Niki Chow and Boyfriend, Jeremy Tsui, Appear Awkward at Function

Niki Chow (周麗淇), and her boyfriend Jeremy Tsui (徐正曦) appeared at a promotional function for The Virtuous Queen of Han <衛子夫>. Since it was Niki’s first time making a public appearance with her boyfriend, both seemed awkward and maintained their distance until they were pulled together for a photo.

When Niki and Jeremy were asked to take a photo together, co-star Raymond Lam (林峯) blurted out, “The woman should stand in the middle!” But soon after the photo was taken, Niki and Jeremy quickly dispersed. Niki admitted feeling very awkward attending the same event with her boyfriend and explained she did not want their relationship to be the focus for the day. Asked if her company does not want Niki to have a high-profile relationship, she expressed, “No, we are always very low-profile. We were never high-profile to begin with!”

Jeremy also admitted feeling awkward, “I’m happy that we’re able to attend the same function, but it’s pretty awkward and nerve-wracking. After taking that photo together, I realized it wasn’t as scary as I had imagined. I would like to thank producer Mui Siu Ching (梅小青), because this drama initiated our relationship.” He added that he is currently planning a surprise party for Niki’s birthday on August 30, which may take place in Shanghai.

Niki Chow: “Raymond Lam is Annoying!”

Mainland stations were initially slow in picking up the broadcast for The Virtuous Queen of Han, causing the investors to worry.  The production team switched focus from Raymond Lam to female lead Wang Luo Dan (王珞丹) to promote the drama. Fortunately, The Virtuous Queen of Han was successfully sold to Zhejiang Satellite TV and will begin airing on August 20.

Before its official airing date, the only thing left to decide on is the opening theme song. When TVB management executive Virginia Lok (樂易玲) agreed to let Raymond film in Mainland, her condition was that Raymond would use songs written by TVB’s music producer Tang Chi Wai (鄧智偉). However, with Chi Wai’s resignation last October, and Raymond’s expired TVB contract, Niki Chow and Richie Ren (任賢齊) fought to sing the theme song instead.

Although it was finally decided that Raymond would sing the theme song for The Virtuous Queen of Han, Niki laughed that she initially fought with him over the matter and lost. However, she is happy to be able to sing a duet with Richie Ren (任贤齐) for the series. Niki joked and exclaimed Raymond is very annoying since he always has to sing for his dramas. Next time, she stated she must also sing half the song so that it is fair.


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  1. It’s good that they’re keeping it professional at this event. After all, they’re at work.

  2. So once they had kicked LF to the curb and started using Wang Luo Dan to promote the drama, they immediately saw results.

    No wonder they did not want him to sing the theme song either. LOL!!

    1. Too bad he sang not only the themesong but also the ending credit for the series.

    1. Wow, Jeremy Tusi is good looking, young and wealthy. I guess Niki Chow is super lucky if she ends up marrying Jeremy.

      1. Yes, Jeremy Jones Tsui is all packed. He is quite famous as well.

      2. I know, he’s too cute and good looking and young for her. hahaa but then again..its like a trend right now, dating older an older woman?

    2. Yay to see more Niki’s article. Jeremy has it all. =)

      I’m also glad Richie gets to sing the theme song. I can’t wait to watch this drama.

  3. Guess the surpise party for Niki is no longer a surprise. Very handsome guy, first glance he reminded me of Wallce Huo. They look nice together.

    1. Me too,he sorts of looks like Wallace in the above photo.

  4. awwww that’s so cute!! i’m so glad niki found someone! hehehe love that they are so low profile about it all, and super cute that he’s planning a bday party for her! ahhh! haven’t shipped a real couple in a while, but i like them! hahah

  5. He reminds me of Yan Kuan (the sharp cheekbones) and a bit of Feng Shaofeng too (the proportion of his features – it’s like a upside down triangle).

  6. In that picture above I could almost see Kong Wah.

    1. That’s what I said at first glance too! He’s like the younger version of Kong Wah.

  7. Like Mom and Son image…Hahaha She looks old!

  8. Is he a China actor? But his surname doesn’t sound like China actor

      1. Well his last name is Jones so he is definately mixed,unless he is adopted or something.

  9. she doesn’t looks like his mother. She is pretty and it’s ok to be a few years older than your b/f. as long they are compatible to each other that’s all it matter.

  10. Finally! News from Niki! I miss her!!
    I hope they stay together. No more broken hearts :/

  11. I would have prefer Niki Chow and Richie Ren to sing the theme song. Theme songs nowadays seems to lack Duet.

  12. Jeremy looks like a combination of Vincent Jiao and Wallace Huo in the above photo. Congrats to Niki for finding such a great guy.

  13. Looks like a young version of yan kuan.
    He’s fairly good looking.

    Someone said he’s rich. Is he from a rich background? or he’s made a lot of money from the biz?

  14. “He added that he is currently planning a surprise party for Niki’s birthday on August 30, which may take place in Shanghai.”

    Erm, it’s not much of a surprise now..

    1. Maybe propose to her on that day or buy her a Lamborghini like Anglebaby

    1. Agreed. Kevin looks man and mature compare to him This young guy looks a bit arrogant.

  15. He’s cute looking but I don’t think he’s mixed. He looks pure ASIAN to me.
    But it’s sad that he always just plays secondary leads when he’s always more handsome than the lead. haha..LOL…

  16. Many reports have claimed that his looks and height (184 cm) actually work against him because many directors do not want to cast him as the male lead for fear he would overshadow the female lead.

    Nevertheless, he managed to find himself in many “big budget” productions

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