Louis Cheung Falls in Love with Tavia Yeung During Bathing Scene

Tavia Yeung (楊怡), Louis Cheung (張繼聰), Lin Xia Wei (林夏薇), and Matt Yeung (楊明) attended the blessing ceremony for new TVB period drama, Against the War of Tangxi <逆戰塘西>. Discussing his first time as first male lead, Louis revealed that he will get to see Tavia’s bare back in the series.

Tavia takes on the role as a “Ma Jeh”, a woman who vowed to not marry and remain celibate for life. During a scene, police officer Gam Wah (Louis Cheung) accidentally stumbles upon Leung Sum (Tavia Yeung) as she is taking a bath and falls in love with her. Unaware of Gam Wah’s presence, Leung Sum proceeds with her bath and ends up revealing her bare back. Not embarrassed by scene, Tavia stated, “In the series, Louis peeps on me while I’m taking a bath and I have to reveal my naked back. However, it’s not going to be something sexy.”

Promoted by TVB in the recent years after his debut in Inbound Troubles <老表,你好嘢!>, Louis has been promoted to leading status. While Louis nervous on his first-time collaboration with the TV Queen, Tavia also admitted to feeling a slight pressure on working with Louis. Tavia praised his acting, “I watched him in Black Heart White Soul <忠奸人> and his performance was very good. He has pressure, but I have pressure too. Even though we haven’t been working with each other for long, we’re already good friends and have a good chemistry.”

Sources: On.cc; Ming Pao

This article is written by Su for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Gotta admit this is the least atractive looking cast with one very annoying presence and two I can bear to watch. Hopefully story trumps it all

  2. Guess it is a modest kind of scene where it shows some shoulders. TVB can’t be showing off full back as surely its audience will complain. Anyway I don’t think TVB needs to show this to raise its rating. If yes, then surely this is a cheap way. And poor Tavia if it was true that she has to “sell-body” for the drama.

      1. Him Law is the worst example to bring up lol- he strips off in every single drama so he has no right to complain… And no offence, Tavia I really like her but I don’t think she’s considered really “sexy” so I dunno.

  3. I’m happy that Louis got promoted to lead! He’s awesome in BHWS! Tavia and LXW are very lucky to costar with him

    1. Ermmm it should be Louis is lucky to costar with Tavia because he still doesn’t have the potential to become the lead actor.

      1. and plus tavia was TV Queen b4 and Louis hasn’t yet won BSA(if I’m right)

      2. Louis was the recent and fresh hit with BHWS. Tavia was stagnant for a long time. Now, Louis is more hit than Tavia.

    2. @toby i dont think so, Tavia will be starring in alot of dramas next year, I think that Louis is still not up for lead yet

  4. I kinda like Louis as an actor but sorry, I just can’t see him as the first lead or in a romantic role. It was quite painful to watch him in BHWS as the lover of Leanne.

    1. Why? Because he doesn’t have good looks? Wayne doesn’t have one either but all his series now he has romance.

      1. Maybe I just associate him too much with the gangster kind of look. Maybe he’s too outstanding in BK as the gangster so it sort of sticks in my mind. He was funny in COC tho. Who knows if i see him enough in a romantic role I will change my mind one day, just not at this moment.

      2. Louis as actor is ok but like I said, as romantic lead is kinda…well…..hmmm. He just has this bad guy look to me which i don’t find attractive.

    2. agree louis isnt leading material,his acting is good but he isnt a handsome guy,this is a fact that he never can change.he is on his best as a villain.

      1. It’s funny how you said he isn’t a handsome guy. Many not handsome ones are at the top of their acting career … You must be ignorant if you think acting is all bout LOOKS …

      2. There are actors out there who fall into the “not handsome” list and still got lead. Moses, Bobby, Wayne, Dayo (who all once got Best Actors)..just to name a few

      3. I like how you threw Moses in there cause he is indeed not handsome.

      4. To me, Dayo was actually cute in a comical kind of way when he was younger; not the conventional kind of cute if you know what I mean.

      5. lol, at least moses looks better than many ordinary guy lar. haha.
        Anyway, looks really important if you wanted to be very popular and rich. Getting Best Actors from TVB doesnt meant anything much lar. Louis Koo also got it and he tot he really that great but after that he cant get any award outside of tvb. You see Nicholas Tse so fast got it.

      6. ribb are you blind? i said his acting is good but lacks a good look.good looking and and good acting are two different things or are that ignorant not to know that?

    3. He is not really good looking, but I think he is very charismatic.
      Sometimes charisma attracts me more than outlook like in the case of louis

  5. lol, you’re right, not attractive at all. Louis looks better with the facial hair… Curious though, which one is the annoying one? (Lin Xia Wei?)

  6. I could tell that TVB ran out of lead. Back then, artists with good look and acting skill like Kenneth Chan, Gilbert Lam never got promoted nor landed leading role. No wonder they had to ask for help from the veterans and also artists left the company mostly on bad term

    1. Any idea abt their chinese names cos their names don’t ring a bell. Yeah Louis’ kind of look won’t be considered leading man material 10 years ago no matter how well he acts.

      1. 陳啟泰and林韋辰. I remember the only series of Kenneth Chan as a lead was One Good Turn Deserves Another with Maggie Cheung Hor Yee. He also appeared alongside with Kathy Chow and Gordon Lam in Time Before Time. As for Gilbert Lam, his only TVB role that impressed was in King of Yesterday and Tomorrow. If you’ve watched their ATV series, they performed very well. Also Florence Kwok is a good actress and I think she has the look too but never got to play leading role. There were still many talents that were never recognized by TVB. That’s why many left mostly on bad term due to poor treatment.

  7. This series seems pretty boring, but mainly because I don’t really care for series for this era. However, I’m looking forward to seeing Louis lead!

  8. I’m sorry although Im ok with Louis but i cant see him as male lead and besided isnt it a lil to early to be promoting him that fast???

    I wonder what happened to all the male leads such as Kenneth Kevin Bosco and Ruco? I dont see much dramas out for them next year!!!

    1. The era of now very different from 10 years back where people not even online most of the time. Everything has changed. People started to see the money so heavy. All wanted to strive outside or mainland because of better income. Or venture into businesses and have own business.
      Now that they’ve got some fame , even not filming for drama also able to get good income.

  9. Finally tvb recognises talent! Louis is really charming and his looks might not be so amazing, he has amazing acting chops!

  10. I still dont think Louis is up for Lead actor yet, he does not seem to have any chemistry with Tavia too

  11. Louis is lucky to be pair with Tavia for his first lead role serie. We should watch the serie first before saying anything this fresh pair might be good might not be who knows until we watch the serie

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