Louis Cheung and Tavia Yeung Lead “Against the War of Tangxi”

With his rising popularity, Louis Cheung (張繼聰) takes the lead for the first time in new TVB drama, Against the War of Tangxi <逆戰塘西>. He will be collaborating with leading lady Tavia Yeung (楊怡) for the first time. Lin Xia Wei (林夏薇) and Matt Yeung (楊明) round out the supporting cast.

Set in the 1930s, Tavia portrays a Majie, a female worker who undertook a vow never to marry. Tavia will have romantic storylines with both Louis and Matt, but no intimate scenes. Tavia praised Louis for his good acting, but was asked whether she was expected to lead the entire production due to the many fresh faces among the cast. Tavia expressed humbly, “No, that’s absolutely not true. [Having new faces] makes a drama more interesting. I cannot say that I am the leader of the cast, as I still have a lot to learn.”

Playing a corrupt police officer, Louis cut his hair short to fit the image. Although this is the first time he is playing a lead role in a television drama, Louis does not feel stressed, “That’s because I see myself as the lead actor no matter what role I’m playing, and always give my all in delivering the performance.” Louis also mentioned, “I’m in a love triangle with Tavia and Xiawei, but I have not seen any mention of an intimate scenes in the script so far. Many of the scenes take place in the rural mountains, so I expect to be running strenuously for the next two months [during filming].”

Playing a prostitute in Tangxi, Xia Wei will have to adopt coquettish mannerisms and don sheer lace dresses. She admitted that she found the role to be challenging, although she tried to consult films such as Rouge <胭脂扣> to understand the culture in Tangxi.

On the subject of her cousin Raymond Lam (林峯) signing a HKD $100-million contract with Emperor Entertainment Group, Xia Wei expressed support and wished him a successful career.

Source: Ming Pao

This article is written by Jingles for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Louis Cheng take lead for male this role wheres all the other male artist??!! What happen to Bosco Kenneth or Ruco!!! I dont ahve anything against him i do like his acting but still…….and ARrrggg Lin Xi Wei why is she in another series again I really dislike watching her!!!

    1. YES! Louis Cheung! Can’t wait. I will definitely watch this just to root for him.

    2. Louis – Yes, yes!
      Tavia – whatever
      Matt Yeung – no opinion
      LXW – nope, nope

    3. Louis is good. He’s not overally handsome but he has screen presence and good acting range. I am happy that he’s finally leading. He will do well in realistic portrayals.

      1. Yes and it rakes much more than just good looks to be a good actor.

  2. Sick of seeing tavia in goody two shoe roles! Would also rather seeing bosco in this drama. Louis role seems to fit him more…

    Like the Matt and tavia pairing tho! Loved them in w files!!

  3. I like Louis Cheung but he does not seem to have aura of the leading man yet.

    1. I rather see Bosco Kenneth or Roger take lead in this series Louis just dont have that spark in him right about now

    2. i like him too but only as a villain,louis cheung is the least handsome lead of tvb all time i think,oh no i forget wong cho lam of course.

    3. Do you think Tavia has leading aura when she starts to lead? No but with TVB constant promotion in end we automatically accept! Louis was great in BHWS!

    4. Lets give him a chance. We won’t know whether he’s suitable to be lead until we actually see him in that position.

      I doubt anyone can see a leading man aura in Gordon Lam, Micheal To, Bobby Au Yeung, when they are still playing supporting roles. But, they have succeeded in transitioning to lead.

      1. Bobby yes when he took on quasi comedy and played the underdog. He has the likability. Better example is Wong Hei.

      2. The only one failed is Joe Ma. Until now he still has trouble attracting people. He was more likeable in his supporting roles. For a weird reason Ron Ng is also more likeable in supporting roles but looks lost in his lead roles. Louis is almost at par with Roger in BHWS.

      3. I agree and I guess many are probably either too young to remember or just forgot that Wayne, Micheal,Bobby, and others who are now leading were once just extras. Even famous actors like Anthony Wong, Tony Leung Chiu Wai,Andy,etc… were once extras and played minor roles in the past. But look at them now… They all must start somewhere so I hope everyone will give them a chance.

      4. I actually think Bobby has aura in his Angels and Devils :D. That time he wasnt bald. He looked cute and I saw the potential in him. However, it took him 8 years from Angels and Devils to get popular role in File of Justice.

  4. There’s something about Louis that I just don’t like, would much rather see someone else lead the series. and Tavia’s costume reminds me of Linda…

      1. It is not only Tvb that recycles clothes. It would be a big waste to spend so much money on the clothes to have be worn only once.

    1. TVB is really running out of leading actors and actress that’s why they are promoting the 2nd line actors to first lead so fast.
      But Louis is a really good support acotr and have abs. But not that good looking and bad skin.

      1. If Wayne can be a lead actor so can Louis. Wayne isn’t good looking either. The most important is acting. Or do you prefer good looking people like Him Law, Matthew Ko, Jason Chan who have looks but can’t act?

      2. Matthew Ko is a weird case. I dont know why he can get the leading role in Shan Hai Jing Zhi Chi Ying Chuan Shuo because TVB even dun put any promotion on him in his last years there. Right after leaving, he got that leading role. Perhaps he has a secret aura. I want to see how he does in Shan Hai Jing Zhi Chi Ying Chuan Shuo first, then judging him.

        Good looking can go with good acting hand in hand.

      3. `If Wayne can be a lead actor so can Louis. Wayne isn’t good looking either`. the difference is that louis face looks too evil that is restricted to certain roles that he can play,wayne´s face is versatile and can play all kind of roles and still convincing. moreover you can not compare louis with 3 time tv king,he is still not there.

  5. Love Tavia can’t wait to see her in a new series. Haven’t seen her for a long time. She is good at whatever role they give her. Best actress at tvb for sure

    1. You can’t honestly be serious. ‘She is good at whatever role they give her. Best actress at tvb for sure’- I chuckled.

  6. I’m more interested to ser Louis in his first lead role than Tavia. Tavia has been stagnant and boring these few years

  7. Why not let Tavia pair with Kenneth, Roger,etc? I think that its too fast for Louis to take up lead now. I think he should take up more supporting roles first and get the audience to know him better or get use to him before taking lead roles. Personal opinion.

    1. Roger too old, Kenneth NO! I want Louis. In fact I want Louis in Captain Of Destiny. He has enough talent to move beyond supporting roles. It’s time he is allowed to lead. He has nothing more to prove as supporting.

      1. Agree. Why they put Tony instead of Louis in COD is beyond understanding. Must be Sandy Yu.

      2. Louis is convincing in every role given to him. I’m actually sick of watching Kenneth. Louis will do great as a lead.

    2. – Inbound Troubles
      – Brother’s Keeper
      – Gilded Chopsticks
      – Black Heart White Soul

      Still not enough for audience to know him? He got good feedback for all the roles he portrayed so far.

      Furthermore, Louis is not a newbie. Before he became known for his acting, he has already done hosting job for TVB. And then, there’s his music. HK audience does know him for quite some time already.

    3. for lead roles he is not handsome enough,he is best as a villain because he has a villain face.

      1. Can’t rely on a pretty face to carry a show. Louis has charisma and talent.

  8. Now Tavia is a bona fide first lead. Hopefully people will switch on TV to watch her because I won’t switch it on for Lin Xiawei. God I hate her. I don’t know why but she irritates me, and reading the role description, this will irritate me more. Greats news is Louis Cheung has his first lead!! However it should have been Captain Of Destiny, not this one. But I will take this.

    I know Louis will do well. I know Tavia will complement him. Trouble now is the story and the other actors.

    1. People will tune in for Louis. He basically take people’s hearts in BHWS. Tavia is stagnant. LXW is horrendous in CMHD. I don’t get why she’s promoted to second lead this fasst with her bad acting. She’s not even pretty.

    2. Why can’t we all focus on other important elements besides just the cast?

      1. The cast is a very important element if not most important. This is not radio. This is TV.

      2. I disagree that the cast is the most important element of any series. I think the story and plot are more important because it is like the skeleton of a series. Just like a person or any living thing that has no skeleton would just be big glob that drags on the floor. Not to say the cast is not important but it is definitely not the most important thing in any series.

      3. agree with funn,if there is a good script and story but played by actors i dont like then i will skip it.on the other hand if the drama is bad but it can be saved by good actors that you want to see. for example if chow yun fat come back to tvb to play in a bad serie i still want to watch it till the end.

    3. “Lin Xiawei. God I hate her.”


      Not sure whether I hate TBB even more for forcing this beastly LXW upon us. LOL 🙂

  9. I don’t like Louis’ acting coz he is just too dramatic sometimes.

  10. I like Louis cheung! Can’t wait to watch his first leading drama

  11. Why is Ruco not cast in any series for 2015 other than COD in which he plays only a supporting role? Hope he is not demoted.

  12. Glad that Louis is given a chance as leading man- he’s acting is good !I like seeing him 🙂

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