Rape Scenes to Be Cut from “Rosy Business 3” to Avoid Backlash

Above: Which characters will be spared from being raped in the final cut of “Rosy Business 3: No Reserve”?


Barely escaping the fate of being axed due to its poor reception, Bullet Brain <神探高倫布> will air its finale tomorrow night. In order  for Rosy Business 3: No Reserve <巾幗梟雄之諜血長天> to escape the same fate, producer Lee Tim Sing (李添勝) decided to revise the script to reduce its heavy flavor.

With the originally promising concept of 3-time TV King Wayne Lai (黎耀祥) turning into a brilliant detective after taking a bullet in the head, Bullet Brain was expected to do well. However, since the first week of airing, ratings remained in the low twenties. Bullet Brain even earned the nickname of “plastic drama”, referring to its inaccurate and ridiculous plot.

Reasons for Low Rating

Lee Tim Sing had briefly spoken out against the harsh criticism of Bullet Brain, explaining that the series must be followed closely as every scene is important in piecing the whole story together. However, he also understands that viewers had skipped episodes because the series was not appealing enough to attract daily viewership. The main reason behind the series’ failure is the wrong impression the production crew has projected for Bullet Brain. While viewers were expecting a 1960s crime thriller, it turned out to be a fantasy drama. As a result, even Wayne finds some parts of the show to be illogical.

Rape Scenes to Be Deleted

Bullet Brain may be the sacrificial lamb, but Tim Gor will avoid the same mistakes for the currently filming Rosy Business 3: No Reserve. Tim Gor will make substantial changes to the last ten episodes of the drama, which have yet to be filmed.

Initially, there were four controversial heavy taste scenes planned for the espionage series: Myolie Wu (胡杏兒) to be gang raped; Yoyo Chen (陳自瑤) to be raped; Sire Ma (馬賽) to be raped; and Wayne’s character to be sodomized when he was a child.

Though rapes were an everyday affair during the Japanese war occupation, Tim Gor decided to take into account viewers’ aversions to rape scenes. As a result, he will remove Myolie and Yoyo’s rape scenes. Footage of Sire’s rape scene will be filmed in an indirect angle.  Wayne’s rape scene is currently being re-evaluated by the production crew.

Source: Apple Daily

This article is written by Karen for JayneStars.com.

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  1. glad for this revision! that means lee tim sing is working hard and learn from the flop of bullet brain to make rosy 3 a great series! can’t wait for this series. the female cast are much better than bullets and glad that they are serious in improving the storyline!

  2. How closely do we need to watch the scenes in Bullet Brain before we can understand how a bullet in the head makes you super smart and lightning revives the dead?

  3. If they wanna film a realistic rape scene, think the indian bus gang rape-nows that’s what i call rape. not this whole rip one corner of the shoulder and kiss rape.

  4. i’m so sick of tvb trying act hardcore by glamourising rape. Even worse, some of these actresses act as though the whole world owes them a favour just cause they revealed some of their bacon rashes.

  5. I am still do not have confidence on RB3, they better boost the quality up and improve the storyline. We do not want to see another backlash like Bullet Brianfreeze again.

  6. There were going to be 4 rape scenes? I understand its a WWII drama but that sounds quite excessive. Wish they did something more like the first installment than the second. Having it take place during the war already gives me some hesitance to watch it.

    1. Agree even right now I don’t think I will watch it still especially since Wayne’s character is gonna be raped too! And Edwin’s character apparently beats and rapes lots of women too.

    2. Totally agree. I thought TVB Series are supposed to be family friendly. Still don’t understand why Samantha Ko gained popularity for her rape scene in Friendly Fire. It is really sad.

      1. ” Still don’t understand why Samantha Ko gained popularity for her rape scene in Friendly Fire. ”

        That is not a good example. She gained popularity because she acted well, she was one of the breakout stars in that series and her rape victim role was actually a very positive portrayal of a rape victim that not even american tv shows portray in that way. So in that case the rape serves the story and the purpose, not just publicity.

  7. All I say is thank you for taking 2 out of the 4 rape scenes out!

    Rape does not = success keep that in mind TVB

  8. I don’t remember where I read it, but is this the last production for Lee Tim Shing? I heard that he wanted to retire.

    If this is his last production, I hope that it is successful and makes a good impression on TVB viewers.. And I’m glad to hear that he’s taking the viewers’ thoughts on this. I guess TVB wanted to name this RB III because the whole drama triology was created by Lee Tim Shing?

    1. My memory is fuzzy, but I vaguely recall reading that Bullet Brain was supposed to be Lee Tim Shing’s last series before his retirement, but TVB talked him into staying on with a less demanding schedule (I think he’s only going to be producing one series per year from now onwards or something). Don’t know if RB3 is going to his last production.

  9. I’m also glad that the 4 intended rape scenes will be removed from the series. Did Mr. Lee think that his original intention of including them would enhance the quality of the series and therefore attract more viewership? I hardly think so.

  10. Ok, after watching Bullet Braindead towards the sloppy end… I have to say, I will NOT be looking forward to watch Rosy Business III, regardless of removing the rape scenes.

    If I watch the first episode and it turns out to be crap. The entire series is crap. Seriously.

    TVB, YOU are in TROUBLE! You need help and hire back Cheung Wah Biu and get back with Lee Tim Sing, if he is not retire after Rosy Business III. I can not see Lee Tim Sing and a 10+ year MIA TVB scriptwriter together to create another fail masterpiece.

    1. I hope that Sire Ma’s acting will not spoil in the Rosy Business III as she was
      in Bullet Braindead. Her acting is lousy!

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