“The Virtuous Queen of Han” Releases 8-Minute Trailer

An eight-minute trailer for the upcoming mainland China and Hong Kong co-produced television drama, The Virtuous Queen of Han <大漢賢后衛子夫>, has just been released online. The historical drama recounts the life of Han Dynasty empress Wei Zifu, the empress consort with the second-longest reign in Chinese history.

Mainland Chinese actress Wang Luodan (王珞丹) stars as Wei Zifu, the youngest daughter of a maid servant who serves in the household of the young Princess Pingyang (Niki Chow周麗淇), the elder sister of Emperor Wu (Raymond Lam 林峯). For more political advantage, Pingyang offers Zifu to Emperor Wu, who immediately falls in love with Zifu’s charms. Emperor Wu is in an extremely strained relationship with his wife, Empress Chen Ajiao (Zheng Miaozhi 郑淼之), whom he was forced to marry for a political alliance.

Much to Ajiao’s displeasure, Emperor Wu consummates his relationship with Zifu and takes her as his consort. Ajiao turns to witchcraft to curse Zifu, but her vile attempts are soon discovered. Zifu begs the emperor to pardon the empress’ death sentence, and Emperor Wu deposes Ajiao’s empress title, banishing her to the cold palace. Zifu is pronounced as empress after she gives birth to Emperor Wu’s first son and later crown prince.

Zifu’s title of empress is challenged by court officials, but the modest Zifu patiently proves her worth to the court through a modest reign. Zifu offers ideal political suggestions to Emperor Wu, who eventually entrusts Zifu to govern the court whenever he is absent. She is confronted by her former lover Duan Hong (Jeremy Tsui 徐正曦), but he ultimately chooses to stay by her side to support her and the court.

Claiming that the plot of The Virtuous Queen of Han is similar to TVB’s War and Beauty <金枝慾孽> and Beyond the Realm of Conscience <宮心計>, producer Mui Siu Ching (梅小青), who was also the producer of Beyond the Realm of Conscience, stressed that the focus of The Virtuous Queen of Han does not directly revolve on court harem politics, but a historical drama that can faithfully depict the tumultuous life of Empress Wei Zifu. Nonetheless, for entertainment value, certain artistic license must be taken.

The Virtuous Queen of Han is co-produced by mainland China’s Huace Media and Hong Kong’s Now TV. It is slated for a 2014 release.

“The Virtuous Queen of Han” Trailer

[vsw id=”iyE0bak92WU” source=”youtube” width=”500″ height=”375″ autoplay=”no”]

The Virtuous Queen of Han 3  The Virtuous Queen of Han Wang Luodan  The Virtuous queen of Han Niki Chow

Source: Sina.com

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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    1. No, it’s Michelle Ye. She has a guest role in this drama.

  1. I’m not that interested in the series but I still hope Now TV will film in Cantonese. What’s the point of having more HK stations if they are just going to air mainland dramas with dubs from voice actors?

    1. TVB dun allow their artists to speak Cantonese on TV of other stations although they denied so. As a result, both LF and Niki speaks Mando. LF actually speaks Mando for all of his recent China series/movies.

      Perhaps the English version will be dubbed by them as Niki said so.

  2. The trailer looks pretty good. Its better than I expected with Raymond for male lead. Look forward to seeing it soon.

  3. I thought it would be in Cantonese if it is for NowTV? I’m not a fan of watching dubbed series.

    1. He does and I like it. He actually looks healthy like an Emperor should be instead of his usual gangly look.

      The girl who plays the female lead has such a strange face. Sometimes she looks almost ugly plain, but from other angles, I think she’s pretty.

  4. Yeah! Don’t they have a Canto version. I prefer that. They didn’t even get the original actors to dub own voice. They found a Raymond Lam sound alike to dub his voice.

      1. I think that Raspy voice and those end sounds/notes kinda is Ray’s style.

  5. how many episode? i hope it’s less than 30. mainland series are usually around 40 something..too long..

  6. Wow this looks so good! And the female lead seems like a really good actress.

    1. Wei Si Fu isnt supposed to be a very beautiful girl. She was chosen due to her beautiful hair plus her Wei family had many good generals for Han dynasty

      1. Yes,
        but did you see the Huang xiaoming version Fox? I think it looks better than this version.
        Well, I’m going to give it a try Raymond version and see how it come out. But I still think Huang xiaoming is better.

      2. Just saying about the history story about Wei Si Fu. She isn’t supposed to be brightly pretty but she has her way to survive among the pretty girls in gong.

        When I first see Wang Luo Dan as Wei Si Fu, I thought she looks too modern for the role, too. But in the trailer, she suits the name: a goody queen. She looks somehow innocent.

        The Huang Xiao Ming version of Han Yu Di I watched. A pretty good series although I still think Huang Xiao Ming’s acting is so-so. If you wanna talk about the ladies then perhaps the ladies in this Wei Si Fu series aren’t brightly pretty, tat’s correct. Whatever, Wang Luo Dan is still a very good actress, actually the best among new 4 Chinese fadans, so I blv she’ll do well.

      3. I see, thank you for explain to me.
        I have never see Wang Luo Dan series before, so she is very new to my eyes I guess. Definately would give this series a try, maybe she will grown on me.
        Are there any other series of Wang Luo Dan that she is famous for you can recommend to me?
        Thanks Fox

      4. Are you guys referring to the series Da Han Tian Zi?? I only saw parts of it when it aired but did not get to finish it. I heard many good reviews about it so may see the whole series when I get the chance.

        I personally think Huang Xiao Ming is a better actor than Raymond is.

      5. I dun rmb the names but she was mosly in modern series. This Queen is her first ancient one. She is praised as the best acting among the 4 fadans and yes, I agree with such statement. Comparing to Yang Mi, Crystal Liu and Eva Huang, she is the best although she dun look as pretty as the other 3.

        The series of HXM, I only rmb its name as Han Yu Di :). It was pretty ok, HXM acted out the naughty/mighty Han Yu Di but in emotional parts, I think he failed. Maybe because his eyes can’t talk.

      6. I agree too, I also think HXM is an overrated actor.
        Wang Luo Dan is definately prettier than Crystal Liu yifei. Some photos of Liu yifei are very average, she looks just like the girl next door.
        I’m going to give this series a try.

      7. Liu Yifei is now in Hollywood or rather in movies with Hollywood actors.

      8. I think Crystal Liu is pretty :). Wang Luo Dan is cute but she is quite girl next door type (she is a straightforward girl in interviews) yet older than the other 3. Among 4 new fadans, I think Yang Mi is prettiest but weakest acting.

        Crystal Liu still does China movies, not with Hollywood ppl. Her newest The Four is one. Oh well, I dun highly anticipate the first The Four movie hence I dun think I will like its sequel. Her old one I dun rmb name is average but she looked pretty.

    2. So many Chinese have the shallow notion that being young and pretty is the only criteria for an an actress. Most esteemed and lauded actresses in Hollywood and Europe would be considered failures under such logic. As for Wang Luodan, she carries herself well as the lead and resembles ladies in ancient paintings, which is more convincing than conventionally pretty actresses in modern makeup and false eyelashes.

  7. Sounds so much alike like the plot of korean drama Jang Ok Jung.

    1. Yeah, sound bit alike, but Jang Ok Jung is a much prettier actress than this Wei zifu actress, LOL!

    2. Korean dramas and costumes seem lifted from Chinese historical series.

  8. I am interested but I am afraid it will villify others to show how virtous our heroine is when in real everyone is a pawn.

  9. rayray is back hahaha!!! lol i hope this is good cuz it looks interesting

  10. wei zi fu is suppossed to be a beautiful woman. but this wei zi fu looks awful.

  11. I like this one…Support LF…hope his market in China can grow so much!

  12. Looks pretty good!

    The main actress and Sire Ma look alike in many of the shots in this trailer

  13. Who will be Wei Ching?

    Historically, if this follows the actual history, Wei zifu successes are also paralleled with her brother, the Supreme General of All Chinese forces and their cousin Fok Heu bang during the Xiongu Wars.

    Hope TVB and Mainland will can make this great, “Wu Han Di Dai” was a great Historical drama that dealt with this story before, but I want to see what they can do with it through HK actors.

    I know they won’t have a 100 million to spend like in “Wu Han Di Dai”, but one can hope for high production values.

    1. Do you rmb the guy who hit Yu Zheng in the beginning of 2013? He acts Wei Ching.

      Txb shouldn’t make historical series, seriously. Look at 3 kingdoms and they made ridiculous war scenes with 5 or 6 soldiers and terrible CGI. Worse than China’s small budget series. They dun have people and their filming type is narrow camera.

      Plus, how to fill the gong with full of pretty girls? The number of beauties in Txb are so limited. It would be laughable to see 30++ act 18.

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