Eddie Peng at “Rise of the Legend” Premiere

Eddie Peng (彭於晏), Wang Luodan (王珞丹), AngelababyBoran Jing (井柏然), Tony Leung (梁家輝) , and Max Zhang (張晉) attended the premiere of their new martial arts movie Rise of the Legend <黃飛鴻之英雄有夢> in Beijing.

Known for his professionalism and strong work ethics, Eddie trained in martial arts for six months prior to portraying Wong Fei Hung in Rise of the Legend. Eddie previously admitted that the movie was “the most tiring and most difficult” project he had ever filmed, and a fight scene opposite Max Zhang took 30 days to film. Eddie admitted that his favorite version of Wong Fei Hung was portrayed by Jet Li (李連杰), and was not afraid of viewers’ comparisons.

As Angelababy only plays a cameo role in the film, the premiere is the first promotional event she attended for the movie. Opening up about her character, Angelababy disclosed, “Xin Lan appears to be gentle on the outside, but she is very strong on the inside. In the movie, her relationship with Wong Fei Hung (Eddie Peng) doesn’t nearly run as deep as the one with Chi Huo (Boran Jing). That’s why she sacrifices herself.”

Playing a skilled female martial artist for the first time, Wang Luodan recalled her fight scenes positively. Although the role was physically demanding and difficult to portray, Luodan hopes to come across similar opportunities in the future.

Rise of the Legend will open in theaters on November 21. Coincidentally, director Roy Chow (周顯揚) and his wife are expecting the arrival of their newborn baby on the same day. Feeling blessed, Roy said, “This was not planned! I didn’t talk to the production team about it. [My wife] is very strong, and she has been calling to tell me not to worry. She believes the baby is waiting until daddy is finished with work before coming into the world.”

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Source: Sina.com

This article is written by Su for JayneStars.com.

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