sad.

  22. What is the point of inviting A-listers to film series for them when they can’t even write a good script?

    Seems like the company fails to understand that, so many flaws and simple plots is just not professional at all.

    1. Couldn’t agree more. E,g, Bullet Train almost killed me! I stop watching after the 3 episode.

  23. Tvb not only lack good artists and good scriptwriters. They also do not know how to select good actors/actresses for the roles. They either pick young fa dans as lead with poor acting skills (I am saying sire ma in bullet brain, her performance was extremely poor, Nat was way better than her).

    1. Actually this is a recent thing. In the past they really could select all the right people. So damn sad!

  24. Why are there no new stories posted since 2 days ago?

  25. I feel like the script/story is everything, and the actor you’d like to see is just a nice bonus, if the story is bad then it’s bad, the actor won’t be able to make it good.

  26. Watch 2 episodes of ‘Double Fantasies’ yesterday. Although the series is more than 30 years old, it’s not slow like some old series would be. The series has an interesting story, combining fantasy and history. Can see many veterans and retired actors inthe young days in the series. Cheung Kwok Keung doesn’t change much. He looks the same 30 years ago as he is now, except for the few more wrinkles. He really kept himself well.

    I wonder if TVB will use back the same story or create a new story with the same name. If they use back the story, I’m looking forward to see who they will cast as the resourceful and mischievous Duen So Sei. The actress in this role must be convincing as man and a woman because the actress will have to play a pair brother/sister twins.

  27. I believe that having old veterans will definitely boost up the ratings because I feel like most of the viewers that diss TVB dramas are See-Lais. I feel as though the complaints are getting more ridiculous than it needs to be sometimes.

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