Charmaine Sheh’s “The Legend of Kublai Khan” Airs on TVB

Charmaine Sheh’s (佘詩曼) mainland Chinese drama The Legend of Kublai Khan <建元風雲> is currently airing on TVB HD Jade. The historical epic, which also costars Hu Jun (胡軍), Steven Ma (馬浚偉), and Ray Lui (呂良偉). The Legend of Kublai Khan is Charmaine and Steven’s first mainland Chinese drama since leaving TVB’s management respectively in 2011 and 2012.

Earlier in December, Charmaine, Steven, Hu Jun, and the drama’s director Tsui Siu Ming (徐小明) were at TVB studios to promote the drama to Hong Kong viewers.

Charmaine said, “This drama was my first mainland Chinese drama after leaving TVB, so I knew there would be some difficulties. That’s why I hired a teacher to help me cram-study my Mandarin two months before shooting began.”

Hu Jun explained that though the cast and crew had trouble understanding Charmaine initially, her Mandarin improved immensely as filming moved on. Charmaine thanked Hu Jun for taking care of her throughout the production’s duration, adding that not only was Hu Jun her Mandarin teacher, he was also her horse riding instructor.

Director Tsui revealed that Charmaine suffered a waist injury while filming a horse riding scene. Charmaine clarified, “I twisted it while riding uphill and downhill. I laid on the floor for a good ten minutes and couldn’t move at all. Hu Jun lent me his personal therapist to help me out.”

In addition to the waist injury, Charmaine is also currently recuperating from a vertebral injury. She said she is unsure which injury came first.

Hu Jun also expressed his interest in TVB dramas and would consider filming one if he comes upon a good script.

Source: Ming Pao

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  1. Does anyone have the link to watch the Cantonese version of “The Legend of Kublai Khan”? If you do, please post the link here. Thanks in advance!

      1. miriamfanz
        I have already watched those two episodes in Cantonese, but not the others which are now airing on TVB. Anyway, thanks for your information.

        I can find the complete Mandarin version on YouTube, but the quality is pretty bad. I will wait a bit longer for the rest of the drama series in Cantonese.

        If you happen to find more episodes in future, please post the link here. I will check from time to time. Thanks again.

      2. clamine
        Thanks very much for your link. I am watching it now. The quality of the picture is much better, and it is in Cantonese. Great! Thanks again.

  2. I’ve already watched the mainland’s version and it was great.

  3. you can watch it on youtube 🙂 it’s amazing, very fascinting and breathtaking 😉

      1. Thanks for the link. Drama looks really good but, hopefully, the entire series will be available in HD somewhere soon.

    1. I think it is the Mandarin version only. The quality of the picture is pretty bad. I watched Ep. 3 to 5 (in Mandarin) on YouTube. The quality of the picture is so much better in Cantonese.

  4. the drama is good. u can actually find the cantonese version on tudou. just search for it 😉

    1. Thanks! I just tried it on “”. It did not even have in Mandarin. I found it on “”, and it is also in Mandarin, by the same broadcaster “”, and the quality of the drama series is the same ………… pretty blurry.

      1. Check out the link I just posted. The site has reasonably good quality videos.

  5. Was this drama ever aired in China? Did not hear anything about it since it was dubbed as the “most anticipated drama in 2013.

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