“Inbound Troubles” Movie and Drama Sequel to Be Filmed

Talks of a possible sequel for TVB’s current hit drama serial, Inbound Troubles <老表,你好嘢!>, has been going on steadily since the debut of the comedy drama in mid-January. At yesterday’s press function for the serial, the show’s executive producer, Wong Wai Sing (黃偉聲), confirmed that TVB has given the film and sequel concept the green light.

Inbound Troubles is a comedy drama that follows the lives of two cousins, Ng Ka Yee (Roger Kwok) and Choi Sum (Wong Cho Lam). The story touches on the growing controversial cultural differences between Hong Kong and mainland China, which are displayed through the interactions between Hong Kong citizen Ka Yee and mainland Chinese Choi Sum.

Wong Cho Lam is Both “Happy and Frightened”

Wong Cho Lam picks up the pen for the first time to helm the script of Inbound Troubles. Although Cho Lam’s qualifications for scriptwriting were challenged by other TVB scriptwriters, Cho Lam was applauded by critics, the audience, and his colleagues for the daring debut.

Cho Lam stated that he is both “happy and frightened” to hear that Inbound Troubles will get both a film version and a sequel. “I am happy that our company is supporting us, but frightened that I will have to come up with twenty more episodes! I need to have a chat with the other scriptwriters.”

Asked if his scriptwriting privileges would upset other scriptwriters again, Cho Lam smiled, “No. We had a lot of fun working together. There were some opposing voices, but those aren’t part of the company anymore.”

Cho Lam will also be co-writing Inbound Troubles’  film version.

As both Cho Lam and cast member Louis Cheung (張繼聰) will have to sport bald heads for Wong Wai Sing’s new Qing Dynasty television drama Food for the Slaves <食為奴>, the Inbound Troubles sequel will not be able to begin principal photography until the latter months of 2013. Food for the Slaves, which also stars Ben Wong (黃智賢) and Cho Lam’s Inbound Troubles costar Joey Meng (萬綺雯), is not expected to complete filming until June 2013.

Would TVB set an even stricter limit on the “controversial guidelines” for the Inbound Troubles sequel? Early reviews of Inbound Troubles bashed the show’s “biased” perspectives on both Hong Kongers and mainlanders.

“The company is giving us a lot of freedom,” said Cho Lam. “We also have a creative department looking over us. Now that [TVB drama executive] Tommy Leung (梁家樹) gave us the green light, I have to repay the favor. I cannot let [him] down.”

Inbound Troubles debuted with a strong average rating of 31 points, peaking to 2.12 million viewers. The first three weeks of broadcast raked in an average of 30 points. Monday’s episode on February 4 achieved an average of 32 points, with at approximately 2.05 million viewers.

The two-hour finale episode of Inbound Troubles will air on Friday, February 8.

Source: ihktv.com

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. So far the series has been pretty solid and I find some of the presentation rather witty especially on Mong Lo’s background. The love story between the cousins is pretty forced and a sign of vanity by the writer but other than that the casting is perfect, the writing is credible and logical and the entire set up is funny without being too forced. Kudos to Wong Cho Lam (and the uncredited writers) BUT he as lead in another series may be an issue. He is not a very good actor. Maybe let him rewrite the scripts. And maybe allow the other writers the same freedom given to him. I am sure the other writers can write better if given the same artistic freedom.

    1. how do you know the that other scriptwriters have restrictions and not given the artistic freedom what cholam have??

      1. and why will tvb doing that? is tvb that crazy to limit their own idea’s?

      2. I remember there was an earlier article discussing the restrictions TVB placed upon them (trying to stay politically correct and all that jazz) – probably words from a former TVB scriptwriter. I’m not sure. It was also mentioned that TVB gave orders on which of their favourite artists they wanted to star in so and so dramas.

      3. Many former TVB scriptwriters have talked publicly about what it’s like to be scriptwriter for TVB and the many restrictions placed on them due to TVB’s politics. Cheung Wah Biu (wrote HOG, MR, RB, NR, etc), Chow Yuk Ming (WHB’s scriptwiter), Suen Ho Ho and Pan Man Hung (wrote THC’s script) are all former successful TVB scriptwriters who’ve talked about this (and before anyone says that they are just “bitter” about their series not doing well, take a look at which series they participated in writing first….majority were popular series with high ratings)

  2. Wong Cho Lam is taking too much credit for the scripts, of which he himself admits to not even writing any of, not even one episode. other than to give broad outline of the storyline and character.

    Hey, I also can do this type of scripting, it’s not rocket science, you know.

    No wonder, many professional script writers are against him, and opposed him.

    Shame on you, shorty. And a grown man playing a young boy, urghhh!!! no shame.

  3. I just love Joey Meng’s looks, the most beautiful and classy TVB actresses of all.

    More, more of her..

  4. i think the serie is just overhyped.the averged ratings is just 30 points peaking at 33 point,many series have reach this point in the past,if you reach 40 point ok,but this is too exagerated.but i enjoyed this serie so far.its a good serie.

    1. I’m pretty sure that this series isn’t that overhyped. Many failure series are more overhyped than this one, for example a planned sequel to a flop like SSSS which can’t reach to 29 average.

      1. i think its not a good idea to make a sequel in any case if the serie is succesful, because its almost always a worser one than the original.like rosy business,heart of great,ghetto justice,burning flame,its all worser and worser.the strong point of inbound trouble is that they have new fresh idea’s and some new faces,if you continue this then the serie will looses its magic.

      2. Eh? I actually liked No Regrets… One of the worst sequels is Witness to a Prosecution II; I just couldn’t get over how horribly predictive it was AND it recycled the same frigging cases from the first one. How convenient that Bobby’s wives died in accidents at the beginning (the exact same thing happened in A Pillow Case of Mystery II and I couldn’t help but think, “Here we go again”…). Good thing I liked Stephen Au and Joyce Tang or else I would’ve snapped the DVDs in half.

    2. Yes, I was thinking the same. A movie for a series with not exactly red hot ratings is a bit puzzling.

  5. They’re definitely overshooting this. If they wrapped everything up nicely in part one, part two is just unraveling it and creating a superficial plot.

  6. Years ago Wayne Rosy Business 1 favorite line ” How many 10 years in this lifetime” so popular even school children using this phase.

    Lately very often proples like to use this phase from Inbound Troubles :
    “Harmony Harmony…I will learn ”

    TVB hit the bingo..Sequel a must for them

  7. Don’t understand why people like this. It was good for one episode, then the usual average TVB nonsense script. And it wasn’t funny either. And Wong Cho Lam’s character is annoying and children saying that phrase is even more annoying.

    1. Different people have different opinions. This show appeals to families more. And with all these rape, or seductive, or hardcore make out scenes these days maybe the viewers want something more tamed?

  8. Don’t think it is fair to compare Inbound Troubles to anniversary dramas. This was decent to great comedy for January going into lunar new years. I thought it was best programming slot in years for this period.

    2011 –
    When Heaven Burns – excellent but really a bit depressing for the holidays.

    L’Escargot – out of the blue depressing

    Queens of Hearts and Diamonds – silly and stupid – not heartwarming

    Wish and Switch – got really really dark
    Links to Temptation – plot became WTF and dark

  9. Recycling recycling recycling. Good job TVB, good job. Though, after my criticizing of this series, after watching some recent episodes and catching up…call me a hypocrite, but this series is “not bad”, but it ain’t great either. Good job to Wong Cho Lam though, for making this what it is. I fail to see what a film would serve for viewers. A sequel sounds ok, but really, there’s not much to see anymore. Unless they take out Roger and add in another couple / main character, it’s just pointless. I’d rather see Roger and joey’s relationship progress and have struggles, which is again, recycling and rinse and repeat for all dramas.

  10. I really enjoyed this drama! I hope that will continue to revolve around music and signing.

  11. Whatever others may say I believe that this show is like a breath of fresh air which I enjoy very much and hope that the sequel would be the same.

  12. I really enjoyed this series – and so many characters to like – played by tommy wong, ivana and her 1st boyfriend -hilarious.

  13. Its ok. I lost interest in episode 6 and I just finish the entire series in a day and a half by skimming through the boring parts during the BLIZZARD in NYC.

    But the ending plot was just suck.

    No, it doesn’t deserve a sequel or a movie.

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