Kenneth Ma Elicits Laughter and Tears during “The Hippocratic Crush 2” Finale


Anniversary series The Hippocratic Crush 2 <On Call 36小時II> aired its final, two-hour episode on December 15. Cast members were invited to a shopping mall on Sunday evening to watch the broadcast with the audience. In contrast to the positive reception of the original series, the sequel is instead plagued with medical inaccuracies and set mistakes. While the first series consistently earned a ratings average over thirty points, The Hippocratic Crush 2 lingered in the mid-twenties, peaking at thirty-one only during its final episode.

Despite criticism, the medical drama remained attractive to those following the endearing and sometimes tragic love story between doctors Cheung Yat Kin and Fan Chi Yu. With no plans for a third installment, Yat Kin and Chi Yu’s journey finally comes to an end along with the series. As one of TVB’s most beloved on-screen couples, Kenneth Ma (馬國明) and Tavia Yeung (楊怡) once again picked up an Audience’s Favorite Couple award on Sunday night.

Although the audience was deeply enthralled as Yat Kin’s fate unfolded, many burst into laughter as soon as they saw an unconscious Kenneth lying in bed with a bandaged head. Kenneth attributes this unexpected response to his signature dazed expression, believing that the audience has come to permanently associate him with his funny face. While he admitted to laughing at the scene as well, Kenneth insisted that he was absolutely professional while filming it on the set. “I had to control of my expressions during this scene, but also had to drop a little bit of tears, so I had to split up my attention.”

While she also laughed at a bandaged Kenneth, Tavia found the scene one of the most memorable and confessed that she had teared up during the touching finale. The audience seemed to agree with her and gave a loud round of applause as Yat Kin finally awakens.

Source: Ming Pao

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  1. Errr laughing at such a serious scenes not meant to be funny means the acting backfired?

    1. Yeah, Kenneth was very bad in the coma scene. I thought he look a bit constipated. By the way, I like Kenneth Ma, and am a super fan of Yat Kin Tau and Yu Chai so please don’t hate me for saying that.

      Tavia and the lady who acted as Kenneth’s mum were very good in the final episode. Tavia cried better and more natural, in my view.

  2. Like seriously this series basically everyone was sick. More than half of the cast were sick.

    1. Agree! Fail in terms of the storyline! They need to have THC3 with more funny scenes between Yat Kin Tau, Yu Zhai and Onion, patients/ cases that are not part of the cast, and less doctors (especially some of the really unnecessary interns)!

      1. Oh and the three amigos scenes need to increase, Bing Chan, the male nurse and Yat Kin Tau have good chemistry.

  3. No plans for a third installment? Damn, was really hoping for one.

  4. Ugh… I honestly wish there was a third instalment. It’s still possible for them to continue the storyline though. YK and YZ can have their child, Onion can find another girlfriend and so on. I want On Call 3!!!

  5. Don’t really follow this series cus all about sick ppl , dying and crying really inches ppl’s heart and I rather watch some happy and funny drama just like Bounty Lady that fill my day with joy and not sadness.

    1. Kenneth Ma has a funny and retard face to put him on coma i think was a greatest joke. More comedy for him would be better. ..

    2. I agreed with JC. I had stopped watching after the first few episodes. It’s so sad to watch these kind of series during the holidays..

  6. Kenneth’s YKT had brain surgery, yet he still had a full head of hair and a simple bandaid wrap (which isn’t even over the area where they did the surgery).

  7. Man, you guys all have an excuse to complain everything.

    LEVA: It’s a show about doctors so why wouldn’t it revolve around sick people? (What were you expecting? -__-)

    ACE: The last part with the hair and surgery you were complaining about (dude, he was literally in a coma for how long? Then he woke up and had to rest and heal up for how long? Then another 3 months past after he got out the hospital). So in total how long was that? You really think for the amount of hair he had before the accident wouldn’t grow back after all that time?

    You people, instead of thinking of lame excuses to a decent drama, why not say some positive things about the drama. If you don’t like it, then don’t want it. Simple as that. Instead you choose to watch it to find ways to complain about it.

    1. When YKT comes out of the surgery, you can see he has hair. Also, if your head has been cut open, your hair follicles do not grow at the same speed as before, at least not for the first little while. In Healing Hands 1 (produced more than 10 years ago), Jackie shave’s her head when she does her brain surgery. So if 10 years ago, they could pay attention to that detail, why they can’t they do that now? This is a detail that they could have easily fixed.

      Yes, Hong Kong people have a tendency to nitpick at dramas over tiny minuscule details, but there are some details that TVB just blatantly ignore.

      Now, stop jumping to conclusions that people watch dramas to complain about it. The drama was decent but it had its shortcomings. Just because we don’t worship every single aspect of the show, doesn’t mean we can’t express parts we dislike. Under your logic, the moment we dislike something about a drama, we should stop watching it, because complaining about something is just absurd.

      1. They didn’t operate on his whole head, just that part. Haven’t you seen the surgery scenes? They only shave the part they are cutting.

      2. LOL, who cares! I like him better (it would have suck if he have to go bold > x <) but I have to agree with THC2 that "They didn’t operate on his whole head, just that part. Haven’t you seen the surgery scenes? They only shave the part they are cutting." << in fact they didn't operate his whole head, only that portion of it (I don't know how many times I watch that surgery scene) << Ironic thing is, I don't like blood… but yet, I actually find that surgery from that whole part when Yut Kin was hit by a car, to the whole surgery etc to be really nicely done IMO

    2. I except that they wouldnt all be sick. Yeah it is a medical story so I expect the important cast to be curing other people not taking care of themself. I never once say it was a bad drama. It is a decent drama with way too many people sick.

      1. I think they are just trying to emphasize that “even doctors” are humans, and they will get sick as well.

  8. THC 2 was simply all about the negative and bad side of the characters in which I did not enjoy at all! It’s true that a medical themed drama should have death and tragedies involved, but it’s just FILLED with all of those.. From beginning to end, it was all sad and negative stuff until the finale. -.- Thank goodness Kenneth’s character didn’t die off and like leave everything hanging.. that would’ve sucked.

  9. this is so out of topic but i still think the best medical series (apart from western ones like Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice. just realised cannot even compare coz these are too realistic)is the Taiwanese series in 2008(i think?)The Hospital. it really depicted the reality of the medical field, including that of politics in the hospital. i cried buckets and learned so much about life from that series. it left a super profound impression in all of us (my friends and i who watched it).

    1. How about TVB’s Healing Hands I? It is the most popular TVB medical drama.

      1. Healing Hands wiki –
        “It can be considered the Hong Kong equivalent to the American television series ER, although its storyline are arguably mirrored in another American series, Grey’s Anatomy.”

  10. It just proves what a lousy actor he is that a supposedly sad moment became unintentionally hilarious. Thank goodness he didn’t win BA or else it would be a great injustice to Ruco. I don’t dislike Kenneth as a person but i certainly don’t think he has got what it takes to be BA.

  11. Personally, if one is talking seriously about acting only, Kenneth is not up to par as a BA yet. No doubt. There are just too many rooms for improvement for Kenneth.

    On Call 2 screening timing did no good to Tavia. She’s really good in her acting, no doubt at all on her undeniable consistent quality acting.

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