Charmaine Sheh’s Popularity Rises Across Asia

Thanks to Line Walker <使徒行者>, Charmaine Sheh‘s (佘詩曼) popularity rose further across Hong Kong, China, and Southeast Asia. Advertisers flocked to Charmaine with offers, even though her asking price has reportedly doubled. Some companies even specified that they were willing to pay any price for Charmaine’s endorsement of their product, owing to her immense popularity in Mainland China.

Although Line Walker was only broadcast on China’s television channels this summer, Mainland viewers watched through online streaming sites. The online viewership of Line Walker totalled 2.1 billion hits, breaking the record for all TVB dramas.

When asked if her asking price had doubled, Charmaine replied, “The company did make some adjustments, but I’m not sure how much more. All along, money has never been my sole consideration when it comes to work.”

Charmaine commented on the immense response Line Walker generated, “I feel very lucky to have played a character that I like and the audience enjoys watching. I must thank [producer] Jazz Man (文偉鴻) for writing a role that is fun and challenging to play.”

Sweeping Best Actress Awards

Apart from earning close to $10 million HKD from various engagements, Charmaine has recently also won awards at the Starhub TVB Awards 2014 in Singapore, and the TVB Malaysia Star Awards 2014 in Malaysia. It appears as if Charmaine will never lose.

Charmaine expressed, “For many years, I have always felt nervous when attending awards ceremonies. When filming, I have no time or energy to think about awards. Once filming ends, there is nothing I can do that will influence the results of the awards competition. Furthermore, I have not been with TVB for about two years, and had no idea how the response to my renewed participation in TVB dramas would be.”

Although she felt fortunate that her performance was received favorably, Charmaine hopes that Line Walker would receive the Best Drama award at the 48th TVB Anniversary Awards to recognize the cast and crew’s team effort.

This year, TVB will assign representatives from relevant departments to serve on the judging panel for the Anniversary Awards. The judging panel, along with audience votes, will determine the winners for the Best Actress Award, Best Actor, and Best Drama awards. For greater transparency, an external 20-people committee will audit the process and reveal the votes generated from the audience versus the judging panel.


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  1. If she had made it so big in China, why is she now working exclusively for TVB?

    1. How do you know she is not big in China?? WHy is that people always jump to the conclusion that you return to TVB from China because you are unsuccessful there? lol Shows how people’s mind work…always hating…always criticizing…and always acting jealous. I guess you haven’t follow her news when she was not with TVB…other agencies have wanted Charmaine for a very HIGH price but it is only Charmaine who chose TVBC for a shorter time period-2 years instead of China’s 7-8 years contract. Charmaine wants more time for romance and family. Charmaine returned to TVB not because she failed in China! Get your facts right! P.S. Evidence can be found in this website too…just research it IF YOU ARE THAT UPTIGHT!

      1. It appears I am not the one who is uptight. LOL!!

        How do I know she is not big in China? I based my conclusion on output. In the past few years she had done two dramas and both were flops. Unless you know something I don’t, that does not signify rising popularity.

        If you know something otherwise, all you need to do is to state the facts and you can successfully refute my claims without being personally all worked up.

      2. Absolutely support Skye Jane for your comments, jealously is the word for those who cannot bear superstars like Charmaine who took home two Best actress awards (Singapore & Malaysia)Charmaine is a good actress and popular in China , Hong Kong , Singapore & Malaysia , for those who are not favour
        please do your homework before criticizing

    2. According to previous reports, her contract with TVBC requires her to only film one TVB series per year and her main focus is still on the mainland market

      1. She’s still working for the mainland market? Weren’t there news reports that says it didn’t work out? I don’t know why she would go back though even though their pay is higher, but Charmaine claims that pay isn’t her number one priority.

      2. She doesn’t need to film Mainland China series at all if she wants. She is only required to film 1 TVB series per year. TVBC role is to be the middle person for her contracts, including endorsement, event appearances etc, not just Mainland China series.

        She already have endorsement and events lined up to next year, and what she earns for 2 hour of appearance is higher than some of us in a year. Do she really need to film Mainland China series? For interest, once a while maintain visibility, or lump sum income to invest in new properties? Maybe.

  2. I’m surprised TVB will finally reveal the votes generated from the audience versus the judging panel

    1. Actually, TVB did that last year. They displayed the percentage of the vote Dayo and Krystal got from the public and from the panel. As well as the percentages of the second and third place nominees. They just didn’t reveal the identities of the second and third place nominees.

  3. Since tvb is so warm towards Charmaine, it could be why she is working exclusively for the company. Line Walkers is indeed a good start since her return…but Charmaine did a good job as money loving and calculative UC.

    1. The reason she choose TVB is because of the short contract duration (2 years) and the freedom to do whatever she wants as long as she fulfil her minimum contract requirement (aka 1 TVB series per year) on top of giving agent commission to TVBC for her events, spokesperson deals etc.

      Quite long time ago, Charmaine mentioned that TVB once promised her that she could get married anything and end her contract (without consequences). So I assume that in early 2000’s and before that, contracted artistes are also made to sign agreement about their marriage/dating status under the excuse of image management.

  4. awwww, she’s so humble 😡 love the way she answers the interviewers <3
    support you, Sheh Sheh <3

    1. Charmaine Sheh is always very nice and tactful in interviews. She and Myolie Wu are the TVB artistes who are doing interviews very well.

      1. i know right ! interviewers don’t get much info from her 🙂

  5. It’s funny how there’s no talk about Best Actor or Best Actress this year. There’s always some front runners, but this year, it’s like Charmaine is going to take the award home without a fight lol. No one deserves it more though.

    1. Because the other candidates failed to generate noise, lol, which gives Charmaine the upper hand.

      1. Agree with you. It’s obviously useful to have the media on yr side to drum up the hype and noise further.

    2. for Best Actress award, it’s a no-brainer.
      facing the public, one has to be tactful and friendly towards the media and fans.

  6. Charmaine was very smart returning to TVB, yet keeping a hold of her goals in mainland C by signing a contract with TVBC. Now, not only has she surpassed her previous popularity within HK and TVB, but she is also slowly winning over mainland C with her TVB drama. I’m glad she showed nice improvements in LW, and made her return with a big pow… Best Actress is a no-brainer. If Linda couldn’t nab the award before, she most likely will not this year… I mean her performances are so stagnant in every single drama. Linda is basically the female Raymond.

  7. Will always support Charmaine. You are always the best!

  8. If the news stated her popularity raised across the Chinese community, I might agree. Not sure about Asia, does she have any big series in 2014 beside Line Walker?

    1. i think one is enough, artists usually have 1 hit every 3 or 4 years 🙂

    2. I am from Indonesia. For many years, TV station here focus more on Korean series rather than Hongkong/Taiwan TV series. And we never have Mainland TV Series. When I was a child, Chiung Yao’s series were really popular. Then came Princess Huan Zhu, and Meteor Garden. After that, it was all Korean series.

      And while I read the news and comment, I have to admit that I don’t know and never watched 95% of the actor and actress in here. In fact I don’t know this Chermaine Sheh too.

      If I do survey here, majority of people only know actor like Jacky Chan, Jet Li, Stephen Cow, Andy Lau, Aaron Kwok or actress like Ruby Lin, Zhao Wei, Maggie Cheung, Gong Li

  9. And that is why you don’t burn all bridges with TVB. 😛

  10. I am so glad that Charmaine showed acting improvements in her first drama series back with TVB. It is a good sign for her and her popularity in Hong Kong.

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