“The Virtuous Queen of Han” Premieres on August 20

After a year of post-production, The Virtuous Queen of Han <衛子夫> will finally premiere on August 20 through mainland China’s Zhejiang TV, Anhui TV, and Dragon TV. The historical drama stars Wang Luodan (王珞丹) as the famous Wei Zifu, the wife of Emperor Wu of Han. Raymond Lam (林峯) stars as Emperor Wu and Niki Chow (周麗淇) as the emperor’s elder sister, Princess Pingyang.

The drama recently held a premiere party where the cast discussed about the hardships of filming the drama in the heat of the summer. The filming took place at the Hengdian World Studios, which lasted four months. Perhaps due to the intense heat, Luodan got sick while filming. She revealed that her parents visited her on set one day to take care of her. Niki said that some of her friends that were nearby also visited her at work, including Gillian Chung (鍾欣潼) and Charlene Choi (蔡卓妍).

Raymond’s parents did not pay him a visit, but admitted that girlfriend Karena Ng (吳千語) visited him a few times. At the mention of Karena, Luodan immediately praised Raymond to be a very caring boyfriend who took care of Karena really well. She revealed one incident, “I saw Raymond spraying mosquito repellent on his girlfriend’s legs. He is a very good man.”

Appearing embarrassed, Raymond quickly clarified, “Many actors wore long pants but she didn’t, so I should be more attentive.” Asked if Karena would also help Raymond with washing his clothes and cooking meals, Raymond immediately turned red and said, “Let’s change the topic. Why am I suddenly sweating?”

On the other hand, Niki and boyfriend Jeremy Tsui (徐正曦), who also stars in The Virtuous Queen of Han, were also teased for acting lovey-dovey on the filming set. It was revealed that Niki would often cook soup for Jeremy.

“I shared the soup with everyone,” said Niki, pointing at the other cast members.

“The Virtuous Queen of Han” Trailer

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Source: QQ.com

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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    1. Mainland dramas used to be a joke but over the past few years TVB period dramas have started to become the joke themselves. I almost can’t watch TVB period dramas anymore because all their costumes/scenery/hairstyles look terrible compared to mainland dramas.

      1. In the past, Mainland China was very behind in production, artistes, technical filming knowledge, but it has already caught up in them. Due to their wealth and huge markets, they can afford to invest tons of money in their film and drama series production. As a result, of course we can see a big difference in their drama series.

        On the other hand, TVB market has shrunk a lot due to the severe competitions of those Chinese drama series. If TVB cannot make money, how can they invest money in their own drama series?

      2. Not really,even back in the days when mainland China did only a few of the classics like Journey to the West,Dream of the Red Chamber,,Romance of the 3 kingdoms,etc… Those productions were very high quality,I saw what great potential China productions had,even back in the days.

      3. i know…i just don’t even want to watch tvb dramas anymore i pretty like the costumes of the mainland dramas they are way better!!!

      4. but the other thing is that they have too much make-up!!!!!! and HK TVB dramas are just rubbish!!! these days!!!!!

      5. This drama has been disappointing. The pace is off, acting is not good and dialogue is not well written. It is like badly Orchestrated Symphony that has bad conductor and the music has gone off key. This is just my personal opinion.

      6. Lol, what do you expect :/ LF is not the best actor ever, mainland drama has a tendency of add more junk/useless characters whom acted by bad actors and actresses to lengthen the series. Not only that, the series is helmed by a supermodel, just because she’s a supermodel, doesn’t mean she look good or mesmerizing to make you fall in love in first sight. Model is good when they use a lot of make up, taking photo from certain angle. At least to me, the poster picture of this series look bad. She’s just look odd >_>

      7. @Little Fishy: Since when Wang Luo Dan is a supermodel?

      8. @LittleFishy: Wang Luodan never had a career as a model. Do you have her confused for Lin Zhiling? Are you confusing another drama for this one that has very good reviews so far?

  1. It looks good. Costumes are pretty, so is the scenery.

  2. i have been waiting for this day to come since foreverr !!!!!! i cant wait !! <3

  3. seems pretty good. i like raymond in these kind of dramas. hopefully it would turn out well

    1. It is good. Viewers like it.

      This series is really popular in China at this moment. Its start is praised and its rating is high (second place for the first day and first place for the second day). 70 mil of online viewers for first 6 eps. Its popularity is increasing. For now, it is only less popular than Swords of Legends. If the rating continues to rise, it would become the highest rated series of 2014.

      1. Rating might be high, but that doesn’t mean the series is good. Sword of legends is terrible in term of acting :/ from the kid to the adult. The cgi is bad, there are so many illogical things, and such lame dialogue/illogical character feeling development -.- it’s such a disappointing of a series, because I wanted to love it. I’m waiting for the dub version so I can have it on background, because watching it with sub make me notice how bad and illogical non sense this is. My tolerance generally quite high, but this wooden acting from the two main characters is a pretty high turn off

      2. I think Sword of legends is childish but watchable. I like the releationship between the brothers. Yang Mi is disapointed but the guys do not bad.

        As for Queen, it is liked by the audience.

  4. looks good. i like short trailers. some mainland trailers are over half an hour oh gosh….

  5. Hope the plot does not disappoint! Great looking scenery and costumes! Niki looks pretty and LF looks quite handsome!

      1. Really too much make-up? Indeed no, comparing to the cakey makeup in any current TVB ancient series. The clothes are much more better, too.

  6. The first 3 eps are ok. Wang Luo Dan may not look the best but her acting is good. She looks gentle. Niki is surpringly better than her TVB series. The scenery is good, the plot is fast-paced and beautiful clothes.

    So far only Wang Sun annoyed me a lot. There is something in the actor and his acting which is annoying. Well, he seems to be better when he acts villain, but he cant act out the goodie scenes. Actually I still cant accept him as beautiful Wang Sun.

    1. i am watching it now and i think wang luo dan is gorgeous, and very different from those generic plastic barbie types. a very good choice for the lead. she does look quite a bit older than her character though, but her acting is decent enough to make up for it.

      1. Yes, she may look a bit off (and modern) but her acting is good. The series is now running smoothly with good acting of all.

    2. She looks like one of those Han Dynasty figurines and more authentic in character than beautiful actresses with modern false eyelashes.

      1. So far everything in the series meet my standard of a good series, except Han Yin aka Wang Sun. However he is out for good :p. Wang Luo Dan may not look the best but her acting makes it. LF shows that he only needs the right role. Niki has one of the best performances in her career. Jeremy is fine although his character is a bit dull. The veterans do well. The rest are so fine. I think it deserves the good reviews.

  7. “Many actors wore long pants but she didn’t, so I should be more attentive.” Asked if Karena would also help Raymond with washing his clothes and cooking meals, Raymond immediately turned red and said, “Let’s change the topic. Why am I suddenly sweating?”

    What a moron. 😀 🙁 LOL!

  8. i am absolutely loving this drama ! even when i dont understand a lot of Mandarin !

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