Chen Xiao Plays Imprisoned King in “Song in the Clouds”

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Yu Zheng’s (于正) Song in the Clouds <大汉情缘之云中歌>, also known as Yun Zhong Ge, is a television drama adaptation of Tong Hua’s (桐华) famed novel. The drama will be airing in China in December 2014.

Staring Angelababy (杨颖), Du Chun (杜淳), Lu Yi (陆毅), and Chen Xiao (陈晓), the story takes place in the Western Han Dynasty and tells the story of a young desert girl, Yunge, during the reign of young Emperor Xuan of Han.

Chen Xiao, who has starred in Yu Zheng dramas such as Beauties of the Emperor <王的女人> and Swordsman <笑傲江湖>, will take on the challenging role of Liu Bingyi, the Emperor Xuan of Han, in Song in the Clouds. Chen Xiao said Liu Bingyi is one of his most challenging roles to-date, given the character’s complex background and history.

Liu Bingyi, the grandson of the Crown Prince, was third in-line for the throne. The Crown Prince and his family, framed for witchcraft, were forced to commit suicide and the toddler Bingyi was put in a prison, where he was overseen by a warden. When he grew older, Bingyi was then released to live outside the palace.

Although aware of his royal identity, Bingyi refused to return to the palace to avoid bringing harm to those he loved. Several unavoidable circumstances forced him to accept his identity again, later becoming the Emperor Xuan of Han.

Bingyi’s dual identities brings many challenges for Chen Xiao. The 27-year-old actor expressed that Liu Bingyi is a young man who suffers suppression; although he showcases a carefree and aloof attitude on the outside, he is desperately trying to cover his true identity as the emperor.

“His identity is like a rock that is constantly pressing him. He may collapse at any moment. Once he becomes the king, he finds himself in the midst of political strife and every step he takes gives him the same pressure.”

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16 comments to Chen Xiao Plays Imprisoned King in “Song in the Clouds”

  1. coralie says:

    I thought Lu Yi would be playing Lu Bingyi since he carries much more of a regal bearing. Whoddathunk it’d be chen xiao? (Though nothing’s wrong with him…i just think he’s too pretty to be a rough prince. Lu Yi would make more sense.) Then again, this IS a Yu-plot-killer-Zheng’s drama so maybe not so surprising. I dont expect to see this as the continuation of Song in the Desert, most likely an abstract story based on Song in the Clouds but is a standalone.

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    • advo replied:

      Lu Yi is more fitting as the man who has been emperor since he was 8. He was groomed into the role and responsibility so it makes sense he carries a regal bearing. On the other hand, Liu Bingyi, while aware of his true identity grew up in the streets like a hooligan so Chen Xiao is also a pretty good casting. I think CX will pull off his role quite well, though I wish Yu Zheng would stop his incessant favourtism and let the actual leads be leads. If he wanted CX to lead over the others, he should have cast him in one of the lead roles instead.

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      • Kidd replied:

        I agree with you. If Liu Bingyi is not the lead in the original book, Yu Zheng shouldn’t push this character to be lead just to promote Chen Xiao. He should cast Chen Xiao in one of the 2 leads.

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  2. Kidd says:

    I’ve actually been more looking forward to this series than ‘Song of the Desert’ because of the character Liu Bingyi despite it being produced by Yu Zheng. Emperor Xuan is one of my fave emperors of Han Dynasty. He purposely changed his name from Liu Bingyi to Liu Xun after he became emperor so as not to burden the public with taboo of his name. In ancient China, the public cannot use the characters in the reigning Emperor’s name. The Bodhisattva Guan Yin has to change name from Guan Shi Yin to Guan Yin during the reign of Li Shimin. Emperor Xuan was such a considerate emperor.

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    • g replied:

      r not the only one! ive been waiting for this drama more than song of the desert.
      im watching song of the desert beacuse i like the book. but i dont like the drama at all, especially liu shi shi acting ><

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    • advo replied:

      Liu BingYi is the villain so he shouldn’t be portrayed too positively. Then again, this is Yu Zheng so I expect his nepotism and convoluted plot twists to cause quite a bit of deviations from the book.

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    • Elizabeth replied:

      Not mention Emperor Xuan insisted on making his lowly wife his empress against pressure from his advisors to marry Lady Huo, and not to abandon his wife as she did not abandom when he was poor. i find them one of the more romantic royal couples in ancient Chinese history even though it ended tragically.

      Emperor Xuan is indeed a man to admired ans respected on several aspects. My favourite emperor in han. Guangwu comes a close second.

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    • Funn Lim replied:

      Kidd get ready to vomit blood. And why the guys look so… Effiminate?

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      • Kidd replied:

        Only Chen Xiao (guy on the left) looks effeminate. Du Chun (guy on the right) actually does not have the effeminate look. Just that picture makes him look so.

        Love him (Du Chun) is ‘Big Flag Hero’.

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      • msxie replied:

        They don’t look half as effeminate as those painted Korean idols who don’t get accused of looking girly.

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  3. Toby says:

    Yu Zheng always steal people’s work, but you gotta admit that his production always have the best costumes, scenery and beautiful to look at.

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    • advo replied:

      I actually find a lot of times that his showy colour palette to be a real eyesore. But after the drab Da Mo Yao I’m looking forward to a brighter aesthetic, I guess.

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      • msxie replied:

        the worst color palettes (and styling) have to go to Manchu dramas which use garish color combos of turquoise and bright red on shiny fabric for men topped with the hideous black hat and pigtail. The overall effect lacks any sense of aesthetics.

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      • Toby replied:

        I like Yu Zheng’s colour pallete. The colours and the costume designs make his production appear nice in the eyes and vivid. TVB totally fail in costume designs.

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  4. advo says:

    I like Chen Xiao and Liu BingYi is a fascinating character, but I LOVE Ling Gege! I’m not looking forward to Yu Zheng’s usual shenanigans, butchering books with ridiculous plot twists and convoluted changes to promote his in-house artistes. As I write above, then he should have cast his own artistes in the lead roles.

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  5. anon says:

    Chen Xiao looks so effeminate! He’s perfect for his role in the Swordsman but this? … And the one upcoming? *sigh*

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