Lee Tim Sing Promises “Bullet Brain” Will Be Better

Reception has not been faring well for Lee Tim Sing’s (李添勝) latest drama, Bullet Brain <神探哥倫布>, and with five episodes already aired, viewers still do not exactly know what they are watching.

It would be inaccurate to consider Bullet Brain a comedy, yet it would also be erroneous to consider Bullet Brain a serious drama. The main characters are either annoying or dull, and the storyline is criticized for being too slow-moving and unexciting.  The series is also ridiculed for its inaccurate use of props, in which a nineties model minivan and a 2010 cigarette brand made appearances in the show.  Many netizens expressed that they have already given up watching it.

Bullet Brain, which is set in 1960s British Hong Kong, is a story about a simple-minded country boy who turns into a ruthless but brilliant detective after he gets shot in the head. Wayne Lai (黎耀祥) stars as the titular protagonist Detective Columbo. Rising stars Ngo Ka Nin (敖嘉年), Sire Ma (馬賽), Edwin Siu (蕭正楠), and Natalie Tong (唐詩詠) also lead in the drama.

Tim Gor promised viewers that the story will pick up soon, exclaiming, “It is not a comedy! Just watch it! The story will start to get good in the second week when Natalie Tong appears. I promise it will be worthwhile!”

Entrusting his drama into the hands of rising actors, was Tim Gor intending to introduce new siu sangs and fadans to TVB? “Of course! I am confident with Natalie’s performance. She plays both mother and daughter. Her character will also have a touching end.”

As for Sire Ma, Tim Gor said, “Her character is more challenging than Natalie’s, and Sire handled it really well.” At the mention of Edwin Siu, Tim Gor praised, “He is a very versatile actor. He can do both good and evil roles.”

Bullet Brain was produced in the summer of 2012, during a time when many TVB scriptwriters and producers left the company for rival stations. At the time, Tim Gor complained to the press that he lacked personnel for his creative team and the drama was on the brink of cancellation. Perhaps Bullet Brain’s suffering script was due to TVB’s own talent drain?

Source: ihktv.com

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.  

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  1. Very true, I don’t know what am I watching.
    Maybe until next week, if the story still boring, I give up

    1. I gave up after the first 20 mins. Yawn.

      Also, I find Wayne lai over rated.

      Looking forward to Beauty at War in a couple of weeks.

      1. Totally agree! I stopped watching after the second episode.

        Very disappointing. Wayne Lai sucks big time.

  2. I love this series, but can’t stand Sire Ma (馬賽). Her acting sucks, basically she can’t act, (geez) why do they have to use her?

    1. sigh. the lack of fadans im telling you. i hate her too. i dont even know how she got the best newcomer award.

  3. Gosh. Others have more patience than me. I stopped paying attention after episode 2. Sire Ma as madam is truly stretching it. Saying she’s possess beauty and smarts is sooooo soooo wrong. Ngo ka nians character is confusing. I don’t get the feeling he’s worry for his friend. his friend is merely egotistical so far in the drama and not ruthless evil. So why does ngo ka nians character want Wayne’s character to recover? Recover so he can go back to being dumb and pathetic? The story line is poor. The actors are not convincing. I will keep watching because there’s nothing else to watch. But am I paying attention? Nope. Not at all.

    1. So true!!
      Same as me! Just watching because there’s nothing else to watch @@!!
      The only drama that will got my attention now is Come Home Love.
      Both AGWTC and BB just >.<|||
      I feel it's more entertaining reading Funn's reviews than watching it @@!!

    2. I stopped watching after half way thru episode 1. Normally I enjoy Wayne Lai’s acting, but this one is a disappointment for me.

  4. I almost sleep in every episode because it was so boring.

  5. Will be better? Meaning he knows that it isn’t good? So why release it without proper editing?

  6. I saw the series is very easy to understand and not confusing at all; I don’t know how to explain why I can understand the series perhaps I watch a lot of American movies so that I know the way the director set up the scenes for the story. Pierre Ngo wants Wayne’s chracter to be recovered because Wayne’s character now becomes so evil; moreover, if the bullet is still in Wayne’s brain his health is dangerously by heavy headache happening continuously. Anyway, please patient I you want to enjoy a good series because I believe that this series is worth watching

    1. Lol you seriously comparing this crap to American movies?

      1. Ironically, I don’t know why you think it’s uncomparable, considering a majority of American dramas and movies are just as **** and recycled on a regular basis.

  7. I understand the story very well, but the pace is too slow, and I did not see any good acting. The only decent artistes there were: 1) Pierre Ngo and 2) Edwin Siu. They were capable of doing their roles.

  8. See, I know its bad when I saw the previews. Skip this drama, for viewers sake.

  9. I think it’s like most TVB dramas…the beginning sucks, the middle is better and the end also sucks!

    1. I’m not going to give up on this though…it looks like it has potential to become more interesting!

  10. I agree PN and ES is good but Wayne Lai is even better. It seems many people here still not forget WL has defeated their idol- LF- to get TV King this year so that they are biased when they make comment about Wayne and the series he is in. Despite your bad comment for this series and Wayne there are a lot of people still like this series and admire Waynela ‘s skillful acting in this series.

    1. I would like to inform you that all the complains about Wayne in this site are from LF’s non-fans :D. So please don’t put the blame on his fans when seeking for excuses. It isn’t the case.

      1. Haha good one Fox. Tired of all these random pin pointing too.

      2. I am not Raymond Lam’s fan anyway.

        We are here to talk about good acting ….. no preference on artistes. If Wayne can act his character, Columbo Ko, as good as he did for Lau Sing in “No Regrets”, we will give him tons of compliments.

      3. Bleh. Please don’t misinform. I am neither Wayne lais fan nor Lam Fungs fan. I am a fan of good acting, good story, good script. That’s all.

      4. Same with me. Not all fans are die-hard fans of those IDOL artistes

  11. Wayne Lai shouldn’t play in this series. He’s too good for this. I don’t care to watch it everyday. It better not be some SSSS again.

    1. Wayne Lai shouldn’t play in this series. He’s too good for this.
      If Wayne is too good for Columbo Ko in “Bullet Brain”, he will get tons of compliments from us here, as well as audience in Hong Kong and overseas.

    2. Clean your eyeballs… Wayne shouldn’t take this role.

      1. Absolutely agree. If he can’t handle Columbo’s character, he should not accept the role. It makes him look bad for those people who are not his die-hard fans.

  12. An intended attraction for juvenile audience I supposed!

  13. i gave them 5 chances…didn’t work. am not watching it anymore. truly waste of my time.

  14. So, I watch 5 episodes… I regret watching. Wayne is OTT! Sire Ma is weak. Bad storyline. Problems with the vehicles using that era. Toooooo much shouting. They are all over the places, I really dont get the story.

    1. Wayne is a mis-cast, That role should have been Roger Kwok.

      1. Nobody asking you must watch this series; if you don’t like this series then stop watching it and should not bother to write comment about the series anymore.

      2. Are you asking me? Stop wasting time reading my comment if you dont feel like it.

      3. totally agree. Wayne is a miscast
        he is trying too hard to act cool. and he is just NOT it

      4. Wayne is over-acting as Columbo Ko. He is over-exaggerating in his dialogues and facial expressions.

      5. Yep, he is like acting in his roles of Rosey Business I or II character. This role is not suitable for him.

        Roger Kwok or Ruco Chan or even Moses could be fit in this type of the role.

      6. Roger Kwok, Moses Chan, Kevin Cheng or Kenneth Ma will be a better fit for Columbo’s role than Wayne Lai. Wayne is too old and does not look smart as a smart and brainy detective.

      7. Wayne Lai was best in acting Lau Sing in “No Regrets”. It was a breakthrough for him. He was also good in acting Chai Gou in “Rosy Business”, but that was his typical character and image. That role was custom-made for him by Lee Tim Sing.

      8. Roger kwok, definite yes.
        Moses chan, passable.
        Kevin cheng, pushing it.
        Kenneth ma, really pushing it.

      9. “Roger Kwok, Moses Chan, Kevin Cheng or Kenneth Ma ”

        Yes, no, maybe, NOOOOOOOOOOOOO

        Raymond Lam, NO.

        Why not Vincent Wong? He can do it! I still feel give Pierre the role and let someone else be Ping On.

      10. wayne too overacting! he acted the same as chai 9!

        roger kwok or kenneth ma can do much better! also more handsome.

        raymond lam NO NO NO. we might see only two raymond lams instead of dai hei and columbo.

        vincent wong, seriously funn limm? not enough charisma yet. he has less charisma than him law who has worse acting than him though.

      11. Looks like people agree with me, Roger Kwok should have been cast as Colombo. Since he had experience with complex characteristic style.

        Vincent… god no. He is not ready at all.

      12. Roger is also too old except on screen he has babyface. But Vincent is ready. he has played nice guy and depiscable guy before and he was convincing with the ability to switch in seconds.

      13. Bet Sammy Leung is d best Columbo coz he has d character of 1!

  15. So they make a series that gets good in the 2nd week instead of being good from start to end?!?

    1. There is no such thing from start to finish as a great series in recent TVB series. TVB needs an overhaul!!!

  16. Wayne Lai is good in acting certain roles, but not every single role. He does not have an “almost perfect” image for every single role. I hate people to think him as a TV god or TV super star.

    Every artiste has his/her strength and weakness. A smart artiste will choose to act the roles that suit him/her the best.

    1. No, a smart artiste would choose roles that challenge them. I don’t see any problems with Wayne’s acting in this series BTW.

      1. No, I do see problems with his role, He does not need to over power in this character in certain episodes where he’s angry and with his headache.

      2. There is no problem for an artiste to challenge a new role if he or she is capable. Otherwise, he/she will have all kinds of criticisms from the audience. It now shows very well that Wayne Lai’s acting is very limited and cannot act certain roles.

      3. I don’t see a problem with his acting either. People here are complaining about all sorts of things – is it the script/the new leads that are upsetting them? If the series is boring, its due to numerous factors. Blaming it all on Wayne’s acting is absurd.

      4. Terrible drama series overall ……… poor script, poor acting, all miscast of characters. Wayne Lai is not a drama god or drama super star. He cannot handle every single role, and not every role suits him. He could be good in certain roles, but not in ALL! Wayne Lai has become an IDOL actor lately, instead of a solid actor. No matter how hard an artiste works, he may not get everything. He should only get what he deserves (in his acting).

  17. Putting in my 2cts here.

    Suit him best? As to his physique and age, and looks too to a certain — that I do agree.

    A smart artist would choose a role ( challenging or otherwise) that would make him shine bright, and better yet if the role is in a series/movie that is high-profile, high-budget, highly anticipated and with a cast of renowned and popular actors.

    But a passionate artiste would choose a role that both challenges and matures him as an actor, and of course, the storyline of his character and of the series must interest him too.

  18. I haven’t watched this series yeet. Judging by these comments, I shouldn’t bother then?

    1. don’t bother. it’s boring and a giant waste of time.

      i know tvb likes to promote their favourites, but they really need to start auditioning for roles instead of just putting whoever favoured in certain roles. it’s getting boring and tiresome to watch the same faces as leads, and if they don’t give us something new plot-wise, they could at least try to give chances to their younger actors. even though their “younger” actors/actresses on the cusp are already nearing 30.

      1. and it is not looking good for TVB, I would fired the casting director… lately it has gone very silly with the series releasing!

    2. You should watch the series because each person has each own view. May be you will feel this series is interesting after watching it.Honestly. for me, the series is worth to watch as the entertaining.

    3. The only good thing on this series, is the theme song. Dont bother watching first five episodes.

  19. I think Edwin should have played Wayne’s role instead!

      1. Are you serious? Please watch clips of Wayne’s acting within the past 30 years. Any of those clips, I guarantee, will disprove your claim.

      2. No one on this site thinks Wayne as a bad actor. He is the best actor at TVB. He accomplish from a Nobody to lead actor in 30 years. Very hard working guy.

        The problem is his role in Colombo is NOT suited for him. Even you skim through the episodes, you can see some problems. It is not his really his fault.

  20. It is regrettable that all of you guys don’t have the power to choose which actor to play Columbo!!!

  21. One dissapointing series does not mean Wayne Lai is a bad actor. I think its so unfair to say that he’s overrated – he’s been working hard for almost 30 years in this industry. Prior to 5 years ago, he was always the minor character in every drama with little screen time but was also very convincing in his role. To say he is overrated is ridiculous. He’s actually been underrated for 20+ years, I’m so glad he finally has the recognition he deserves. Every good actor has a movie/drama or two that doesn’t fare well, calm down..

    1. We never said Wayne Lai is a bad actor, but he is not an actor who can carry any roles. The character “Columbo Ko” does not suit him, or he does not fit in. Wayne has become an IDOL actor lately, instead of an actor with solid acting.

  22. The role that Wayne playing is very difficult and full challenging that I think he is the most suitable one to be Columbo. He is three time TV King so that he is not stupid to let his acting to be exaggerated but because the requirement of the role he must act like people have seen through over 5 episodes. If people have some knowledge about mental illnesses and neuroscience then they could understand why Wayne looks overacted in his performances. Columbo is not normal one; he is getting a mental illness because of a traumatic accident that left the bullet in his brain; depending on the movement of the bullet it will cause different senses for the patient and the patient now could not control his behavior anymore.

  23. Bullet Brain, not doing very well at all. Average point: 26, for the first five episodes. TVB needs to do something on this drama!

  24. Many people did not watch the series “When the Heaven Burn” because it is difficulty to understand which leading to a low rating but it was still awarded as the” best series” in 2012.

  25. Sorry I loved When Heaven Burns, this one is absolutely not the same caliber. I didn’t know what to make of it when it started replaying dialogue and copy entire scenes of itself and not in tongue in cheek parody way.

    I think I can make do with slow pace and character studies but dialogue and character development is huge dealbreaker in drama for me. I watched and fell asleep thru episode 4 twice and 5 twice…never did finish 5.

    That said it only gets one more week before I watch reruns of other shows. As I have mentioned in other comments im getting the feeling of Men with No Shadows bait and switch vibe.

    1. If its Men With No Shadows similar story line then this should not have been that complicated! TVB, you impressed me.

      1. It’s so boring especially Sire Ma. She really spoilt the show. She can’t act as
        Madam. Too childish! Very annoying watching her!

      2. Agree. Sire Ma is another mis-cast. She has a baby face and looks too young for Eva’s character. Moreover, her acting is not convincing. She acts like a spoiled young child, and definitely not a professionally-trained detective in Scotland Yard.

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